Welcome to the Geometry Dash Wiki Community Portal! This page will start you off with the basics of participating on our wiki.

What's it all about?

Wikis are community projects that involve people from different backgrounds coming together to share their knowledge of a common interest. If you are a fan of Geometry Dash, it would be awesome if you could join us! Sign in so you can track your contributions and form an identity recognisable by the rest of the community.

Editing and navigation

Editing is a major part of any wiki, and fortunately, being able to do so is easy and requires little experience. On the wiki's sandbox page, you can find some helpful tips as well as run some test edits if you would like to experiment. In the meantime, you will want to know how to find your way around. The navigation section on the staple header of every page navigates to every article on the wiki; no need to perform obscure searches! Under the Community heading can also be found site articles relating to policy, chat and our staff list. Be sure to check the contents and index help pages to find out more about participating and the features of the wiki.


Something which you will want to become familiar with is your user page. It is quickly accessed through your avatar on the header bar and consists of five sections: the main profile section is where you can write about yourself and anything on your mind; the second section is your message wall where you and others can post short messages; the third section is a record of all the contributions you have made to the wiki; the fourth section is a list of all the pages you are following; and the fifth section tracks your edit count across each namespace. For an enhanced experience, it is recommended that you look into your preferences and configure your account just the way you want it.


Communication is an important aspect of coordinating wiki activities while also enabling the development of friendships with other users. While message walls are designed to directly communicate with specific users, the Discussions feature provides a collaborative social space where announcements, discussions and activities can be held. In addition, the live chat room allows for instantaneous conversation between users.

Contact staff

Feel free to contact any of our staff at any time. If they are unable to address any queries you have, you might want to contact Fandom for more complicated matters.

Templates for personal use


The Geometry Dash Wiki utilises a number of scripts which are imported from the Fandom Developers Wiki.

Special page directory

The following are common special pages. For all special pages, see Special:SpecialPages.