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The Challenge is a medium length non-chronological secret level of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World and the only level of its kind. It is revealed in the Vault of Secrets by entering the code 'the challenge'. 200 diamonds are required to play the level, otherwise the message "You are not prepared. Collect more diamonds." will be received from the Keymaster.


The Challenge extensively features different pads and rings across jump, gravity and dash variants.

A cube sequence takes place from 0% to 49%; a spider sequence from 49% to 85%; and a cube sequence from 85% to 100%.


  • The Challenge debuted in Geometry Dash World since it was released before Update 2.1, previewing new content including the spider form and dash rings.
  • The Challenge is the only main level outside of Geometry Dash World which has a length less than Long.
  • The Challenge is the only level whose name is not shared (with any resemblance) by the title of the feature soundtrack. The soundtrack is internally titled DJRubRub, song 25 Secret when accessed through the level editor using exploits, and on Newgrounds it is titled Random Song 06.
  • The Challenge takes 26 seconds to complete and requires a minimum of 21 jumps (this requires exploits).
  • The Challenge is the only level to not provide a record of level stats, although normal mode and practice mode completion progress can be viewed from the level's pause menu.

Gameplay and access

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