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Review list

Editor submission Staff response
Article + section(s) Description Submitted by Status Reviewed by Notes
Submit edits for review, review list Want to include example row for others to refer to ExampleUser123 Approved ExampleAdminXYZ No problem
Vault Want to replace all pronouns referring to Spooky from "it" to "they", as Glubfub was referred to as "he" and not "it" by Spooky. Aktimoose Resolved Hackey5 After much thought, being animate buttons, each will be referred to as 'it'.
The Challenge, Trivia "There is a secret way nearing the end, and to get to it you must avoid going back to normal gravity." TerrariaBEAST64590 Approved Hackey5 More detail should be owed to the exploit and should have its own trivia point.
Back on Track Trivia I want to change the cyan pad part from Dry Out to Polargeist Because no cyan pad is in Dry Out SplatChris802 Resolved Hackey5 The term ‘respectively’ designates the gravity portal to Dry Out and the gravity pad to xStep.
Back on Track, Trivia I want to add something to the trivia: The community sometimes makes “Back on Track jokes”, where someone says that a level or coin is harder or easier than Back on Track ThreadingKitty Resolved Hackey5 Random jokes are not trivia.
Clutterfunk, trivia I wanted to add something to the trivia (not related to community jokes this time): At 24%, it is possible to jump over a blue launchpad and continue until an unmissable sawblade appears. ThreadingKitty Resolved Hackey5 Minor and inconsequential. Most levels have cracks and leaks. There must be a more significant effect on progression for this to be worthwhile for inclusion.
The Challenge, Trivia "It uses an official song, named Secret. Its song number is 25. This can be confirmed by using editor hack." This is the source. * Anonymoususer12321 Approved Hackey5 Verified through image of level editor song selection.
Electroman Adventures - Trivia Electroman Adventures has both the shortest distance between coins (with only 7% passing between the first and second) and the longest (with 72% passing between the seond and third). FriedEmerald Resolved Hackey5 It’s a rather minuscule detail. Not really noteworthy for viewers.
Jumper - Trivia The soundtrack Jumper was originally used in the game Castle Crashers. It is also the oldest soundtrack used in the game, produced in 2005. I want to add "used in the game" (shown in bold), just to be specific. I know, miniscule, but sometimes small things make a big difference. FriedEmerald Approved Hackey5 You've identified an unclear item. I've updated it so that it should read more clearly.
Stereo Madness - Trivia Add "The soundtrack Stereo Madness is still the only soundtrack used in the game that was composed by ForeverBound." I think it's interesting, but it's ok if you don't. The reason why I think it's interesting is because the game is now 5 years old, and this is still the only soundtrack by him in the game. FriedEmerald Resolved Hackey5 The same could be said of other soundtracks such as Deadlocked and Fingerbang. It's insignificant by means of commonality. Plus, the soundtracks can all be observed on the Geometry Dash article where they can all be compared.
Jumper, Trivia The "Jumper" soundtrack is mostly used in Flappy Bird-type user levels. Sometimes it is not. TerrariaBEAST64590 Resolved Hackey5 Subjective and not accurate.
Level Editor, Trivia
  • "The orange teleportation portal does not have a button in the editor, but is automatically placed above the blue teleportation portal upon placement.
  • The orange portal can only be moved along the y-axis; moving the blue portal sideways also moves its corresponding orange portal with it."

I believe this is an important distinction, and provides more detail as to what happens. I have also proposed extra notes I think would be useful to add for beginning creators. The second point may be optionally separated.

HollowEarth13 Approved Hackey5 Good info.
Level Editor, Difficulty Before 1.2 there were only 5 difficulties, Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder, And Insane. However with the introduction of the Demon Level Demon Park, the Demon Difficultly was introduced. Over the updates, and with Update 1.9 and Update 2.0, many people used fan rating, from Very Easy Demon to Extreme Demon. In Update 2.1, Robtop introduced new Demon difficulties, however, since the Extreme Demon is been claimed to be overused, some people like Sea have proposed another Demon difficult. WikiKansel Resolved Hackey5 This information is more relevant to user levels, where difficulties are already discussed.
Theory of Everything, Secret Coins Want to change the method on how to get the first coin from: "After passing above a block structure, hop up past a saw-blade, through a false column by the ceiling and over another saw-blade to collect the coin." to a moore specific/reliable method I found: "*Immediately after your UFO leaves contact fully with a block structure prior to the coin, quickly hop up with your UFO 4 times,* through a false column by the ceiling and over a saw-blade to collect the coin." Put in *asterisks*. FriedEmerald Resolved Hackey5 Since it is impossible to practically convey how fast one should tap when it comes to forms like the ship and UFO, it is not viable to explicit state the number of taps required for a particular manoeuvre.
Description Paragraph of Stereo Madness, Back On Track, Cant Let Go, Jumper, Clubstep, The Seven Seas, and Viking Arena The word "maneuver" is misspelled "manoeuvre". Mcglasses02 Resolved Hackey5 It is spelled 'manoeuvre' using British English.
Cycles, xStep, Clubstep's Trivia It says (in my own words) "Cycles, xStep and Clubstep are the only levels to reward icons for practice mode". Clubstep rewards a ufo, not an icon. I say change "reward icons" to "not reward colours". LordEvino27 Resolved Hackey5 'Icon' is the blanket term for all forms, including UFOs. This does not include colours, trails or death effects, which expands to ‘Icon Kit rewards’. 'Cube' is the term used for simply cubes only.
The Challenge, Trivia The Challenge is the only main level in the base game to have a default song ID different to the level ID, with the song ID being 25 and the level ID being 3001. Aktimoose Approved Hackey5 Good info.
Ultimate Destruction Second image in gallery looks fake. AaronReturn2004 Approved Hackey5 It is not fake, but for you to think so means that more detail should be owed in explaining exactly how to view the image source for yourself.
Geometry Dash Meltdown, trivia Geometry Dash Meltdown is the first spin-off game, released on December 19, 2015, which is approximately a year before Geometry Dash World. RyanTheLemonKing Resolved Hackey5 The date is already mentioned. The release date relative to other games is not significant.
Electroman Adventures, trivia Update 2.2 for Geometry Dash Lite added Electroman Adventures to the game. RyanTheLemonKing Resolved Hackey5 Electroman Adventures is already linked to Geometry Dash Lite. Additions to the Lite version are mentioned on the respective update article as well as the game's article itself.
Clubstep, Trivia There are 39 demon-face structures throughout the level, made of blocks, spikes, their fake counterparts and jump orbs. leduyquang753 Approved Hackey5 I found that quite interesting. Will be happy to add this.
Follow-up: I was able to count 38, including one upside-down one. For reference, by 60% I counted 20. Feel free to follow me up on this.
Base After Base, Trivia When passing through the second coin's location without collecting it, the blue gravity portal for collecting will be revealed to the left as it transitions away from the screen. leduyquang753 Resolved Hackey5 Considered, however, percentages and other indicators approaching the coins are mentioned. In this case, if the portal is spotted, then it is too late to collect the coin.
Ultimate Destruction, Trivia Just thought it felt right for the misspelling of the name (that being Ultiate Destruction) to be mentioned in the trivia. DizzyJump Resolved Hackey5 It is noted as a caption under the image displaying the error.
Cycles, Trivia The name "Cycles" is a bit of wordplay. The ball rolls like a wheel on a bicycle, and the word "cycle" in bicycle means wheel. The Epicness9000 Resolved Hackey5 I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets triggered from reading this kind of trivia. :/
xStep, Trivia This is the only level in a series from Time Machine to Electroman Adventures that does not use mirror portals. Since Clubstep they stop being used entirely. leduyquang753 Resolved Hackey5 It is a fairly specific observation of a pattern
Polargeist, Trivia The song as it is heard in-game is slightly faster when compared to the original version uploaded by Step. It is the only official level song to have its speed edited. RoboDragn Resolved Hackey5 This was mentioned in the past before. We decided to rempve trivia relating to modifications made to soundtracks after we started providing the actual audio for direct reference.
Electroman Adventures, Trivia I want to add a new part: "This level is the first main level where the number of stars awarded for completing the level in Normal Mode does not correspond with the level number. The level is the 13th main level, and awards 10 stars when completed in Normal Mode." Stereo Madness through Theory of Everything all award the amount of stars equal to their level number. Feel free to change any wording. Yoob409 Resolved Hackey5 It is a plain observation, not particularly interesting to be useful trivia.
Update 1.6, Trivia I want to add a piece of trivia which states that Update 1.6 was the first update to feature a sneak peek PeacefulPotato8 Resolved Hackey5 There were other kinds of video preview previously so it is slightly misleading to mention this.
Update 1.5, Sneak Peek This should be reworded or deleted as there was no sneak peek for Updates 1.5 and earlier. The video provided as the sneak peek shows the whole level. PeacefulPotato8 Approved Hackey5 Yep.
Update 1.1, Sneak Peek This should also be reworded or deleted for the same reasons as Update 1.5 PeacefulPotato8 Approved Hackey5 Yep.
Achievements, Achievement Data, Geometry Dash Lite You can't get the "Geometry Jumper!", "Jump, you must", and "Geometry Master!", achievements anymore. For the achievements "Clutterfunk!", "Maybe behind that block?", "I.. NEED... MORE!", "We wants it!", and "We needs it!", the icon kit rewards are now equivalent to those given in the full version. The same applies to the achievements regarding total jumps and attempts. These changes only apply to devices where Geometry Dash Lite was installed after version 2.2 was released (possibly earlier) PeacefulPotato8 Approved Hackey5 Evidence does suggest that all the games are receiving a build based off of the main version, and only a matter of time that stragglers will follow.
Change the title for the page "Ultimate Destruction" to "Ultiate Destruction" In the trailer or wherever the level was shown, you can actually see that the title of the level was "Ultiate Destruction", not 'Ultimate Destruction" "king" kingofpronoobs Resolved Hackey5 'Ultiate Destruction' is a clear typo when the soundtrack is indeed Ultimate Destruction. Such is mentioned under the image depicting it. In terms of presentation and navigation, it is would appear clumsy for the title to be 'correctly' incorrect.
Electroman Adventures, Trivia "Prior to Update 1.7, Electroman Adventures possessed a Harder difficulty." Add "Additionally, Electroman Adventures is the only level to have its difficulty raised." The-Jumper-GD Approved Hackey5 Yeah, fair enough.
Theory of Everything, Trivia Add into trivia: "This is the only level to have a direct sequel, that being Theory of Everything 2." King Sea Dragon Resolved Hackey5 This one has been coming up for years. The matter of it (not the level, but the soundtrack) being a sequel is entirely insignificant in relation to the game. The name relationship is so clearly apparent that it does not warrant even mentioning.
Clubstep, Trivia When starting the level, if you hold down the jump button right when the player spawns, it's possible to jump over the spikes and then the yellow jump pad, then onto the box with a triangle on it (if done right, it shouldn't kill you), then to the first jump ring (may be hard to understand what I mean, you can try to do it for yourself by holding the jump button right at the start of the level) The Red Supergiant Resolved Hackey5 Not particularly interesting.
Time Machine, Trivia When starting the level, if you hold down the jump button right when the player spawns, you can skip the first percent or so (shouldn't kill you if you do it right). The Red Supergiant Resolved Hackey5 Not particularly interesting.
Electrodynamix, Hexagon Force, Trivia In Trivia, it mentions that the 0.5x (slow) and 1x (normal) speed portals are unused, but I would like to have this added: However, then they are actually introduced in Hexagon Force. The-Jumper-GD Resolved Hackey5 This is discussed in the Portals article. However, trivia of this nature is subject to be reviewed for consistency between articles in the future.
Vault, Trivia In 2.0, the vault used to say "d*mnit," (except uncensored) but in 2.01 it was changed to "nevermind..." I remember that there used to be a huge debate on this wiki as to whether or not to censor the word "d*mnit," so I'm surprised there's no mention of it now. ( If I remember correctly, in the end, the word was censored, so I've also censored it here ) LikktBotto =) Resolved Hackey5 Minor changes of this nature are not usually regarded as significant enough to mention. Any such changes can of course be identified by checking page histories.
Clutterfunk, Trivia "Clutterfunk is the only main level to end with the mini cube." Reason for adding this: I just felt like adding another fact, since the Clutterfunk "Trivia" section only has two facts. :/ Djdigga1 Resolved Hackey5 Getting rather specific here. Again, it seems like another case of trivia for the sake of trivia, which is not a bad thing, but in terms of being interesting to viewers, not so much.
Theory of Everything, both edits are for Trivia I have 2 edits to add:

1) It says that the level requires a minimum of 62 jumps. This seems like an oversight. But if that was true, then Theory of Everything would put an end to having Blast Processing's career as the "lowest-jumps-needed" level.

2) I want to add "Prior to Update 2.0, the level had a major bug. During the end of the second UFO sequence, you could rapidly click to become a cube fall to the ground, and skip ⅕ of the level."

The-Jumper-GD Resolved Hackey5 On the first point, 62 jumps has indeed been determined as the minimum through a jailbreak at 83%. Trivia relating to jump counts and completion times are due to be tidied up between articles, and possibly extended to detail such instances that are drawing scepticism. On the second point, that is another case of a historic change that is not really significant enough to include.
Icon Kit, Icon References, Other Media There is an icon reference that has gone unnoticed:

One of the robots in the community shop (eighth page for 4000 mana orbs) resembles the mask of Daft Punk member "Guy-Manuel" de Homem-Christo.

BooBoy456 Resolved Hackey5 It does not.
Almost Evrything. The word color was misspelled as "colour" on every page that it appeared on. I fixed a couple pages but someone needs to check it all. liqhtsouls Resolved Hackey5 British English is used here. The correct spelling is 'colour'.
Geometry Dash Meltdown, Gallery and videos The gallery is broken because of the UCP shit, fucking fix it already, I suggest removing the videos for now.

Additionally since this wiki uses British English put periods outside quotation marks, not inside (Last trivia)

Parkour2906 Resolved Hackey5 Ease up. Only a null edit is required to refresh pages to fix any issues with their galleries.
Airborne Robots, Trivia There is an hidden spike at the beginning of the level, you can see it on vertical screen (got a pic to reference). Most people don't know it existence CyanProphecy Approved Hackey5 These kinds of discoveries will be investigated further and will in some way be detailed in the respective articles.
Map Packs, Update History This section states that the Turbo Packs (1 and 2) were added in 1.6. However, this seems impossible when you consider that multiple of the levels in these two packs contain 1.6 elements. (For example, Electric Freeze in Turbo Pack 1). It also seems unlikely that these were added later in 1.61, which seems to just be a bugfix update. Unless some of these creators were given early access to the update, or the map packs were somehow added later than the rest of 1.6, then it seems most likely that these two map packs were actually added in 1.7. GB Guy Resolved Hackey5 These were documented correctly at the time. Levels in older map packs can and have been updated to use components from later updates.
Theory of Everything, Trivia I think it would be good to describe precisely what the secret way is, and how to do it. Something along the lines of "There exists a jailbreak route at 87%. After hitting the two yellow orbs, instead of falling off of the next platform onto the yellow pad, perform an extremely precise jump off the platform between two sawblades. If this is executed correctly, it allows the player to skip the last 13% of the level." And maybe "Additionally, Theory of Everything and Power Trip are the only RobTop levels to have secret ways." It probably needs a bit of clarification, but I think this addition would be beneficial. (Edit: they're not. Monster Dance Off has a secret way, which RobTop probably knew about, since there is a spike in the path. Additionally, Hexagon Force has an extremely complicated way which I don't want to explain here.) StarlineZ Approved Hackey5 An updated format for these trivia items is long due to better facilitate explanations for how to conduct skips of varying degrees of complexity. This will be implemented across all level articles.
ReactorCoreZero Electrodynamix, Trivia In the line, it says Electrodynamix is the only level to end with a 3x speed portal. I think you should make it say Electrodynamix is the only main level to end in 3x speed. Resolved Hackey5 Old versions of the article might have said this. However, the current version has been updated to remove inaccurate descriptions of '2x' or '3x' speed.
Airborne Robots, second coin There is a possible way to collect the second coin without passing through the hidden passage in an obstacle during the ship sequence in 62-63% (flying through the normal route). Fly above the obstacle beside the coin earlier, assuming the timing is correct, the ship will descend earlier and snipe the second coin, but the player has to ascend immediately in order to continue the route and not get crashed downwards. AdysonnS Resolved Hackey5 Not particularly significant.
Main levels All Robtop levels start as a 1x speed normal-sized cube Voltwave Approved Hackey5 This page does not exist, but this detail will be included as trivia on the main Geometry Dash article.
User Levels Move "User Levels" -> "User levels" to comply with sentence case, as "level" is typically not capitalized. Hydrogenation Resolved Hackey5 Article names are capitalised, although inline links might not share the same capitalisation depending on the context.
Airborne Robots In trivia, there is no mention of how the icon for Ultimate Airborne Robots is also the logo for Geometry Dash Meltdown. Since this exact same fact is mentioned in Power Trip, I thought it would make sense to add that fact to Airborne Robots. PeekoLover322 Resolved Hackey5 This is mentioned on the Icon Kit article.
Every article about levels, Trivia Few days ago I made the navbox about RobTop levels, I think we should add it to the articles. Every level is sorted by difficulty, from Easy to Demon. DearBro Resolved Hackey5 To navigate the wiki, links are present on the header, including every level article. Category pages, as well as the All Pages index can also be used, and the main Geometry Dash article already displays levels' difficulties.
Clubstep and Electrodynamix Update information due to these levels being added to Geometry Dash Lite recently. This includes the first sentence of the article and the "Game" section of the infobox. Cybercrafted Approved DXL444 Not much to elaborate on here. Thanks for pointing this out!
Geometry Dash SubZero Add information about the new update (2.2 features, coin changes, bugfixes) Cybercrafted Approved Hackey5 Yep, will do.
Press Start Page is outdated due to new update. Information that needs to be added/edited: all percentages different due to backwards gameplay no longer making percentage lower, first coin has stronger indicator, second coin now appears earlier. Cybercrafted Approved Hackey5 Press Start along with the other level articles will each be updated to reflect the recent changes.
(side comment to above) Nock ‘Em and Power Trip have already been done. I recommend following their example. The edit was also inspired by a video by GD Colon. The_Epicness9000 Pending

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