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• 2/24/2017

Story Arc Discussions Fight, Round 5B

Ehhhhhhhh, Discussions enabled? Check.

4th fight below.


Rules are essentially the same as the Random Forum Fights, but there must be a plot. OP weapons are allowed, just so long as they don't make infinite damage.
Dialogue is acceptable. Saying dialogue from other people is acceptable. Slandering other people is UNACCEPTABLE. Making plot twists from other people is UNACCEPTABLE. Making plot twists from yourself is acceptable. Forcing people to be the enemy is UNACCEPTABLE.
ADDITIONAL RULE THAT'S REALLY A SUGGESTION: Please try to shift the direction in the way others want to do it, NOT in the way YOU want it to go. At least, not all the time (just putting it out there, no one offended me or anything).
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404 found
• 9/22/2017
[SCP-682] *inaudible*
[404] look behind you, there's a lump of ham on a string.
*whispers to Snuffles* RUN.
*proceeds to run at maximum speed through the corridors, using the distraction to maximum use*
• 9/22/2017
Chrono may have thought he was in the center, but it was a hologram. It reveals more mazes, and Chrono still has to keep going. But hey, it's an item! It's labeled "Dream". Huh... Chrono wonders why he needs it.

<Masterfarkos> What are those???

The spiny things have returned.

<Narrator> Well, I may as well answer that question. These are called Fears, and the more afraid you are, the more likely you are to die. I think that bottle you have there might work.
<Masterfarkos> Awesome! So should I use it?
<Narrator> Might as well. Let's see.

Masterfarkos releases the bottle of Dream. It immediately dissipates all the Fears.

<Masterfarkos> Wow... I should find more of these.
• 9/22/2017
Chrono, with "Dream" keeps going. He runs, but watches out for observers, trip wires and pressure plates. He is determined to get to the real middle.
• 10/5/2017
He suddenly stumbles upon the remains of a stickman.
[Chrono] Oh no.. Oinite?!
The remains reforms into Fears.
The Fears grow stronger the more afraid Chrono becomes.
[Chrono] Wait! I think I remember what these are..
[Chrono] They are fears! I remember reading about them in a book. One of the ways to dissipate them is to release the bottle of Dreams.
Chrono opens "Dream" and the Fears immediately dissipates.
[Chrono] ..It works! Now to keep going.
Chrono is filled with DETERMINATION!
• 10/5/2017
*decides to use a jetpack to speed up flight from 682*
(sorry, am not creative today.)
• 10/6/2017
<Snuffles> Y'know, I don't think 682 is near us anymore...
<404> *Slows down* That big lizard better not be...
*Snuffles and 404 found look around, keeping an eye out for SCP-682*
<404> Well, here's the good news, and the bad news.
<Snuffles> The good news?
<404> SCP-682 is no-where to be found.
<Snuffles> *Thinking sounds* Aha! Drunk Driving!
<404> ...Anyways, the bad news is- we're lost. We have seven paths we can take, not counting the one which is seemingly inhabited by 682.
<Snuffles> Not really helpful, now is it?
• 10/6/2017
Meanwhile, Scientedfic is suddenly hit from behind, knocked down by the force of the blast.
<Scientedfic> ...Ow... Who are you!?
<???> What, you don't remember me from that time I tossed all your friends into Limbo?
Alpha654 walks forward, now wearing a dark gray coat and black gloves, as well as glowing red eyes and the alias of -α.
<A-999> Get him!
Before A-999 can even attack, -α teleports through A-999, the attack severely damaging him and throwing him far away.
<Scientedfic> That sword...
<-α> Yes, your old pal MASTERFARKOS doesn't have his sword anymore... Or his star, for that matter.
<Scientedfic> But how did you do that? Isn't the sword supposed to be unusable by anyone other than him?
<-α> Of course. Magic. Expert at that now. Well, been an expert at it for a while before I backstabbed you all. But the reason I'm here is to introduce you to my creation, Razer.
A small snakelike head bursts out of the ground. Then another one. Then two more. Then the whole thing, a massive mechanical snake/squid hybrid nicknamed Razer, bursts out of the ground.
<Scientedfic> ...what...?
<-α> Well, worst of luck to you. I'm gonna go ahead and leave you to deal with this monster.
-α disappears once again.
• 10/6/2017
<Scientedfic> Welp. This monster...

Razer braces ready.

<Scientedfic> Well frik.
<Mister> It's okay! I'll help!

Mister instantly canters a water spell. No damage.

<Mister> Wait... but why...?

One of Razer's heads lunges at Mister.

<Scientedfic> NO!

Scientedfic blocks the head with a Tongii-brand shield. It blocks the head back.

<Mister> More imaginations?
<Scientedfic> Oh, ever more than you can ever imagine.

Razer lunges at Scientedfic with every head. The Stellar Star shoots out and swallows Razer whole. Razer disappears into the Stellar Star.

<Mister> Is the Stellar Star that powerful?
<Scientedfic> Mmhmm... now to find out where Alpha is and bring him back once and for all.
<Mister> What do you mean?
<Scientedfic> He's corrupted. Or, to be exact, that's another body form. The real him is trapped somewhere else.
• 10/6/2017

I think it's long due for a new one, this time on the forums. Time to ditch the discussions.
Story Arc Discussion Fight, Round 6 Geometry Dash Wiki
• 10/6/2017
<G-100> Do you remember the other series still?
<G-1000> Vaguely. I don't remember what the letters stood for...
<G-100> They stood for letters in the Greek Alphabet.
<G-1000> So that's why i'm a Gamma series robot...
<G-100> Yes. The Gamma series started out as a series of waiter robots, before being turned into combat robots. I was the last waiter robot produced, and the first to be converted into a combat robot.
<G-1000> Then what about the other series?
<G-100> Let B-635 explain. He's a construction robot. I'll lead you to him.

*G-1000 turns his Gear Gun to G-100, pointing it at the motion sensors*
<G-1000> No. I'm not even sure that I can trust you, after what A-999 did to me.
<B-635> What is going on here?

*G-1000 turns around in shock to see B-635- A small, hunched robot with a hammer for an arm and a single motion sensor*
<G-1000> *Robotic sigh* Sorry for doubting you, G-100...
<G-100> Don't bust your bolts over it...
<G-1000> Right. Soo what do you know, B-635?
<B-635> Just call me by the identifier "Gramps", Every other robot here calls me that. Anyways...
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