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Practice Mode is a feature of Geometry Dash, Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World and Geometry Dash SubZero. It allows checkpoints to be set at will, the last one placed being where the icon will respawn in the instance of a crash, instead of having to restart from the beginning of the level. A checkpoint is marked by a green gem (Checkpoint.png).


Practice mode is enabled using the green gem button in the pause menu. By default, checkpoints are automatically generated every so often, although Auto-Checkpoints can be disabled from the pause menu. The last checkpoint placed can also be removed if inconvenient, to then proceed from the previous checkpoint, and can be repeated as many times as required. For the cube, ball, robot and spider forms, checkpoints are automatically generated once connecting with a safe surface following a series of movements, while for the ship, UFO and wave forms, checkpoints are generated a set distance behind the icon. Practice mode can be further configured through Settings.

  • On a mobile device, buttons will appear that can be tapped to place and remove checkpoints.
  • On Steam, pressing the 'Z' key will place a checkpoint, while pressing the 'X' key will remove it.

Progress on practice mode is recorded separately from that of normal mode and does not offer the standard level rewards. Moreover, secret coins and user coins within levels will be passed through as if they are decorations. However, other achievements will unlock as usual.


  • Enabling practice mode will always change the soundtrack to an edited version of Stay Inside Me by OcularNebula and will continuously loop, even during a crash and respawn.
  • While practice mode is enabled, level components which normally pulsate to the beat will not do so.
  • Cycles, xStep and Clubstep are the only levels which reward icons when completed in practice mode.