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The Leaderboard is a feature of Geometry Dash. Introduced in Update 1.3, player collectibles can be sorted into categories and viewed in a ranked list relative to other players.

Leaderboard categories

  • Top 100: Shows the top 100 players, ordered by number of stars.
  • Friends: Shows the player alongside their friends, ordered by number of stars.
  • Global: Shows the player alongside other players based on their global ranking, ordered by number of stars.
  • Creators:  Shows the top 100 creators, ordered by creator points. 1 creator point is rewarded for a created level that receives a star rating, with 1 additional point being rewarded for a created level being featured.In the case of the created level receiving an epic rating, another additional point is also added.


Players of a high enough ranking on the global leaderboard receive a coloured trophy alongside their rank in the upper left corner of their profile page.

Trophy Ranking
LeaderboardTrophy01 Position #1
LeaderboardTrophy02 Positions #2 to #10
LeaderboardTrophy03 Positions #11 to #50
LeaderboardTrophy04 Positions #51 to #100
LeaderboardTrophy05 Positions #101 to #200
LeaderboardTrophy06 Positions #201 to #500
LeaderboardTrophy07 Positions #501 to #1,000
LeaderboardTrophy08 Positions held by players possessing 500 or more stars


  • All players with the same number of stars as the logged in player will be positioned below them with the exception of one randomly selected player who will be positioned above. This results in slightly different rankings being presented to each player.
  • Player Cool Dash is the top player in Geometry Dash, according to the accurate leaderboard in GD Colon's Level Browser.
  • Prior to Update 1.9, the Top 100 category was limited to only the top 50 players.
  • Prior to Update 2.0, there used to be a Weekly category that was ordered based on the number of stars obtained in one week, updated weekly. It was replaced by the Friends category.
  • The player Mask became the first to maintain 1st place on the leaderboard, with 80 stars. He was also one of the few players to hold first place in both stars and creator points simultaneously.
  • The player Michigun is the most notable player to have held 1st place on the Global and Top 100 leaderboards, maintaining the rank unchallenged over the course of many updates. Finally, on April 21, 2017 during Update 2.1, player Shaggy23 claimed 1st position, resulting in the first change of top ranking for several years.
  • Player NoctaFly officially became the first to reach the star limit of 65535, which as of Update 2.1 has been raised to 16777215.
    • However, as NoctaFly is now generally assumed to be an illegitimate player, xMiguel007 is considered the first legitimate player to pass the original star limit.
  • On 22 July 2017, RobTop stopped updating the leaderboards altogether. Although viewing a player's profile in-game will show their true star count and ranking, the leaderboard screen remains frozen as of July 2020.
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