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Daily Rewards are a feature in Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World, being introduced in Update 2.1. They are accessed from the Daily chest button at the right of the main menu.


Daily rewards include a small chest which can be opened every 4 hours and a large chest which can be opened every 24 hours. They reward the following collectibles:

  • Small chest:
    • 20-50 mana orbs (in increments of 5)
    • 1-4 diamonds
    • 0-1 shards
    • 0-1 keys
  • Large chest:
    • 100-300 mana orbs (in increments of 25)
    • 4-10 diamonds
    • 1-2 shards (of one or multiple types)
    • 0-1 keys

Shards of one type will be rewarded up until 100 of the respective type have been collected. If the chest gives shard, but player already has 100 of that type, shard will be replaced by 100 orbs.

There is also a Free stuff button which leads to three chests containing icons that can be unlocked by following the given YouTube, Twitter and Facebook links. The button will disappear once all chests have been opened.