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hoi here are some demons for begginers!

the lightning road

platinum adventure

the nightmare



blue hell

ok and here are some ez demons for more experienced players!



ultra paracosm

toe 2

comment any i missed!

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• 3/14/2019

What should I do? If you want to see my levels, my username is Layout108 :)

  • Decorate People's Layouts (My favorite)
  • Make collabs (Me with one other person)
  • Eat Pizza (Just a Joke XD)
  • Make my own levels?
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• 3/14/2019

Decorate your Layouts

I want to decorate people's layout :D, If you want me to decorate a Layout that you made, send me a message on Geometry Dash, My username is Layout108. Like my emoji?

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• 3/11/2019
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• 3/9/2019


My Recent Tab Will Only Show None Recent Levels Please Help

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• 3/6/2019

“Epic Color”

Shadow Black was an epic color, and the first I’ve ever seen. I’m assuming it’s called epic cuz of the irreversible glow. Is it likely that more epic colors will arrive?

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• 3/3/2019

Touch trigger help,please ?

I'm having a problem with the touch triggers.Let me bring an example of what the problem is:

i put 2 touch triggers,one without "Dual" option,and one with it.i put 2 blocks,group 1 and 2.what i want to do is when i touch the left side/press space , block 1 flashes ,when i press right side / up arrow ,block 2 flashes.

But here's what really happens:left side flashes block 1 as expected,but right side flashes both block 2 AND do i make it so that right side only flashes block 2 and not block 1?

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• 2/25/2019

2.2 release date

If the release date is on february 26 on steam, according to the 2.2 article, I want sources of it. There are more than me that are a bit confused...

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• 2/23/2019

Verify any levels! (maybe) No hack! No Start Pos!

Well, I wrote "No hack" but it needs hacked APK of Subzero :|

Note: Maybe this way doesn't work.

Anyway, let's explain how to do it :D

Things you need:

* A hacked Subzero APK (That able to access to the full version contents)

* A GD account

* A level which you want to verify

1. Open Subzero editor, place an End trigger, verify it, and save.

2. Open it in the full version. You will see there is no End trigger.

3. Do nothing, then save and exit.

4. Maybe the level is still verified. (I said "maybe" cuz I haven't tried this)

5. Upload it!

Congratulations! you verified it :)

But you have to do this before the 2.2 comes! Be quick!

Plz don't kill me even it doesn't work :(

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• 2/21/2019
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• 2/20/2019

Apparently Sunix was hacked by somebody named Fluffycq

Famous creator Sunix was hacked. The current sign for that is a whopping 5000+ levels based on him and more, and his icons became white.

Famous creators are in great danger. Spread the word!

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• 2/19/2019

Ugly font

OMG. This Wiki's default font was replaced by ugly one.

It melts my mind.

Which font do(did) you like?
  • Before
  • Current
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• 2/17/2019


Want to make collab with me? Dont make it too hard or too easy, and make sure it is possible, I will make my part and upload it with the name of Surface. Only one person make part at a time, I will tell you when it is your turn, I will answer to the first 8 people :D My username is Layout108.

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• 2/16/2019


i need help to what to continue

What should i do? Im confused! D:
  • Do Level One Circles II
  • Continue Astral Temple III
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• 2/15/2019

Name Historial










HATECharaGMD (Actual)







(Last im gonna put v)


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• 2/15/2019


Hey, I need some friends😂 if you want my username is Minerbro

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• 2/9/2019

2.2 page

Someone has vandalised the 2.2 page and I can’t edit it on mobile... Please edit it back to 2.2!

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• 2/7/2019

Funny/Stupid question time! #1

I'm new at this wikia, but I've played GD for almost 4 years, I hope I can be friends with you all.

Funny/Stupid questions is a series that I originally ask in Smashpedia, in this series I ask Funny/Stupid question and you answer them, that's all! Let's start with my first question in Geometry Dash Wikia!

What's the difficulty you play the least? Mine is Insane
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Harder
  • Insane
  • Demon
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• 2/5/2019

Does anyone know what is this thing?

So, my friend recently got this. Any idea for what it is?

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• 1/31/2019
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