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Deadlocked is the twentieth level of Geometry Dash and the third level with a Demon difficulty. 30 secret coins are required to unlock the level.


Deadlocked introduces new level components like the green jump ring (which changes gravity with additional momentum like an anti-gravity yellow jump orb), teleportation portals (which teleport players to another location from a linked portal along the Y-axis), and keys/keyholes (which serve as a visual guide for touch-triggered triggers, however, green inverted-square triggers were used in Geometrical Dominator). A 'boss fight' segment occurs at 64%.

The level also utilizes a more advanced use of triggers to create "laser-shooting monsters" which are seen in the first normal-sized UFO segment at 64%. Anti gravity is experienced with the wave for the first time, which you will see in the second wave sequence.

  • A cube sequence takes place from 0% to 2%.
  • A mini wave transition sequence takes place from 2% to 3%.
  • A cube sequence from 3% to 12%.
  • A 3x wave sequence from 12% to 17%.
  • A 2x mini ship sequence from 17% to 21%.
  • A 2x ball sequence from 21% to 24%.
  • A 2x mini UFO sequence from 24% to 28%.
  • A cube sequence from 28% to 32%, with the effects of the 3x speed portal from 30% to 32%.
  • A robot sequence from 32% to 36%, with the effects of the 2x speed portal from 34% to 36%.
  • A 0.5x mini ball sequence from 36% to 42%, with the effects of the 1x speed portal from 37% to 39% and the effects of the 2x speed portal from 39% to 42%.
  • A cube sequence from 42% to 49% with the effects of the mini portal from 45%.
  • A 2x robot sequence from 49% to 56%.
  • A 2x ship sequence from 56% to 64% with the effects of the mini portal from 62% to 64%.
  • A 2x UFO sequence from 64% to 72%.
  • A 3x speed dual wave sequence from 72% to 76%.
  • A 0.5x mini wave sequence from 76% to 79%.
  • A 2x ship sequence from 79% to 87% with the effects of the mini portal at 82%.
  • A 0.5x ball sequence from 87% to 89%.
  • A 2x UFO sequence from 89% to 93%, with the effects of the 3x speed portal from 91% to 93%.
  • A cube sequence from 93% to 100%.

Secret coins

  • The first secret coin is at 43% and collected as the cube; but it's unique compared to others, as it requires a key before it can be acquired. In the first mini ship ship sequence, a key is placed high up above the moving obstacles at 19%. Once successfully retrieved, it opens an area later in the level, in a cube sequence which allows the player to grab the coin at later in the level. Failure to retrieve the key will keep this passage blocked and the player will be forced to take the normal route situated below it.
    • However, the player can brush past the key, and still be able to get the secret coin. This is because the hitbox of the toggle trigger used to activate the coin is larger than the hitbox of the key.
  • The second secret coin appears at 53% and is collected as the robot. There will be a two-block wide pillar sticking out from the ground. Instead of jumping to the top of the pillar, the player must drop down and jump shortly after to collect the coin. To return to the normal path, the player must jump on top of a fading block. This is considered slightly easier than the normal path.
    • The platform was originally three blocks wide, but this was changed in update 2.01.
  • The final secret coin appears at 66% and is collected as the UFO, when there are monsters shooting lasers at the player. The player must get close to the top of the screen before the first laser is fired. Then, a spinning blade must be avoided and the coin will be acquired.
  • If all 3 coins are collected, the player will be rewarded with an extra icon.



Geometry Dash - Deadlocked


  • Deadlocked is the only official level with invisible manipulation and form portals (if Nock Em isn't counted).
  • Deadlocked is the only level to reward 15 stars, the highest amount of stars that can be earned from any level.
  • Many players consider Deadlocked the most difficult official level.
  • Deadlocked contains the earliest portals of any official level at 2%, which are the mini and wave portals.
  • At the time of its release, Deadlocked contained every form in the game at both normal and mini sizes, except for the Mini Robot.
  • At about 20% it is possible that you can duck under the portals and enter the ball section as the mini ship. The level is still possible like this and you don't lose speed.
  • Deadlocked is the second level to give a Robot for beating the level, the first being Geometrical Dominator.
  • In the second cube section, it is possible, if timed correctly, to skip the third green jump ring and cyan jump ring and land on the platform which leads into the teleportation portal.
  • Originally, players could time a jump correctly right before the second wave section that would cause them to skip the wave portal and the speed portal, causing them to enter the second wave section as a cube. However, this was patched in Update 2.01.
    • As a less significant glitch, players could also time the green rings late before the second wave section, causing them to skip only the speed portal and still enter the section as a wave. Similarly, this was also patched in Update 2.01.
  • At about 9%, the player can use the fake yellow ring to land on the platform, instead of the blue ring and pad.
  • There are three different ways to collect the second coin.
    • The first way is to go in the secret path and jump with very little boost to the platform with the secret coin. Then, a fading block will appear on which the player must land on and then jump from to continue normally.
      • It is possible to jump at the very end of the platform where the coin is located with full boost, going over the fading block and landing on the normal path.
    • Another way is to tap on the green ring exactly when the player reaches it so that they land on the platform and then instantly jump with full boost in order to brush past the secret coin and acquire it. Then, it is slightly harder to jump over the "invisible" spikes.
    • The last way is to go up on the normal path (going over the secret path), and make a tiny jump from that platform to fall onto the invisible block on which the coin stands and then jump back to the normal route, exactly like the first way to get the coin.
  • At 2%, it is possible to go through a slope and survive. This is seen in the thumbnail image of Partition Zion's How to Deadlocked video.
  • At 3%, it is possible to go through a slope and enter the second cube sequence as a mini wave. It's still possible, but the level is significantly harder.
  • At 76%, it is possible to enter the dual deactivation portal with the inverted wave. Doing so results in the following mini-wave starting at 77% gravity-inverted. It is still possible to complete the level this way.
  • Deadlocked and Electrodynamix are the only levels in the full version to use the very fast speed portal. Deadlocked is the first demon level to use the very fast speed portal (same for the robot and dual portals).
  • Deadlocked and Fingerdash are the only levels in the full version in which collectibles are required for the player to obtain a secret coin.
  • Deadlocked takes 99 seconds to complete and requires a minimum of 98 jumps.
  • Deadlocked is the only level after Theory of Everything to not have any magenta jump rings.