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Levels of the Week are features in Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World, being introduced in Update 2.1. They are accessed from the directive menu.

Daily Level


Daily levels are featured user levels that the player may complete and earn a varying amount of Diamonds depending on the level difficulty. Upon completion, the player will gain a certain amount of Diamonds as a bonus as well as the Diamonds gained from simply completing the level. Upon collecting the bonus Diamonds, the blue box containing the level will disappear, and a different level will appear in the box the next day; unless 24 hours has passed since the user level was loaded, in which case another daily level will appear. If 24 hours have passed since the last loaded daily level, you have the option to skip beating it to get to the next one. This is shown by a red X in the top left corner of the level on the Daily screen. The player can only have two daily levels in their list. Daily Levels can be accessed by going to the Create menu and clicking a button on the right labeled as "Daily", which has a crown depicted on the button.

Weekly Demon


Weekly Demon levels are featured user levels since Update 2.11 that can be accessed from the directive menu and progressively reward diamonds in addition to standard rewards. Their difficulties may span from Easy Demon to Hard Demon. Completing the level will reward 500 orbs, 20 diamonds, 1 key and 2 Shards of Power. The full list of weekly demons can be found here.


  • Levels of the week are tracked separately to the regular versions of the same levels. If a level already completed is later featured, it can be replayed as a 'different' level for additional rewards, and similarly the original level if the level of the week version is completed first.
  • During the week which April 1 falls in annually, the Weekly Demon level has regularly featured Extreme Demon levels. In 2018 it was Bloodlust, in 2019 it was Bloodbath, and in 2021 it was Tartarus. 2020 instead featured the Demon level Nine Circles as the daily level on April 1, which was the only instance a Demon level was featured.