This page is for editors to submit edits for staff to review in relation to pages which have been protected (locked) against editing, usually articles marked with the Quality notice.


Only editors who have had an account on the wiki for at least 4 days will be allowed to edit this page. You will need to complete the three italicised column cells of a row under Editor submission of the table below to submit an edit for review. You will need to:

  • Specify the article and any key sections (eg. a heading, content under a heading, an infobox field, a gallery etc.)
  • Provide a description of the edit and why you think it will be a useful addition (Quality articles are usually already regarded as being in state requiring minimal alteration)
  • Provide your username for quick reference (there is no need to link to it)

In addition, it is often easier to show, not tell, so below the table is a sandbox space where you can post the direct contents of the article which you wish to have modified accordingly (it helps us staff if you give a visual indication of exactly where your proposed changes are using bold formatting or asterisks for example).

If it was not obvious, messing around with this page in areas not explicitly stated above, or not making genuine submissions will result in penalties. Refer to site policy for more details.

The remaining three cells of a row under Staff response will be completed by a staff member who may either approve or resolve the submission, complemented by any notes, or a request more information. It is acceptable to contact that staff member and make further enquiries on their message wall if you feel you would like to follow up on the matter if the outcome was not to your satisfaction.

Completed reviews will be remain present within the table for a while until it is decided to clear them as well as any associated sandbox activity.

Review list

Editor submission Staff response
Article + section(s) Description Submitted by Status Reviewed by Notes
Submit edits for review, review list Want to include example row for others to refer to Admin Approved Admin No problem
Vault Want to replace all pronouns referring to Spooky from "it" to "they", as Glubfub was referred to as "he" and not "it" by Spooky. Aktimoose Ongoing Hackey5 This is an interesting matter of personification. ‘It’s a padlock button’, or are ‘they a padlock button’? I’ll actually raise it in a poll to determine what people’s impressions are.
The Challenge, Trivia "There is a secret way nearing the end, and to get to it you must avoid going back to normal gravity." TerrariaBEAST64590 Approved, pending addition Hackey5 More detail should be owed to the exploit and should have its own trivia point.
Back on Track Trivia I want to change the cyan pad part from Dry Out to Polargeist Because no cyan pad is in Dry Out SplatChris802 Resolved Hackey5 The term ‘respectively’ designates the gravity portal to Dry Out and the gravity pad to xStep.
Back on Track, Trivia I want to add something to the trivia:

The community sometimes makes “Back on Track jokes”, where someone says that a level or coin is harder or easier than Back on Track

ThreadingKitty Resolved Hackey5 Random jokes are not trivia.


I wanted to add something to the trivia (not related to community jokes this time):

At 24%, it is possible to jump over a blue launchpad and continue until an unmissable sawblade appears.

ThreadingKitty Resolved Hackey5 Minor and inconsequential. Most levels have cracks and leaks. There must be a more significant effect on progression for this to be worthwhile for inclusion.
The Challenge, Trivia "It uses an official song, named Secret. Its song number is 25. This can be confirmed by using editor hack." This is the source. * Anonymoususer12321 Approved Hackey5 Verified through image of level editor song selection.
Electroman Adventures - Trivia Electroman Adventures has both the shortest distance between coins (with only 7% passing between the first and second) and the longest (with 72% passing between the seond and third). FriedEmerald Resolved Hackey5 It’s a rather minuscule detail. Not really noteworthy for viewers.
Jumper - Trivia The soundtrack Jumper was originally used in the game Castle Crashers. It is also the oldest soundtrack used in the game, produced in 2005. I want to add "used in the game" (shown in bold), just to be specific. I know, miniscule, but sometimes small things make a big difference. FriedEmerald Approved Hackey5 You've identified an unclear item. I've updated it so that it should read more clearly.
Stereo Madness - Trivia Add "The soundtrack Stereo Madness is still the only soundtrack used in the game that was composed by ForeverBound." I think it's interesting, but it's ok if you don't. The reason why I think it's interesting is because the game is now 5 years old, and this is still the only soundtrack by him in the game. FriedEmerald Resolved Hackey5 The same could be said of other soundtracks such as Deadlocked and Fingerbang. It's insignificant by means of commonality. Plus, the soundtracks can all be observed on the Geometry Dash article where they can all be compared.
Jumper, Trivia The "Jumper" soundtrack is mostly used in Flappy Bird-type user levels. Sometimes it is not. TerrariaBEAST64590 Resolved Hackey5 Subjective and not accurate.
Level Editor, Trivia
  • "The orange teleportation portal does not have a button in the editor, but is automatically placed above the blue teleportation portal upon placement.
  • The orange portal can only be moved along the y-axis; moving the blue portal sideways also moves its corresponding orange portal with it."

I believe this is an important distinction, and provides more detail as to what happens. I have also proposed extra notes I think would be useful to add for beginning creators. The second point may be optionally separated.

HollowEarth13 Pending
Level Editor, Difficulty Before 1.2 there were only 5 difficulties, Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder, And Insane. However with the introduction of the Demon Level Demon Park, the Demon Difficultly was introduced. Over the updates, and with Update 1.9 and Update 2.0, many people used fan rating, from Very Easy Demon to Extreme Demon. In Update 2.1, Robtop introduced new Demon difficulties, however, since the Extreme Demon is been claimed to be overused, some people like Sea have proposed another Demon difficult. WikiKansel Pending
Theory of Everything, Secret Coins Want to change the method on how to get the first coin from: "After passing above a block structure, hop up past a saw-blade, through a false column by the ceiling and over another saw-blade to collect the coin." to a moore specific/reliable method I found: "*Immediately after your UFO leaves contact fully with a block structure prior to the coin, quickly hop up with your UFO 4 times,* through a false column by the ceiling and over a saw-blade to collect the coin." Put in *asterisks*. FriedEmerald Pending
Description Paragraph of Stereo Madness, Back On Track, Cant Let Go, Jumper, Clubstep, The Seven Seas, and Viking Arena The word "maneuver" is misspelled "manoeuvre". Mcglasses02 Resolved Hackey5 It is spelled 'manoeuvre' using British English.

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