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The Chamber of Time is a secret feature of Geometry Dash, being introduced in Update 2.1. It is located through a door by the 'ground' in the centre of the Coming Soon screen of the main level slider, but is hidden until the orange lock in the Basement has been selected, followed by the door's hidden location being physically discovered. After doing so, the door will remain locked until the Master Emblem has been purchased from the secret shop, after which the Chamber of Time can be accessed.


The Chamber of Time contains a text field and a feline ring-handle button below it, referred to as the Gatekeeper. Pressing the button will return a response based on what has been entered into the text field. By entering specific phrases, Icon Kit rewards and associated achievements can be unlocked. Initially, there is a chest in the lower right corner which contains an orange key for the orange lock in the Basement.


Enter the codes stated as captions to unlock the respective rewards.


General responses

Pressing the button without having entered anything will cycle through ordered responses and will repeat upon reaching the end.
  1. Why have I been awoken?
  2. Leave this place
  3. You are not welcome here
  4. None shall pass
  5. You test my patience
  6. ...
  7. How long will you keep this up?
  8. Don't you have other things to do?
  9. ...
  10. Gah I can't stand this anymore!
  11. The smell, it's killing me
  12. Can you smell it?
  13. Chicken, burning chicken
  14. El pollo ardiente... [translates to 'the burning chicken']
  15. Ok, playtime is over
  16. Tick tock
  17. Time is running out
  18. ...
  19. Really? Still here?
  20. This is my first conversation in 1000 years
  21. Not what I was hoping for...


A series of riddles in green text can appear between any general response in the following order to help guess the codes. Once a code has been entered, the corresponding riddle will not be shown again.
  • My thunder comes before my lightning
    • My lightning comes before my rain
    • My rain dries up all the land it touches
    • What am I? (relating to volcano)
  • I hide behind rocks and rills
    • under the mountains and hills
    • I cannot be seen or felt
    • nor heard or smelt
    • the more I am the less you see
    • what am I? (relating to darkness)
  • Shh, quiet!
    • Can you feel it closing in?
    • Shadows creep where it begins
    • Speak its name and it is gone
    • from every moment dusk till dawn (relating to silence)
  • What always runs, but never walks
    • Often murmurs, never talks
    • Has a bed, but never sleeps
    • Has a mouth, but never eats? (relating to river)
  • The less you consume
    • the stronger I become
    • wait too long
    • and death will come
    • What am I? (relating to hunger)

Responses to correct codes

Entering a correct code will return a specific response. After doing so, the response will not be returned again.
  • Hot answer, well done (volcano)
  • Impressive (darkness)
  • Something you always ruin... (silence)
  • Be like water my friend (river)
  • A pizza would be nice (hunger)

Responses to incorrect codes

Entering an incorrect code will return an alternate ordered response and will repeat upon reaching the end.
  1. How about no?
  2. [player's username], please give up...
  3. Error, error. Bad answers.
  4. Failure
  5. May I suggest thinking?
  6. WRONG
  7. You're hopeless...
  8. Really, still here?
  9. What kind of name is [player's username] anyway?
  10. No, just no
  11. Swing and a miss!
  12. I told you, it wont work...
  13. Door is now open. Oh wait, no it's not.
  14. Is that actually your guess?
  15. Go home [player's username].
  16. Nope
  17. Give up, please
  18. Door is still locked
  19. That tickles!
  20. Try harder please
  21. Don't make me angry
  22. You won't like me when im angry...
  23. Oh no, you just unlocked... NOTHING
  24. Only 3 attempts left!
  25. Only 2 attempts left!
  27. Just kidding, unlimited attempts
  28. Maybe you should do something else?
  29. This is getting ridiculus... [sic]
  30. Go collect some stars

Introductory dialogue

Upon locating the door to the Chamber of Time:
  • Who disturbs my slumber?
    • RubRub is that you? I cannot see in this light.
    • Show me the Master Emblem, and I will let you pass.

After obtaining the Master Emblem and returning to the door:

  • The Master Emblem!
    • Lord RubRub, I will open the gate for you.
    • Please, come in.

Upon entering the Chamber of Time:

  • Wait, you are not RubRub...
    • You seem to be skilled in the art of deception...
    • But it does not matter, your trickery ends here.
    • Leave now, before you cause more problems...


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