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Press Start is the first level of Geometry Dash SubZero and the first level with a Normal difficulty.


Press Start introduces the cube, ship, ball and robot forms, and with the exception of the ship, in basic sequences involving the use of jump pads and rings, with some instances of antigravity through portals and pads. Speed portals are also introduced with slow, normal, fast and very fast variants being featured. These are combined with the introduction of camera panning, with faster segments being zoomed out, allowing more to be viewed within the frame, providing additional time to react and consequently reducing the difficulty of those faster speeds. The camera panning also zooms in on the icon in several instances, and during one cube sequence acquires a static position. Here, a new mechanic is introduced where the icon reverses direction and backtracks after hitting a ring. Progress percentage decreases until another configured ring is hit to reverse the direction forwards again. Starting from the robot sequence, a giant 'pixel skull' takes pursuit, trailing the icon seemingly attempting to eat it. This culminates with a 'boss fight' by the final ship sequence, where the skull leaves and reappears ahead of the icon and faces it to perform three progressive fatal blasts from its mouth, horizontally striking at the bottom, then centre and once more at the bottom before the level's end is reached.

  • A cube sequence takes place from 0% to 21%, while under the effects of the very fast speed portal from 14%;
  • A ball sequence from 21% to 26%, with the effects of the very fast speed portal sustained;
  • A cube sequence from 26% to 38%, with the effects of the very fast speed portal ceasing and returning to normal speed at 38%;
  • A ship sequence from 38% to 45%;
  • A cube sequence from 45% to 53%;
  • A robot sequence from 53% to 63%, while under the effects of the fast speed portal from 53%;
  • A ship sequence from 63% to 70%, with the fast speed portal's effects ceasing and returning to normal speed at 70%;
  • A cube sequence from 70% to 83% (backtracking from 74% to 72% and 77% to 75%), while under the effects of the slow speed portal before returning to normal speed from 70% to 71% and the very fast speed portal from 77%;
  • And a ship sequence from 85% to 100%, with the very fast speed portal's effects sustained.

Secret coins

  • The first secret coin is located at 67% and collected as the ship. After passing above a triangular obstacle, the one that follows is spiked but lacks spikes within in its centre, which can entered to reveal a concealed passage with the coin present inside.
  • The second coin is located at 74% and collected as the cube. After beginning the segment marked '1-1' in the upper left corner, proceed to cross the first level of suspended platforms and hit the oncoming jump ring but not the second jump ring. The direction will be reversed to forwards. Jump immediately as the platforms rearrange and the secret coin appears, then slide down and jump to collect the coin, exiting the frame through the exit that appeared.
  • The third coin is located at 92% and collected as the ship. After the skull performs the first blast, fly by the ceiling to collect the coin that emerges as the skull performs the second blast.
  • Collecting all three secret coins will reward an additional cube.



  • Press Start gives text instructions to "TAP!" if crashing by missing the first jump rings in the level, and to "Hold" if crashing by not successfully making the first jump as the robot.
  • The cube is restrained from jumping when "PRESS START" is stated.
  • Press Start takes 97 seconds to complete and requires a minimum of 77 jumps.