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Theory of Everything 2 is the eighteenth level of Geometry Dash and the second level with a Demon difficulty. 20 secret coins are required to unlock the level.


Theory of Everything 2 introduces fading saw-blades and invisible slopes, as well as fake slopes. It also introduces many decorations and uses the mini-wave for the first time.


  • A cube sequence takes place from 0% to 11%
  • A 2x mini ship sequence takes place from 11% to 16%
  • A 0.5x UFO sequence from 16% to 19%
  • A 2x ball sequence from 19% to 24%
  • A UFO sequence from 24% to 28; with the effects of a mini portal at 26%
  • A cube sequence from 28% to 36%
  • A ship sequence (featuring common gravity changes) from 37% to 44%
  • A cube sequence from 44% to 51%
  • A 2x wave sequence from 51% to 56%
  • A ball sequence from 56% to 61%, with the speed portal's effect sustained
  • Another 2x wave sequence from 61% to 66%
  • A 2x mini ship sequence from 66% to 70%
  • A 0.5x speed cube sequence from 71% to 78%
  • A ship sequence from 78% to 82%
  • A 2x cube sequence from 82% to 87%
  • A 2x mini UFO sequence from 87% to 92%
  • A 0.5x mini wave sequence from 92% to 95%
  • A 2x cube sequence from 96% to 100%

Secret coins

  • The first secret coin is located at 13% and collected as the ship. After entering the yellow gravity portal, the player must hold down to make the ship go under a pile of invisible blocks and retrieve the secret coin, before returning to the normal route.
  • The second secret coin is located at 65% and collected as the wave. In the third diagonal hallway, the player must enter the fake slope to collect the coin, then return onto the normal route.
  • The third secret coin is at 84% and collected as the cube. The player must hit two jump rings and then the one with the "cross" decoration on it. Then, the player must jump late to collect the coin, then jump once more at the edge of the last platform.
  • If all 3 coins are collected, the player will be rewarded with an additional cube.



Geometry Dash - Theory of Everything 2


  • Prior to Update 2.0, Theory of Everything 2 required 30 secret coins to be unlocked.
  • Theory of Everything 2 comes from the same series of songs as Theory of Everything, making it the only level to be a direct "sequel".
  • The name Theory of Everything 2 exceeds the maximum of 20 characters for user-level titles by 2 characters.
  • It is possible to bypass the second anti-gravity portal in the first ship segment by going just under it. Similarly, it is also possible to bypass the 0.5x speed portal after the first ship segment by doing the same.
  • This also happens at the mini wave part, as you could just go under the speed change and continue with 2x speed. This will make that part a lot harder, but also break the sync.
  • It is also possible to bypass the cube and size portals at 70% if the player goes between the top of the portals and the roof. This greatly reduces the difficulty of the following cube and ship sections, although the second cube section after is impossible due to the mini icon not being able to jump high enough.
  • The Download Soundtrack button for Theory of Everything 2 does not work and is the only one not to.
  • Theory of Everything 2 is the only main level in the full version to end under the effects of the fast speed portal.
  • Theory of Everything 2 has duplicate speed portals at 70% and 92%.
  • Theory of Everything 2 and Electroman Adventures are the only levels to use destructible blocks.
  • Theory of Everything 2 takes 92 seconds to complete and requires a minimum of 90 jumps.
  • At 75%, there is a small bug where you can touch the first yellow ring and still survive. This is because of the faulty hitboxes, but requires precise late timing.
  • The first Demon level to have the Wave portal as well as Speed portals.
  • The first Demon level not to have the 3x Speed portal.


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