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New level, Electrodynamix

Update 1.7 was the seventh update in Geometry Dash. It was released on 21 May 2014. It introduced Electrodynamix, a new colour mechanic, new backgrounds, a new auto difficulty, a rainbow trail, a glow feature, four new cubes, two new ships, three new balls, and two new UFOs. It also upgraded Electroman Adventures' difficulty level from Harder to Insane, being one of two updates to change difficulty levels. The other is Update 1.9.


  • New level "Electrodynamix"!
  • New speed mode (slow, normal, fast, very fast).
  • Lots of new art and effects.
  • New unlockable rainbow effect.
  • New unlockable icons, ships, gravity balls, and UFOs.
  • New colour.
  • Performance improvements.
  • New search filters to make finding maps easier.
  • New map packs.
  • Option to allow other users to copy your online levels (for remixing and sharing levels).
  • New tab system for faster building in editor.
  • Lots of other improvements, tweaks and bug fixes!


  • Bugfixes and tweaks.

Geometry Dash Lite introductions

On 28th May 2014, Geometry Dash Lite was updated to 1.7 with the following:

  • New level "Can't Let Go"!
  • New achievements and rewards!
  • Bug fixes and tweaks.


  • There is a reverse 2x speed portal coloured orange in one of the pictures. However, such a portal does not exist in the game; it may be an earlier design for the slow speed portal.
  • This update introduces the normal speed and slow speed portals to the level editor, though they did not make an appearance to Electrodynamix, instead their formal appearance was in Hexagon Force, which was added as part of Update 1.8.
  • There is a ball in the second preview that did not make it in the game.
    • Also in the second preview, the Demolicious! icon does not accurately resemble what it looks like currently.

Sneak peek


Geometry Dash - Update 1.7 Sneak Peek