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New level, Fingerdash

Update 2.1 is the eleventh official update to Geometry Dash. It was released on 16 January 2017 for Steam, and on 18 January for iOS, Android and Amazon. This update introduced one new main level, Fingerdash, the spider form, new jump rings, dash rings, custom gameplay rings, red jump pad, a red 4x speed portal, 2 new shops, 2 new vaults (Vault of Secrets and Chamber of Time), daily rewards, shards (fire, ice, poison, shadow and lava), lots of new editor features, mana orbs, diamonds, vault keys, five demon difficulties, the epic ranking, Gauntlets, Hall of Fame, quests, daily levels, death effects, more commenting features, options, optimizations, many new icons, colours, and many more features and secrets.


  • New Main Level, "Fingerdash".
  • Spider Gamemode.
  • 44 new cubes!
  • 10 new ships!
  • 11 new balls!
  • 10 new UFOs!
  • 10 new waves!
  • 11 new robots!
  • Many new gameplay objects.
  • Many new triggers.
  • Collect new rewards!
  • Quests.
  • The Daily Level.
  • Tons of new art.
  • A lot of Editor improvements.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Two new Vaults.
  • Unlisted option for user levels (bugged).
  • Twitch and Twitter links for your account.
  • Rated Levels can now be ranked as "Epic".
  • The Hall of Fame.
  • New settings.
    • Low-Detail Mode.
  • Death Effects
  • The Lost Gauntlets
  • Diamonds and Mana Orbs.
  • Demon Sub-Ratings


  • Geometry Dash is now available on IPhone X.
  • New Icons and Effects.
    • Community-Made icons.
  • The Community Shop.
  • Weekly Demons.
  • Folders and level sorting.
  • New Demon Chests that cost 5 Demon Keys.
  • Level Leaderboards based on %.
  • Levels can be "Favorited".
  • 3 new Gauntlets.
    • Crystal Gauntlet.
    • Doom Gauntlet.
    • Spike Gauntlet.
  • Bugfixes & Tweaks.
  • Moderators have a badge next to their name.
  • Improved comment system for User Levels.
    • You can view a user's comments from their Account.
    • Fixed unlisted levels not showing up in the "My Levels" tab.

Geometry Dash Lite introductions[]

On 5 January 2016, Geometry Dash Lite was updated to 2.1 with the following:

On 21 December 2016, Geometry Dash Lite was updated to 2.11 with the following:

  • New Level "Clutterfunk"!
  • New Achievements and rewards!
  • Bugfixes and tweaks.

On 22 November 2017, Geometry Dash Lite was updated to 2.12 with the following:

  • iPhone X support!
  • New level "Theory of Everything"!
  • New achievements and unlocks!
  • Bugfixes and tweaks!
  • New UFO gamemode!


  • In 2.0, the "Coming Soon" information displayed text reading "Just don't scroll too far, there is a darkness coming." In 2.1, the same text reads "The darkness lingers. Be careful who you trust..."
    • This likely relates to the "Invasion" and The Creature (possibly the Demon Guardian) that lingers in the basement of the Vault of Secrets.
  • The icons that are featured in the second sneak peek picture are only 2 of the many icons that can be unlocked in Geometry Dash Meltdown. This is related to an upcoming feature in which Meltdown icons can be synced to the full version with a player's account.
  • Update 2.1 has the second most sneak peeks out of any other update so far, as Update 2.2 has since surpassed 2.1 with at least 10 sneak peeks.
  • Update 2.1 currently has the longest amount of time between two update teasers. The time between the second 2.1 WIP image (29th October, 2015) and the 2.1 song hint (2nd January, 2016) was over two months.
    • This might be due to the release of the "secret project (i.e. Geometry Dash Meltdown)" and Geometry Dash Meltdown being released between these two dates (19th December, 2015).
  • RobTop stated before 2.0 that he would focus on making future updates only take 1-2 months. However, Update 2.1 released over a year after Update 2.0 was released on the 26th August 2015, giving it the second longest development time out of any other released update, only surpassed by Update 2.2, which took just under 7 years.
    • The delay of 2.1 was likely due to the release of Geometry Dash Meltdown and Geometry Dash World in between the two.
  • Update 2.1 is the third consecutive update to feature a new game mode, with Update 1.9 introducing the wave, Update 2.0 introducing the robot and Update 2.2 featuring the swing.
  • Update 2.1 contains the most new gameplay elements (rings, pads and a new gamemode).
  • In Geometry Dash World, it was first discovered that the dash rings would have a different shape that was more arrow-like than in the sneak peek. The red dash ring would also be colored pink. This was applied to the actual update.
  • Both the "Geometry Dash Spider" and "Small lava test" videos on RobTopGames' YouTube channel are unlisted.
  • The lava blocks from the second and fourth WIP image are different than the lava blocks from the sneak peek. This could be because RobTop re-designed some art he was not satisfied with, as stated by him previously.
  • In the "Small lava test" video, the new icon (Uber Hacker) is a fanmade icon that was carried over from the Purpura Texture Pack made by Jeyzor.
  • 2016 is the first year where no updates to Geometry Dash were released.
  • Update 2.1 has introduced the most vaults and rings out of any update.
  • The flame while using a Dash Orb originally used the texture for one of the fireballs. (The one the bat shoots out in the start of Fingerdash).
  • Similarly, the spider used to use the animation for normal teleportation portals.



  • 26th May: RobTop makes his first mention of on TouchArcade, saying "I wanted to mix up the art style a bit, keep things fresh. More craziness in 2.1!". Because of this statement, it is assumed that there will be new decorations and blocks.

  • 22nd September: RobTop enters Zobros' stream on and sets up a Q&A.[1] He mentions that a new jump ring will be added, as well as a new anti-cheat system that allows the game to take progress (stars) from the player's stats when they use hacks and cheats to add an unfair advantage in the game.
  • 30th September: RobTop posts the first teaser for the update. The image shows a new four-legged gamemode, resembling a spider. [2]

  • 29th October: RobTop posts the second 2.1 teaser picture on Twitter. It shows two new icons (which are unlockable in Geometry Dash Meltdown) and new volcanic blocks.

  • 9th November: RobTop replies to a question on TouchArcade, stating that there will not be a demon-rated level in 2.1. He also says he will try to release 2.1 before the end of 2015.
  • 13th November: RobTop enters dak2014's stream on Twitch and initiated a "Questions and Answers" activity. He says that a secret project (Geometry Dash Meltdown) will come out before 2.1, and he hopes that they will both come out before Christmas. He also mentions that 2.1 will not be a big update. Additionally, he states that a few of the new features of 2.1 will be a new gamemode, a new gameplay ring (previously stated on September 22nd), a new level with new music by a new composer, bug fixes, and small extra features.[3]

  • 1st December: RobTop states in an unknown Twitch user's chat that the new secret project (Geometry Dash Meltdown) will contain icons transferable to Geometry Dash by the press of a button. However, Geometry Dash-exclusive icons can not be transferred to the new app.
  • 16th December: In Cyclic98's Twitch stream, RobTop mentions that the 2.1 song teaser will be released after Geometry Dash Meltdown comes out.

  • 2016

    • 2nd January: RobTop posts the third 2.1 teaser on Twitter and Facebook, which hints the soundtrack for the new level. The teaser depicts a gray Mario sprite and a gray Donkey Kong sprite. On the right, the teaser shows an orange outline of an index finger pointing up and a radioactive symbol. Based on this, it is assumed, and confirmed on April 16, 2016, that the song is Fingerbang by MDK.
    • 5th January: 2.1 was added to Geometry Dash Lite with a new level, xStep.
    • 27th January: RobTop says on TouchArcade that a new vault will be added in 2.1. He also says that there will be two types of rotation for the rotation trigger: to spin around an axis or to spin around the target.

  • 4th February: RobTopGames posts the fourth 2.1 teaser on Twitter, Facebook and TouchArcade, and says that the 2.1 level sneak peek is almost ready. The image showcases a bat/dragon-like monster (which could be new "monsters", and be a threat to the player) a new background, a new waterfall decoration, new stone blocks and a new blue diamond decoration, which could have some gameplay function. RobTop also apologizes on Facebook for being a bit slow.
  • 9th February: On Krazyman50's stream on Twitch, RobTop provides a link to a picture of the 2.1 level editor. The picture displays a new interface for selecting colours, using three bars for hue, darkness, and brightness of the colour. also mentions the possibility of a new rating system, where each level is rated on 1 to 10 out of different categories. He states: "In a new rating system you would have rating scores for different areas. So 1-10 for visual, 1-10 for gameplay, etc." He also confirms that the new blue diamond shown in the last teaser will have some gameplay function and will not be just a decoration.
  • 21st February: RobTop uploads "Fireballs?" on his YouTube account, which shows off more new upcoming features from this update. The first of many features depicts rotating fireballs around a block, confirming that there will be a rotation trigger in 2.1. Then there is the bat/dragon-like monster, which is animated and shoots a fireball from its mouth horizontally. After that is an animated waterfall, followed by an invisible outline of a square. Next is another bat/dragon-like monster, which is animated and is seen shooting a fireball from its mouth diagonally. A new dark purple-coloured portal is seen next, which is likely the portal for the new spider gamemode. A new ground and a new background are also seen, and new rock decorations as well as particle decorations that are scattered throughout the level, hinting at a new particle editor (something that RobTop mentioned previously). Finally, an image of what likely could be the new vault appears. The new music that could be for the new vault plays throughout the whole video and is not the level's song, as the music continues after the gameplay.
  • 28th February: On Xaro's Twitch Stream, RobTop states that there will be exactly 3 new jump rings in 2.1. Two have gameplay functions (like all pre-2.1 rings), and one is a custom ring. He also explains that jump rings like "kill rings" will be possible, as the custom ring works like a trigger.

  • 4th March: During GDSkitten's stream on Twitch, RobTop shares more insight on what 2.1 will bring, sharing how you can control the animation of some monsters, and tells about a possible "touch" and "count" trigger. He also mentions a possible collision trigger, saying that the player could shoot objects, but probably will not be included with 2.1 - maybe 2.2. Lastly, he says that Geometry Dash Meltdown will be updated after 2.1 with a new level, and a new collaboration system could be implemented after that as well.
  • 16th March: RobTop confirms that the new indigo coloured portal at the end of the Fireballs? video is for the new "spider" gamemode.
  • 24th March, 2016: After entering GironDavid's stream on Twitch, RobTop mentions 4 new rings, and that one will be a custom trigger ring. He also states that there are possibilities for a new challenge mode, and the reason why 2.1 got delayed was because he had to remake some features since he did not like the way they looked. He continues to say that the new "spider" gamemode is finished (confirming it will be called "spider mode"). RobTop goes into detail about the rings, stating that one of the rings is a variation of a current ring, not the green one, and that one ring will work like a "toggle" trigger if tapped. He restates that the other two rings are gameplay balls.
    • Later, RobTop enters Riot's stream and mentions that there will be a sneak peak. He also mentions making extensions to the featured section. There will be a 2.1 daily feature, and there will be a special featured spot for the level that gets featured. He says that the level must be rated and that if completed on that day, diamonds would be awarded, which unlock icons and achievements. RobTop finally says there will also be three new skins for keys.
  • 30th March: On GuitarHeroStyles' Twitch stream, RobTop posts a link to an image depicting a pink fire-like trail around the player. He also mentions he may raise the object limit to 35k (by 5k). Later, on TouchArcade RobTop mentions that the sneak peak is soon to come and that he is working as fast as he can on the update. He also mentions that the level will not be named after the song Fingerbang, that you can change the colour of the fireballs, and that the custom trigger ring is just like the triggers we already have, but they need a jump ring for activation. It is mentioned that the epic colour is being added, but it is tricky (implying it will take time), that he will consider a favourite level list, and that he might do a shorter sneak peak of the level, and then make another video showing off the spider. He also says in a private conversation during GuitarHeroStyles' stream that "Live multiplayer" may not be added.

  • 6th April: On Xaro's Twitch stream RobTop says that he has added a new "auto-building" system for the new stone blocks since they can be pretty complicated to build. He mentions that the sneak peek is getting close and that the new rings will be revealed in the sneak peek. He also says that there might be different ways to earn diamonds besides the daily featured level.
    • Later, on RioT's stream, RobTop mentions that there will be a block that the wave can slide on, and visual lines in the editor that show when an effect ends, that the art has been tweaked a lot, the sneak peak is very original and different from the "Fireballs?" video, and that there may be a new system in which you can add your own art. This system will require verification as photos added into the game must be appropriate. Afterwards, RobTop says the fireball is a gameplay effect.
  • 9th April: In ASonicMen's Twitch stream, RobTop states that he has made a function where when pressed, it automatically changes the group of an object(s) to the next free group. He then goes onto TouchArcade and informs that there will be no option to cut or crop songs in 2.1, but maybe in the future. Later on, he joins Manix648's stream and says that object limit hacks will no longer work in 2.1 and the object limit has been raised to 40k.
  • 10th April: In Sandstorm's Twitch stream, RobTop says that will have achievements for 8 and 9 star levels, that there will be new demon packs (possibly before 2.1), that the new level will have around 12 stars, that there will be more icons for beating online levels, possible emotes for the comment section, and a top comment sorting option. He also says that all verify hacks, object limit hacks, etc. will be banned in 2.1 and that there will be new user coin achievements. RobTop also stated that he will not be working on any more ports to other operating systems for Geometry Dash, he referred it as "a lot of boring work."
  • 13th April: On Mazl's Twitch stream, RobTop explains how a challenge mode could work if implemented. He says that one player would challenge another on a randomly selected level with a chosen amount of stars. The player who beats the level in the least attempts, or gets the most percentage in a set amount of attempts is the winner. By winning, you climb the "global ladder" and gain a rank. He also said that there may be unlockable practice songs in 2.1.
  • 14th April: On Riot's Twitch stream, RobTop says there may be a challenge mode, and that he indeed explained it the day before. He also confirms mini icon customization. He also says that he is working on the sneak peek, and that it is very close.
    • Later, on an unknown Twitch stream, RobTop confirms that one of the new rings added will kill the player.
  • 16th April: RobTop releases a sneak peek, confirming the song as Fingerbang by MDK. It showcases 3 new rings — a dark gray one, (which acts like the blue ring but does not switch the player's gravity), a triangular lime one (which may force the player along the lime trail for as long as they hold down) and a triangular red one (which forces the player forward so long as they hold down and then switches the player's gravity). The red ring may create a grayscale effect which turns everything on the screen (the player included) to black and white for a split-second, but this could just be a colour change or a new color trigger. There are decorational signs showing different icons. It showcases the new "spider" game mode, which appears to act as a ball, but with instant teleportation which appears to flash upon touch. The sneak peek also shows a new red jump pad which acts similar to the pink and yellow jump pads, but with a larger boost (around 6-7 blocks). It shows new decor such as blocks and signs, a new cube icon and a new shake effect. It has an extension to the animated dragons added in 2.0, showing one with its mouth wide open, and the other one with fire coming out (unlike the default movements, where the dragons just open and close their mouth repeatedly). It also showcases the new rotation trigger and the new monster manipulation mechanic. There is a new laser beam hazard that is made of zig-zags. It has actual lava seen rising, which isn't the 2.0 water decoration as a red/orange color. The black bat/monster hybrid is featured too. Once putting the trailer in higher quality, it appears that the spikes in the rocks appear to shine since the particles from the rocks go down the edge of the spike. Finally, around some blocks, there are small, white "star" shaped particles that have an animation. The animation has 4 white triangular beams that separate in different directions and dissolve, and then the animation starts over in the center where the 4 beams moved from before.
    • He later enters TouchArcade and posts another preview picture, depicting the ball vs. spider movement. It shows some new art for the buttons, and some new buttons such as 'Copy Values', 'Edit Special', 'Paste State' and 'Go To Layer', plus a button with the picture of the background, ground, etc. 'triggers'. These buttons appear to be more Boomlings style - almost resembling the buttons at the bottom of the screen (Rotate, Swipe, etc.)
    • Later, on Mazl's Twitch stream, RobTop announces some of the new features in 2.1. First, he says that the new level editor object limit in 2.1 has been raised to 40,000 objects. Second, he states that he might raise the custom object limit. Third, he says that he has added an option in the level editor called the "swipe cycle select mode" wherein if you have swipe disabled and tap on a group of objects multiple times, it will cycle what objects are selected. Fourth, he says that there is a new option called "editor hold to swipe" which is mostly for mobile, wherein when not in swipe mode, if you press and hold for a small time, an indicator will show that swipe mode has been activated, and it will now act as if swipe mode is enabled. Finally, he explains how the dash ring works, stating "It goes as long as you hold."
  • 17th April: On Riot's stream RobTop posts a link to a video showing off blue dash rings, the spider, and a new icon that resembles the 60 user coins icon. The video is assumed to be "for spider haters" showing how the spider is different than the ball, because at the end of the test level in the video RobTop has text saying "Do that with the ball..." followed by "Kappa". RobTop also says that there will be a secondary object limit of 80k, but it will have a warning icon. He also says it will depend on the amount of RAM the game is using.
    • The video also confirms that the new dash rings can be used diagonally (possibly by rotation).
    • The dash rings shown in the video are a different color than the ones shown in the sneak peek.
    • The video was also posted on RobTop's Twitter account on the same day. See post
    • He states that the game is much more optimized now, and low-end devices will have less lag in levels with many moving objects. RobTop has added another low detail mode that will be in settings.
  • 19th April: On Pasiblitz's stream RobTop says that the shaking trigger will contain 3 inputs: shake strength, interval and duration. He also mentions about tags and warnings, which will be implemented in 2.2.
  • 23rd April: On ViprinZ's stream, RobTop says that he may look into adding a toggle effect to make the ground transparent. He also says he will look into texture pack support, and that the new level may be 13 stars. Later, he says that he will try to add new trails and that 2.1 has a lot more secrets than 2.0.
  • 24th April: On Krazyman50's stream, RobTop shows various ways that the new "count" trigger can be used. He says that creators will be able to have a live counter label that shows how many objects are in a level, and that he won't limit 80K objects, but levels with 40K objects and above will have warnings and are less likely to be ranked. He refers to a new demon to be released in 2.2 or 2.3, proving that the new level won't be rated demon. He also says that he added a crazy amount of icons and unlocks and provides a new icon image. You can see it in this video.
  • 26th April: On Surv's stream, RobTop mentions that there will probably be a new background in 2.1, but he hasn't finished it yet.
  • 27th April: RobTop has uploaded a new icon for 2.1 that appears to be similar to an icon in Boomlings, or the "Ultimate ToE2" icon, and RobTop named it "It's a secret". Later, RobTop said that he added new effects for the spider.
  • 28th April: RobTop replies to a Reddit post stating that there will be a new search filter in 2.1 that lets players search for levels with custom audio that has not been used in a featured level. He said that this could help promote new soundtracks on Newgrounds.

  • 7th May: On Krazyman50's stream, RobTop says that he wants to add a new 'creator of the week' page with rewards, and also that he wants to do some events after 2.1.
    • On Skitten's stream, RobTop states that multiplayer is not going to be added in 2.1, but the challenge mode has a similar concept. RobTop states that there are new triggers for creators to experiment and have fun with.
  • 20th May: On Skitten's stream RobTop says that there is a new currency so you don't have to unlock all icons with achievements. This currency can be gained by playing levels. He also says he could be adding even more links on the profile page, and includes a strawpoll
    • In GuitarHeroStyles' video, RobTop shows up in a couple of screenshots, mentioning his work plan. He states that 2.1 will contain the same feature system, and that 2.2 will have an upgraded one. He shares his ideas for a Geometry Dash related project with a plan where free players can play custom levels. However, there is a limit to how many attempts they can make (similar to how there are limited moves in the game Candy Crush Saga). Watching advertisements can help gain more attempts.
  • 21st May: On Riot's stream, RobTop confirms that he may add an update dedicated towards verification requirements for rated levels to prevent secret ways and free stars, although he doesn't want to limit freedom. He also says that he may allow users to choose which vehicles they want a glow effect on in the future after Riot asks on his stream.

  • 5th June: RobTop confirms that the currency for the new shop has not been decided yet. He also confirms that it won't be diamonds or secret coins since they have been already added.
  • 11th June: RobTop states that the spawn trigger will be much more important in 2.1 than it is now. He says lag for moving objects has been reduced. There is a new level editor feature being added which will make creating effects much quicker. For example, if an object is supposed to do something which a trigger makes it do, the player can copy and paste the object and its triggers. The new set will have the object with a new group ID and the triggers updated corresponding to the object's group. Objects can also now be aligned vertically and horizontally. It has been confirmed that the object limit has been increased to 40,000/80,000. RobTop has added new glow objects for slopes. RobTop talks about the new future currency and shop. He says that a user level will reward a certain amount of the currency based on how many stars it has. For example, 5 stars give 100 and demons give 500. The percentage received on that level decides how much the player gets. 10% of the level gives 10% of the currency and so forth. Upon level completion, the player is rewarded 50% more of the currency. He finally says that bugs have been and are being fixed.
  • 16th June: RobTop says that he added a new trigger called "follow player" which can be set so that a selected group follows the player at a specified speed and how often the selected group checks where the player is. The new trigger can assist with the creation of boss fights. He also intends to test a new swing copter mode for future updates sometimes. He will add it if he likes it. RobTop has added lots of new colors and trails. There are going to be new layers for the level editor which he says creators will love. He finally says that he came up with a new idea for icon customization, but it may be added in 2.2.

  • 10th July: On Surv's stream, RobTop states that 2.1 has mini icons. He also states that twitch and twitter button have been added, and that there are two special blocks. One is a special block on which the wave may slide so as to make transitions friendlier, and the other is a block which disables jumping when holding in order to offer better gameplay experience.

  • 2nd August: On Surv's stream, RobTop confirms there will not be a multiplayer mode where players can see every other player. He also says there will be a challenge mode. RobTop confirms there will be a button on the front of level pages that says "low detail", meaning if the player marks the button, the level will load with less objects, and it can be assumed that the deletion of the level is required to revert it into Normal Detail Mode. In levels, creators can mark certain objects low detail, or leave them as high detail. RobTop says the start position feature in the Level Editor will have an option to turn off the attempt count display in 2.1. He also mentions that moving objects have been optimized to reduce lag, and practice mode checkpoints have the option to spawn much more frequently. Lastly, RobTop says there will not be any more teaser videos before 2.1. He may be referring to video previews and teasers (like the 30 second preview of Fingerbang), and will not be posting them anymore, or that he will stop entering streams and giving spoilers altogether.
  • 14th August: In Suomi's latest video, RobTop explains how creator points are earned in the collab system that may be in 2.2. He says that he will make object limit hack changes official. He confirms that demon coins are not in 2.1, and custom key bindings in the editor are confirmed to be added in the future.
  • 16th August: In AgentJDN's video, RobTop mentions on InfernoGaming62's stream that in-app purchases will not be used for the Shop. He also mentions that Lite and other free versions of the game now lets players earn currency by watching ads. Three days later, AgentJDN tweets another screenshot of RobTop describing Challenge Mode as being similar to Jobet's multiplayer concept video but without the ability to see other players on-screen.

  • 11th October: After a long absence from RobTop, GuitarHeroStyles uploads a video explaining new features including: epic level rating (Where a level receives a burning ring around the difficulty, and the creator receives an extra creator point; RobTop confirms the new free app will only allow searching of epic levels), chests as a "fun bonus" received every 4 (up to 24) hours, and distributing diamonds, shards, and rewards.
    • He also gives the community a choice to make a new demon icon, which represents an extremely diffcult level.
  • 16th October: RobTop enters Surv's stream and posts the link that leads to another unlisted video called "Small lava test". It showcases a new icon, new animated lava decoration & laser animation, and features a new death effect. In one of Surv's streams RobTop confirms that there will be around 8 or 9 unlockable death effects. By looking closely, you are also able to spot a glowing ring on the bat in the teaser. GuitarHeroStyles shares more info about the update with this video, explaining about unlockable death animations, the confirmation about the shop & its currency, the chance to change your username once a week and new ways to unlock icons.
  • 29th October: GuitarHeroStyles uploads another video only explaining about the update's potential release date. There are pictures showing RobTop's objective for 2.1, where he wants to update it before December, and says he will be happier if he can release it by mid-November. Later the video explains that RobTop would like to update Meltdown, Lite, and release the new free game before December as well.
  • 30th October: Geometry Dash SUOMI posts another video, in which RobTop confirms that Easy, Normal and Hard demon icons have been added in 2.1, a negative toggle can be added for triggers, and a "follow player Y" trigger which lets players make bossfights that chase the player with delays is now available. The comments system has also been improved upon. Comments now include a new percentage and the player's icon. The player can now sort the comments by likes. Players can now refresh the comments section. RobTop also confirms there are a lot more spiders in the update. He also states that he will add an epilepsy warning to some levels (mostly Nine Circles levels) and a special low-detail mode that removes all particles.
    • There is also a new "secretKey" on the Boomlings site, showing the Keymaster's face on the key. In the actual update, this key can be used to unlock chests in the Treasure Room.

  • 7th November: GuitarHeroStyles uploads another video. On RobTop's in-game status, he says "Are you prepared for the "Gauntlets?" I think not... :D". This was later revealed to be "The Lost Gauntlets" when the update was released.
  • 22nd November: Three new images have been added to the boomlings site, where the first image "thing" showcases a new futuristic ship. There is another image named "thing2", which shows a new icon. This icon also appears to have a gradient. The third image, showing a UFO with a cat-like face named "thing3".

  • 5th December: In SUOMI's latest video, RobTop mentions about 2.1 being out in a few days. He then posts three more new images added to the Boomlings site, "thing4" and "thing5" which are new icons, and "thing6" which showcases what appears to be three colored keys and demon eyes. It was later revealed to be the "Basement" in 2.1.
  • 21st December: The "free version" of Geometry Dash, Geometry Dash World, is released on iOS. A few days later, it was released on Android. During the time of the update, streamer Aurorus uses an exploit to get early access to the 2.1 editor in World which is normally locked in-game. With the exploit, it was revealed there will be a new speed portal, more tilesets than what was actually shown in the sneakpeek, and the name of the new level will be Fingerdash.
    • A few days later, hackers found a way to unlock everything in the game, which included the entire Fingerdash level in its development stage, Hall of Fame, The Lost Gauntlets, The Chamber of Time, the 2.1 editor, and all icons normally not accessible in GDW. RobTop later disabled the Lost Gauntlets temporarily.

  • 2017

    • 9th January: In TrusTa's stream, RobTop mentions that he has reenabled save and load in GDW, which later allowed players to sync their current Geometry Dash World data to the full version of GD in 2.1.
    • 16th January: RobTop enters Surv's stream and posts in Spanish that "The chicken is ready" as well that 2.1 has been submitted to Steam, Android & for review in Apple store. At 6:30 PST, Geometry Dash 2.1 was released to the public (Steam only), with a bugfix following 2 hours after.
      • Later, RobTop enters Satcho's stream and he confirmed 20 new icons unlockable from the Shop in a future update.
    • 17th January: 2.1 is released for Steam.
    • 18th January: 2.1 is released for IOS, Android and Amazon.

  • 5th February: The Fire and Ice Gauntlets were released.
  • 6th February: The Poison and Shadow Gauntlets were released.
  • 7th February: The Lava and Bonus Gauntlets were released.
  • 8th February: The Chaos and Demon Gauntlets were released.
  • 10th Februrary: RobTop has tallied out demon ratings for all custom demon levels. Demons will now have appropriate ratings.

  • 21st May: Robtop announces on Knobbleboy's stream that 2.11 is almost ready.

  • 4th June: Etzer releases the Icon Contest results. It was confirmed that the 1st place entries will be added in the Community Shop in 2.11. Eventually, The Bonus Winners and Robtop's Pick joined in on that update.
  • 16th June: In SUOMI's video, RobTop has plans for more Gauntlets in 2.11. He also mentions that 2.11 will re-enable high-quality textures (for Steam users), and a new "Favorites" folder where players can sort their favorite levels. In response to the abuse of dislike/like/download/rate bots, RobTop has confirmed a new anti-bot system for 2.11.

  • 8th August: RobTop comments on daily levels stating that Update 2.11 will have more stuff to buy in the shops, and more treasures in the Treasure Room.

  • 23rd September: Partition posts a video showing how the LDM button works.
  • 29th September: RobTop comments on the daily level with the following: "Yes, Scratch will restock in 2.11 :)"

  • 4th October: RobTop shares links to 3 images of new icons (Which can be seen below) in the daily level.
  • 12th October: RobTop announces that in 2.11, new types of Moderators known as Elder Mods will be available, and they will have more power than regular Moderators, hinting that players can now Star Rate, Feature, and verify Coin Levels. (Proof needed)
  • 27th October: Viprin tweets, "All community icons will be in 2.11. Total cost: 400,000 mana orbs."

  • 4th November: Viprin reveals 4 new images (seen below) for 2.2/2.11 icons on Twitter 3 block icons and 1 spider icon.
  • 7th November: RobTop goes on EricVanWilderman's stream and talks about 2.11. He says that 2.11 is done and still checking for bugs.
  • 12th November: RobTop says that 2.11 is 100% finished and that it should be uploaded to steam today and android later. Later on this day, 2.11 is released for steam and RobTop comments on the daily level: “2.11 on mobile soon. Relax (;”
  • 15th November: 2.11 is released for Android.
  • 16th November: 2.11 is released on iOS.
  • 18th November: The Doom Gauntlet was released.

  • 28th December: The Magic and Spike Gauntlets were released.

  • 2018



    • 28th March: The Time Gauntlet was released.

    Sneak peeks[]