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Geometry Dash World is a free ad-supported expansion app of Geometry Dash developed and published by RobTop Games and released on December 21, 2016 for iOS and on December 22, 2016 for Android. It features 10 exclusive short levels which must be played in sequence, split into 2 worlds containing 5 levels each. The game is a downsized build of the full version of Geometry Dash and was released just prior to Update 2.1 (allowing much new content to be previewed at the time). Hence, other current content including achievements, icons, collectibles, shops and vaults are available although limited. The ability to transfer certain unlockable data over to the full version through user accounts is also available. In addition, certain user levels can be played, either the daily level or featured levels once the main levels have been completed.


Level Stars Released Artist Soundtrack
1. Payload 2 Initial release Dex Arson
2. Beast Mode 2 Initial release Dex Arson
3. Machina 3 Initial release Dex Arson
4. Years 3 Initial release Dex Arson
5. Frontlines 3 Initial release Dex Arson
Toxic Factory
Level Stars Released Artist Soundtrack
6. Space Pirates 3 Initial release Waterflame
7. Striker 3 Initial release Waterflame
8. Embers 3 Initial release Dex Arson
9. Round 1 3 Initial release Dex Arson
10. Monster Dance Off 3 Initial release F-777
Secret levels
Level Stars Released Artist Soundtrack
The Challenge 3 Initial release RobTop

Gallery and trailers

Full version comparison

Feature Description
Update correspondence Update 2.11
Levels 10 exclusive short levels
Achievements 168
Collectibles Stars Up to 31 from local content
Secret coins Up to 2
User coins Yes
Mana orbs Yes
Diamonds Yes
Keys Yes
Shards Yes
Shops Shop Yes
Secret shop Yes
Community shop Yes
Secrets Vault Yes
Vault of Secrets Yes
Chamber of Time -
Basement Limited
Treasure Room Yes
User levels Level editor -
Search -
Featured Up to Insane difficulty, requires progress
Hall of Fame -
Map Packs -
Gauntlets -
Daily Level Yes, requires progress
Weekly Demon -
Other features Practice mode Yes
Leaderboard Limited
Daily rewards Yes
Quests Modified
User accounts Yes
Settings Yes

Update log (iOS)

The following table contains the official update information provided in the iOS App Store, only omitting secondary information such as support notices.

Version Date Description
1.0 1 December 2016 -
1.01 22 December 2017
  • iPhone X support
  • Lots of new things to find!
  • Bugfixes and tweaks
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