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• 3/2/2015

Как мога да стана модератор?

Имам много идеи!Ето няколко от тях...
Да има Tutorials menu в On the Wiki

Направена е с Paint
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• 12/31/2015

Chance for a Rank-up!

Hello Everybody!
I'm the founder of this wiki!
I Organise a race for every logged-in user!
Choose a Task!
1. Import javascript codes but before importing - tell me.
Reward: Rank-up to Бюрократ!
2. Control the Chat system
Reward: Chat Moderator!
3. Fix the CSS of site
Reward: Writing Advertisements for his levels in GD on the Forums!
I'll be waiting.
Special for Icelight111:
1. Create the pages Dry Out and Base After Base with all basic information.
Reward: Rank-up to Administrator!
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• 2/7/2015

Bulgarian wiki

(Enabled english)
I created the BG version of the GMD wiki because it will grow. Actually i need helpers on the CSS and building the pages on Bulgarian.
Ill pick 2 Moderators and ill announce them later.
Ill pick 1 more CSS helpers and ill announce them later.
i can only tell you that Icelight111 is one of the choosen moderators.
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