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Viewing the site

The Geometry Dash Wiki is optimised for desktop displays but should function efficiently on mobile displays using the mobile site view with simpler styling. To ensure an optimal viewing experience, it is recommended to update to the latest version of your web browser.

The wiki uses 'tabber' functionality on some pages with a large amount of content to divide it into easily navigable sections. However, the mobile site view lacks support of the feature, leaving sections grouped together and without specific headings. If you would like to switch to the desktop display on mobile, you can find a link at the bottom of any page.

General editing

Anyone with something relevant to add is encouraged to contribute towards the development of the wiki. The simplest way to do this is by editing an article. When doing so:

  • Locate a relevant article rather than creating a new one as it is likely that one already exists.
  • Use correct spelling and grammar (British English is applied here).
  • Write in third-person (avoid using pronouns such as 'you' or 'we'), using wording directed to the reader and not 'the player'.
  • Include only verifiable factual information and not opinions, rumours or speculation, taking particular care in including information concerning an upcoming update.
  • Upload images only for article use. All other images will be deleted.
  • Use source mode when editing in order to efficiently edit coded elements such as templates.
  • Ensure edited articles display as intended by using the Show Preview option before saving changes.
This is a main page template. To make the main page easier to edit, its individual sections are contained within templates, this one designed for the left main column.
It includes some basic guidelines for viewers and editors.
Type {{MP-Guidelines}} within the left column of the the main page.
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