Geometrical Dominator is the nineteenth level of Geometry Dash and the fifth level with a Harder difficulty.


Geometrical Dominator introduces the robot game mode (which can make lower and higher jumps by tapping and holding down), the alpha trigger, the move trigger, the pulse trigger, the toggle trigger, monsters, animated thorns, water, bushes and flowers, in-game text and many new decorations.

Secret coins

  • The first secret coin is located at 17% and collected as the robot. To obtain it, the player must drop past the yellow jump ring onto a small platform where they must boost the robot up immediately into a small one block wide area where the coin is hidden. The player will then fly up into the sky and hit a gravity pad before being put back on the normal path that is used to progress (as a robot). It is slightly harder to do, as the player has to hold once he is a ship to avoid crashing.
  • The second secret coin is located at 47% and collected as the robot. When the player jumps onto a rainbow-coloured block sticking out of the large platform below (coloured blue and purple), instead of falling down, jump up again to collect the secret coin and land back to the normal route.
  • The third secret coin is located at 92% and collected as the ship. There is a moving pillar with two openings in it. Carefully guide the ship into the lower passage, collect the coin, and continue normally.


Geometry Dash - Geometrical Dominator

Geometry Dash - Geometrical Dominator


  • Waterflame's Geometrical Dominator track is the only soundtrack from the main levels created specifically for Geometry Dash.
    • It is also the only soundtrack that came after the level was introduced.
    • Waterflame (before 2.0 was released) answered that he wasn't making a song for the upcoming update. 
  • The level design is a reference to the Super Mario Bros. series.
  • The title "Geometrical Dominator" exceeds the 20 character limit by 1 character.
  • Geometrical Dominator is the only level to end with the robot game mode.
  • Geometrical Dominator is one of 3 levels that do not begin at the beginning of their respective songs, the others being Clutterfunk and Fingerdash. However, in Geometrical Dominator, the difference between the start of the song and the start of the level is very small.
  • There is a bug during the first robot segment, and the bug can only be performed right before the first ship segment.
    • The player has to land on the platform with the fake spike then enter the gravity deactivation portal. Then the player has to hold the mouse or screen to collect the coin, hold to hit the yellow jump orb, and return to the main route.
  • There is another bug during the first robot segment right before the first ship segment.
    • The player has to use land on the platform with the fake spike, then hold to tap the yellow jump orb late, to enter the ship upside-down.
  • Geometrical Dominator takes 100 seconds to complete and requires a minimum of 76 jumps.
    • This makes it the 3rd shortest main level in terms of jumps from the game, but the second longest level in terms of time.
  • Inside the level's memory section, little glowing stars will appear for a short amount of time, indicating where the icon needs to go.


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