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Mini P.E.K.K.A
• 2/23/2017

Random Discussion Fight! Round 1

Well well well, it if isn't the Discussions Board!----
==Unnecessary Storyline==
You are placed in a flat plain and realize that you have unlimited power and a '''BURNING''' desire to attack other players.
#Stay appropriate.
#Godmodder or not, you '''can '''die, but you can respawn.
#You can use pretty much any powers you want.
#No political references, please.
#You can make a team or join one, but you don't have to.
#Entities can be killed off by their summoners.
#You can't prevent anyone from playing.
#It's not about winning. '''<u>It's about fun.</u>'''
#Try not to edge off into your own reality roleplay where it's fun for you and some others but ruins everything for everyone else.
#You cannot be invulnerable or unreachable by all means.
#No "real or not real, possible or not possible" stuff. Nothing can be absolutely removed.

'''Round 1'''


No reset is done here... yet.
I do another Zombie Shuffle.
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Mini P.E.K.K.A
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