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MOST IMPORTANTLY; SHUT UP ABOUT THE PROGRESS BAR. Cyclic left in the description of the original video of Sonic Wave that he beat this in multiple cuts and uploaded it due to a damaged recording. ALSO, DON'T GO AROUND COMMENTING "Omg, Cyclic admitted he hacked, he quit forever" We all know that, don't be another captain obvious. Besides, although he may have said he hacked, no one was able to prove that he hacked before he made the confession video. Meaning; either Cyclic is very good at covering up when he backs or simply because Cyclic lied to us about him hacking just so he can quit the game without people wanting him back into the community. Reason being simply because (not gonna lie about it) Geometry Dash has one of the most fucked up community with all the cancerous kids who assume things and spread what they "hear".

Wow o_O 100k views. Thanks I guess ...

Cyclic's kinda back now! Go watch the updated version on his channel in better quality:

I can't upload this at 720p cos it'll screw up the recording and it'll keep shaking. Some YouTube probs for me. All we have now is some 360p gameplay, I guess I'll always be a peasant as compared to Cyclic's 1080p goodness.

Cyclic hacked this, he said so himself... Disappointing :/ But, he was still able to beat the nerfed version on stream so don't be disappointed. Anyways, he beat this version in three cuts as you could see in the progress bar. He DID mention that in the description of the original video so there is NO hacks in this video other than cuts. STOP COMMENTING ABOUT IT

Song: Sonic Blaster - F-777 I DO NOT in any way own the song used in this video. More gameplay from Cyclic (From Top 5 vid):

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    Sonic Wave jest ekstremalnie trudnym demonem, który został stworzony przez Cyclica. Jest on...

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