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This article contains information about content which has recently been released. Help by clarifying known information and removing any that turned out to be speculation.

New level, Dash


Postponed level, Explorers


New level, The Tower


New level, The Sewers


New level, The Cellar


New level, The Secret Hollow

Update 2.2 is the twelfth major update to Geometry Dash, released on December 19th 2023 for iOS, Android, and Steam. [Twitter 1][YouTube 1]

The update introduces the main level Dash, the new Swing gamemode, new triggers such as camera controls, post-processing effects for levels, triggers for movement, and more. Additionally, Update 2.2 added platformer levels that allow for free movement, alongside four levels with the type in The Tower. It also added two new shops (the Mechanic and the Diamond Shop), numerous new icons, a second tier of shards, Lists, new icon kit customisation options such as ship trails and animations for certain gamemodes, and the Paths.



  • New "Swing" game mode.[YouTube 2]
  • New level "Dash" that uses an original song by MDK. This was referred to as the "secret song" by RobTop and MDK until its name was revealed.[YouTube 2][YouTube 3][Twitter 2]
    • Another level, Explorers, using the song of the same name by Hinkik, was additionally planned for this update, but has since been postponed until some time after 2.2 due to multiple bugs with the level as stated by Robert Topala in a tweet shortly after the release of 2.2[Discord 1][YouTube 4]
  • More secrets, including a few more codes in the vaults.
  • 2 new shops: the Mechanic, and the Diamond Shop which takes Diamond Shards as currency, which is earned alongside diamonds.
  • A button for multiplayer mode (known as Versus Mode), which allows players to race to complete a level. However, they cannot see each other.[Twitter 3]
    • It has been delayed, but RobTop has said that it's likely to come out in Update 2.21[1]
  • FPS option for Steam (up to 9999 FPS) and fixed mechanics regardless of FPS.
  • More chests of the 1x and 5x key variety in the Treasure Room.
  • New types of chests in the Treasure Room, costing 10, 25, 50 or 100 keys.
  • Treasure Room menu redesign.
  • Free fly mode for limited gamemodes (Ship, Ball, UFO, Wave, Spider, Swing) and the Dual Portal.
    • The option also exists for the Cube and Robot game modes, but will not do anything unless in a Dual.
  • Platformer Mode, which allows the player to move themselves left and right at will instead of automatically moving to the right.
  • Five new gauntlets, the World Gauntlet, the Galaxy Gauntlet, the Universe Gauntlet, the Discord Gauntlet and the Split Gauntlet, with more added overtime.
  • A button for "The Map", which has been postponed to 2.21.
  • A button for Event Levels, which have been postponed to 2.21.
  • Downwards slope sliding over a certain angle inside Platformer Mode.
  • A new green portal that reverses your current gravity.
  • The Spider Pad & Spider Orb, which teleport the player to the closest available platform above/below(depending which way the orb/pad is facing), then switches the player's gravity respectively.
    • It acts very similarly to Spider gameplay.
  • Moons, replacing Stars as the main reward for completing Platformer levels[Twitter 4]
  • Lists, which act somewhat similarly to Map Packs, but any user can create them.[YouTube 2]
    • Developer-approved lists appear on the "Lists" button in the online menu and reward Diamonds for completing a specific number of levels in the list, varying per list.

Editor features

  • 86 new triggers.
  • New "Extras" tab which contains numerous options like Don't fade, Don't Enter, Group Parent, etc.
  • Reverse trigger, which allows the player to go backwards in a level.
  • Camera manipulation triggers: Zoom, Static, Offset, Rotate, Edge, and Guide.
  • Random trigger which activates 2 groups randomly.
    • AdvRand trigger works the same but can activate more groups at a time.
  • End trigger, which ends the level.
  • Options trigger which allows you to set things like Hide P1/P2, Disable BG, etc.
  • Player Control trigger, which controls the player.
  • New area triggers, which change objects in a small area around a specified object.
  • Scale trigger, which scales objects.
  • Gravity trigger, which modifies the strength of gravity applied to the player.
  • Arrow trigger, which allows the player to change the direction of gravity and the direction of movement mid-level.
  • TimeWarp trigger, which changes the speed of the level, not just the speed of player.
  • New screen effects, also known as shaders. These are: Shock Wave, Shock Line, Chromatic, Chromatic Glitch, Pixelate, Lens Circle, Radial Blur, Motion Blur, Bulge, Pinch, Gray Scale, Sepia, Invert Color, Hue, Edit Color and Split Screen.
  • Keyframe system, which allows you to animate groups.
  • An Event-link trigger, which allows you to connect group IDs to different events.
    • Events are player actions like landing, jumping, robot jumping, orb jumps, etc.
    • An event can be linked to a spawn trigger so you can expand it as much as you want. And you can have multiple links for the same event.
  • Object limit set to 40.000, 80.000, and Infinite.
    • Levels with more than 80.000 objects will have a second icon and warning.[confirmation and/or testing needed]
    • Levels have a max upload size to keep levels from being too large.
  • Max groups increased to 9999.
  • A new scale system, adjusting length and width solely.
    • Objects can now be scaled as a whole, or on a specific axis, as well as being able to be stretched and deformed.
  • 39 new backgrounds and 5 more grounds.[YouTube 2]
  • 48 new fonts.
  • A new particle editor.
  • Create loop tool in the menu tab.
  • New interface for spawn triggers, as well as some new options.
  • Over 1000 pixel arts and blocks, as well as new pickup objects.
  • Dynamic height option, which increases building limit in Y axis.
  • Teleportation portals can be separated, thus allowing teleportation by X axis.
  • New "Force Block" that applies force to player when touched.
    • Only moves in Y-axis while in Normal mode, and X-axis as well in Platformer mode.
  • Move triggers now support option to lock camera at X/Y axis.
  • RGB and Hex values for color selection.
  • "Override Count" option for the pickup trigger.
  • "Fade Time" can now be typed in on the alpha trigger.
  • Disable optim" option for the rotate trigger.
    • Collision trigger can now use the player as the ID for Block A/B (Displays as "P")
  • Several new animated objects.
    • New options in the "Edit Special" tab for these objects: randomize start, use speed, animate on trigger, disable delayed loop, disable anim shine, only if active and single frame.
  • F Blocks, which change gravity when "head-hitting" surfaces.
  • Auto-Build system, which automatically places custom designs of given templates.
  • The ability to make transition triggers Touch or Spawn triggered.
  • An SFX trigger to play any downloaded sound effects.
    • The speed, volume, and pitch are able to be edited.
    • A Reverb, Loop, FFT, and Async option are all able to be enabled.

Other features

  • Over 700 new icons, some of which cannot be unlocked until Update 2.21 .
  • Two higher level ratings than 'Epic' which give 4 and 5 Creator Points, termed 'Legendary' and 'Mythic' respectively.
  • Loading animation for levels on the play button.
  • The game is much better optimized and is far smoother in general, especially on mobile devices.
  • 5 new Shards, which are named 'Earth', 'Metal', 'Blood', 'Light' and 'Soul'.
    • The 5 shards named above also have a separate 'Bonus Unlocks' collection, similar to the original 5 shards added in Update 2.1.
  • Custom song IDs are now capped at 15 digits long, even though the longest Newgrounds song ID is 7 digits long and songs from the Music library are only 8 digits long.
  • The "Music Customizer" which allows the player to change the menu and practice music to any song downloaded from Newgrounds or the Music Library, purchasable from the Mechanic for 40,000 Mana Orbs.
  • The "Music Unlocker" which allows the player to use Normal Mode music in sync in Practice Mode, purchasable from the Diamond Shop for 2,000 Diamond Shards.
  • New links in the "Follow RobTopGames" section for Twitch, Discord And Reddit, each rewarding their own icons.
  • Diamond Shards, spendable at the Diamond Shop. They are obtained in tandem with Diamonds.
  • Colorblind support settings, which show small icons on a portals or jump rings that indicate its effects.[Twitter 5]
  • An setting which shows decimals on percentages.


  • Everyplay Support, as this service closed on October 1st 2018.
  • Hall of Fame tab.
  • Game Center button on iOS.
  • Player Glow no longer blends with the Background.


Geometry Dash was updated to 2.201 on Steam on 7 January 2024 with the following:

  • Platformer default sliding changed.
  • More options for sliding in Platformer levels.
  • Coyote time has been added for jumping off platforms in Platformer mode.
  • Practice Mode has been added to Platformer mode.
  • Hitboxes can be shown in practice mode.
  • Profiles now have an additional info popup which displays a list of statistics without rounding.
  • Several items have had their prices adjusted, notably:
    • Music Changer: 100,000 -> 40,000 Mana Orbs
    • Music Unlocker: 5,000 -> 2,000 Diamond Shards
    • Paths: 50,000 -> 25,000 Mana Orbs


  • Ability to restrict copying of levels; all levels uploaded in this version and later are free to copy.


Geometry Dash was updated to 2.202 on Steam on 8 January 2024. This update exclusively contained bugfixes.


Geometry Dash was updated to 2.203 on Steam on 11 January 2024 with the following:

  • Added in-depth Demon display on profiles.
  • Added some editor tools: individual object scaling, half grid movement, and falling events
  • Added fast menu (reduced transition times).


  • Reverted ice and air slide in platformer mode to their pre-2.201 settings.


Geometry Dash was updated to 2.204 on Steam on 12 January 2024 with the following:

  • Added borderless fullscreen.
  • Added extra orb frame.
  • Added optional player hitbox view in practice mode.
  • Decreased platformer air friction.


Geometry Dash was updated to 2.205 on iOS and Android on 22 January 2024 with the following:

  • In-depth Stars and Moons display on profile.
  • Ability to move practice mode buttons.
  • Added new Gauntlets.
  • All changes from 2.201-2.204.


Geometry Dash was updated to 2.206 on Steam, iOS and Android on 1 June 2024 with the following:

  • NCS added to Music Library. (1200+ songs)
  • Ignore Damage in editor levels.
  • Hide Level Complete screen option.
  • Back to last checkpoint option on the Practice Complete screen.
  • Estimated completion time for Platformer levels.
  • The Secret Hollow's Boss now takes 10 hits to defeat, rather than 14.
  • Windows: Improved performance (64-bit).
  • Mac: Fixed launch and performance issues.

Geometry Dash Lite introductions

On 21 December 2017, Geometry Dash Lite was updated to 2.2 with the following:

  • New level "Electroman Adventures"!
  • Bug Fixes and tweaks
  • New color system
    • Removed the "record" button from pause menu.

On 27 May 2022, Geometry Dash Lite was updated to 2.21 with the following:

On 26 June 2022, Geometry Dash Lite was updated to 2.21.3 with the following:

On 5 April 2024, Geometry Dash Lite was updated to 2.21.4 with the following:


  • Update 2.2 has had the longest wait of any Geometry Dash update, at 6 years, 11 months, & 3 days (2528 days), or about 6 years & 1 month (2220 days) if Updates 2.1 and 2.11 are considered separate.
    • On 14 August 2021 the first official sneak peek for Update 2.2 was posted, marking the record longest wait for a sneak peek at 1670 days (over four and a half years).
    • Upon the release of 2.2 on December 20, 2023, two-thirds of the game's entire existence had been spent in Update 2.1 and without major updates.
    • As of April 30, 2022, this includes the release of Geometry Dash SubZero, meaning that Geometry Dash as a franchise had gone half of its existence without any official content updates whatsoever.
  • Update 2.2 has had the most sneak peeks and teasers uploaded to YouTube, with 12 in total (or 13 if the Geometry Dash 10-Year Anniversary is counted).
  • Update 2.2 was originally going to be a small update, but RobTop stated that "the update grew bigger as time went on".[verification needed]
    • Update 2.11 was originally meant to be a small "pre-update" that 2.2 would release not long after, but it remained the latest update for over six years.
  • Update 2.2 has had many previous planned release dates. Initially, it was planned to release for both Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World before Christmas 2020, alongside another standalone expansion. RobTop additionally planned to release the update before the end of 2022.[Discord 2] This was further adjusted to being sometime in the first half of 2023, and then to the second half. Geometry Dash was also removed from the Google Play Store during this period due to its current version being too old, putting even more pressure on RobTop to release the update.
    • RobTop additionally mentioned before that he would focus on releasing the update after its third sneak peek. After the fourth sneak peek for the update, Update 2.2 was officially announced to have a planned release date of October 2023, which would later be pushed to November 2023. Then, it was told it might release in December 2023 due to review approval delays. It ended up releasing on December 19th, 2023.
  • RobTop started to reveal plans for 2.2 before 2.1 was even released, when he teased the new camera controls.
    • He also has done this for Update 2.3 during 2.2's development, teasing another new gamemode.
  • Update 2.2 is the fourth consecutive update to feature a new game mode.
    • If the jetpack is considered a distinct gamemode from the ship, it is the first update to feature two new gamemodes.
  • Update 2.2 is the biggest and probably heaviest update to Geometry Dash so far. Its size is around 150 megabytes, which makes it the biggest update in size. This is speculated to be a cause for the recent save issues.
  • The images used to announce icon contest winners feature several Easter Eggs referencing the Geometry Dash community, including:
    • A number of famous creators and streamers represented by their icons, such as Juniper, Technical, AmorAltra, AeonAir, Viprin, and more.
    • A sign labelled "PP" in the first results image, a reference to the level PP by AmorAltra.
    • A building covered in yellow hexagons with faces in the first image, referencing C.S.Q.N. by Bluskys, but also B by MotleyOrc and ScorchVX
    • A red circle character in the second results image resembling the character Jeremy from the level Your Brain on Drugs by Jayuff.
    • A blue and white cube (Rafer) fishing a grey and red cube (Alkali) out of the water in the second image, a reference to the animations made for Rafer's levels In Silico and Sky Tower.
    • A computer with a green smiley face in the second image, most likely a reference to Computer Talk by 1374.
    • Knots and Xender Game's original characters having a picnic in the second image, potentially referencing their collaboration Dream Flower.
    • A volcano in the third image, representing Magma Bound by ScorchVX.
    • The 3D-like wave from the level HOW by Spu7nix in the third image.
    • The large lava monster from SLAM by Rafer in the third image.
    • Multiple large characters in the background of the fourth image, referencing popular boss levels such as CastleMania, The Mayhem War, Better Than Reality, and Ultra Violence.
    • One of the penguins and a slime from Mastergame by Serponge in the fourth image.
  • Before the update's release, several modified versions of Geometry Dash spinoff games were created that allowed using new editor features. Topala himself has acknowledged these, calling them "a really old version" that he doesn't mind. Additionally, he has found levels created with them useful in fixing bugs and gameplay issues.[Discord 3]
  • This is the update with the most minor updates after its release, that being versions 2.201, 2.202, 2.203, 2.204, 2.205, 2.206, and 2.21.
  • Despite the Swing and Wave forms not being accessible through platformer, RobTop confirmed that they will be added in 2.3, but he does have better plans for them.



  • 24 June: RobTop reveals plans to add a trigger that will allow players to manipulate the camera angle.


  • 8 February: Viprin, Etzer, and Michigun announced an icon contest in collaboration with RobTop in which the 10 winners of the respective categories of the contest would get their submissions put into Update 2.2. 1st Place winners got their submissions put into Update 2.11. The rest will be added in future updates.

  • 8 March: RobTop releases the first teaser image of Update 2.2, showcasing a new game mode.

  • 20th July: RobTop replies to AdvyStyle's comment on Twitter, showing a new comment system.
  • 22nd July: RobTop comments on the respective daily level with the following:
    • "Hmm 2.2 info... Well one thing is it will be out pretty quick after 2.11, that's good."
    • "Secret: In 2.2 I am testing the idea of flymodes without roof or floor, so you have no limits."
  • 23rd July: RobTop comments on the daily level with the following:
    • "Added some more secrets and secret unlocks. eheheheheh."
    • "There is a 'Top Artists' list to help people find custom songs."

  • 19th and 20th August: RobTop comments on the daily level with the following:
    • "@PlatnumGD - I can add a "select All in GroupID" for 2.2."

  • 1st September: RobTop comments on the daily level with the following: "@Ocharius - More options for blocking players, timeouts etc will be added in 2.2 :)"

  • 7th November: RobTop goes on EricVanWilderman's stream and talks about 2.2. He reveals that he may be adding Unlockable Death Sounds and also says Challenge Mode will not yet be featuring Multiplayer capabilities.
  • 21st November: RobTop uploads a video on YouTube about the "Random Trigger".
  • 29th November: RobTop uploads a video on YouTube showcasing a new desert-like background, camera controls and free-flying.

  • 1st December: RobTop uploads another video, showcasing cube direction change.
  • 12th December: RobTop unveils a preview for a new Geometry Dash project titled "Geometry Dash SubZero".[Twitter 6]
  • 21st December: RobTop releases "Geometry Dash SubZero" on iOS and Android, revealing the 2.2 triggers and more. RobTop also comments on how the flip trigger and percentage will work in 2.2 in this forum post:
  • 22 December: 2.2 was added on the lite version of Geometry Dash, with a new level, Electroman Adventures.
  • 23rd December: A hacked Android version of "Geometry Dash SubZero" that allows users to use the 2.2 level editor is released, revealing a reverse trigger, new editor features, and the ability to use Free Fly mode for all game modes. Also, the level copy exploits from GD World now has 2.2 features.
  • 31st December: RobTop comments on the level "Wire Frame" stating that he will add new tools to make using camera triggers easier.


  • 4th January: RobTop comments on the level "Opalescent" saying that he would add new level editor features to make creating easier, since the new camera toggle is hard to control.

  • 2nd February: RobTop comments on the daily level saying that "2.2 is looking good, got nice stuff for everyone :)" and apologizes for being slow. He also confirms that there will be new monsters in 2.2 along with a trigger that stops the player from jumping at any time, also stating that "Challenge Mode > Multiplayer Mode", probably meaning that a Challenge Mode is more likely to come in 2.2 or other future updates than a Multiplayer Mode.
  • 5th February: RobTop again comments on the daily level and gives a small amount of information, saying that "2.2 does not have all 2.2 stuff", suggesting that not all of 2.2's confirmed features have been added yet. He also says that he will probably add a custom art system in the next update after 2.2, also saying that he is 100% planning for 2.3 to be a small update.
  • 6th February: RobTop comments on the daily level for a third time saying that he might add a new level event occurring every 3 days that will only have Insane difficulty levels in a future update.
  • 10th February: RobTop comments on the daily level, Zim by DanZmen, saying "@Robotic24 - [2.2 is] going well. Playing around with code for challenge mode :)"
  • 12th February: RobTop released the fifth teaser which hints the soundtrack for the new level. The teaser depicts a bucket with a Swedish flag in it and the words "I know". On the right, the teaser shows a planet-like symbol along with two other symbols. Based on this, it is assumed that the song is Hinkik - Explorers.
  • 13th February: RobTop comments on the daily level saying that there are numerous features planned for 2.2 that he hasn't mentioned; saying "Multiplayer = Challenge Mode. Don't get any ideas" and that there will "hopefully be an alpha version of challenge mode in 2.2. We will see :)" He also mentions that he is currently programming lots of fun stuff.
  • 14th February: RobTop comments on the daily level saying that he is coding the challenge mode system with chat and thinks it will be fun. He says that challenge mode "can be multiple players, random level, x attempts, lots of settings", also saying that there will be more chests to open in the Treasure Room in 2.2. RobTop also says "@DrFox - if I get challenge mode working it will be huge tbh" and that he will probably remove the Force Smooth Fix option. He also says that Challenge Mode is the same as Multiplayer Mode.
  • 16th February: RobTop again comments on the daily level with info that "Challenge mode coding is going well. Now I have a lobby that friends can join etc. :)" He also says that he has been building a new ban system and that in 2.2 elder mods will be able to comment ban users temporarily for an unspecified amount of time. RobTop also mentions that elder mods can pick a custom comment text color in 2.2 and that he needs to set aside some time to fix the global leaderboards. Hours later RobTop comments on the new daily (Cobalt) saying that multiplayer/challenge mode is going well and that he should have an alpha version ready to be used in 2.2.
  • 18th February: RobTop goes onto Knobbleboy's stream announcing that the new collaboration system will be delayed due to it being a pain to make.
  • 23rd February: RobTop comments on the daily level saying that he has added a song trigger which can skip to different times in songs while playing levels.
  • 25th February: RobTop appears briefly on the daily level "Cold Fire" saying "Dont worry 2.2 is coming, all going well :)"

  • 5th March: RobTop comments on the daily level saying "you better not look for my new vault in 2.2. gonna hide it gooooood Kappa", meaning that there will be a new, fourth Vault in 2.2 and its entrance will be harder to find.
  • 6th March: RobTop comments on the daily level saying "@GDGeeDee - Challenge mode has a kind of online/offline indicator for players. Thats something :|"
  • 10th March: RobTop appears on the Demon List stream and says he is considering adding an official FPS (Frames Per Second) option to the game, which would help ease any potential drama over the current FPS bypass.
  • 11th March: RobTop comments on the daily level saying that all is good with 2.2 and that he is still working with some stuff for the challenge mode. RobTop also says that he has added extra steps to stop users from faking account names, and also changed the way the user search system works. Finally, he says, "Not sure what I am most excited for. All the new stuff will be big for GD tbh."
  • 13th March: RobTop comments on the daily level with a decent amount of info, saying that he is still planning a reward system for challenge mode and that he is still wondering whether a player will only be able to join games with friends or if the player can join any game - RobTop also says that "Could also make it [challenge mode games] by invitation, so you can invite anyone even if they arent a friend", and that the maximum amount of players in a challenge will probably be 10. He also says "@CircleGMD - New gamemode is 100% done" and "There are more chatmods than SirHadoken, but yea more will be added :) Also added some changes :)" RobTop also confirms that the custom art system will probably be in 2.3.
  • 22nd March: RobTop comments on the new daily level saying that he isn't giving any more 2.2 spoilers yet but he is playing with some more ideas. He also says "Working on lots of stuff, today I was drawing icons..."
  • 24th March: RobTop comments on the daily level with: "...2.2 is slow, doing all I can to get it ready :) Sorry to keep everyone waiting :/"
  • 26th March: RobTop comments on the daily level saying "You can use challenge mode in 2.2 as a chatroom if you want", hence confirming a chatroom, and "@MarcoDash - Lots of triggers in 2.2, spicy triggers". He also says that the scale trigger will not be in 2.2 but probably in 2.3. RobTop also reconfirmed the usage of the song/sound trigger with "Sound trigger allows you to skip around in a song. So you can skip boring parts and go to the drop!", also saying "Think you are gonna like the new unlockables in 2.2, lots of things setup :)"
  • 28th March: RobTop comments on the daily level stating: "Nah, you can't change song with song trigger. Too much lag" and "With the song trigger you can place it where you want, and enter milliseconds to skip the song to".

  • 7th April: RobTop tweets a link to an unlisted video called "TimeWarp test" that showcases a new trigger called the "TimeWarp" trigger, which allows the user to manipulate the level speed. This trigger is expected to be used for better sync with the level song.
  • 19th April: The purpose of the 2 triggers of the beta editor of Geometry Dash World/SubZero - whose purpose was unknown before - was leaked by OmegaFalcon.
    • The first trigger turned out to be a 'no jump' trigger, which stops players from jumping when holding unless they stop holding then hold again.[YouTube 5]
    • The second one was a 'don't fade' trigger, which deactivated the object's fade transition effect.[YouTube 6]

  • 27th May: RobTop comments on the daily level that "2.2 has been slow, but it will be pretty big so atleast thats something :)" and "magic section code is secret :) but it seems to work ok".

  • 9th June: RobTop replies to a user on Twitter, saying that he can "increase the limit" for the maximum amount of your custom objects in a future update.[Twitter 7]

  • 13th August: Viprin confirms that a new sneak peek is coming soon.[Twitter 8]
  • 16th August: Viprin says that the difficulty of building Challenge Mode, the upcoming multiplayer mode, is the primary reason for the 2.2 delay.[Twitter 9]

  • 13th October: RobTop replies to GuitarHeroStyles's video on Future Dash's Adventure Mode saying that he could do the same exact thing in the 2.2 editor.[Twitter 10]
    • RobTop also releases a preview on YouTube, showcasing the arrow system to change the direction of the player, as well as a new monster and cube animation.[YouTube 7]
  • 14th October: RobTop replies to Guitar's tweet, confirming that he will add a left-handed option for the newly revealed mode.[Twitter 11]
  • 27th October: RobTop comments on the daily level chat and explains that he is working hard on 2.2 and that there is new content he has yet to reveal.

  • 7th December: RobTop joins ChrisCredible's Twitch Livestream, in which he mentions that, although he is working to release 2.2 before Christmas, such a goal is difficult for him to achieve. Regardless, he agrees to do his best to release it as soon as possible. Some other features he brings up include a revamped scale system, which consists of a scale trigger and the potential option to make an object's size smaller than the current minimum. Additionally, he brings up the possibility of hiring others to help him work on future updates after 2.2. He also explains why the update is taking as long as it is, saying that "it grew too big" and that "some features take way longer than expected". He agrees that updates after 2.2 will most likely be smaller and will take less time.[Twitch 1]
  • 21st December: In the daily chat, RobTop confirms that Challenge Mode will contain a chatroom for players to converse with each other before a match. He also reassures that he is "working non stop on the update".


  • 6th January: RobTop comments on the levels God Eater by Knobbelboy and Beastmode by Pipenashho, bringing up the fact that he plans to have a rating above "epic" in 2.2 that gives the player 4 CP, which he refers to as the "epic+ fire". In addition, he says that the maximum number of groups in 2.2 will be raised to 9999.
  • 23rd January: RobTop comments on the daily level as well as "Worst LvL Ever Made" with a substantial amount of information. He considers naming the new feature rank as "legendary" as opposed to simply "epic+". He jokingly considers adding a "Why did you do this" rating that takes away 1CP. He also comments that 2.2 is "already too much" and will no longer be adding any new features to it, however he is planning to accept suggestions for 2.3. In addition, he explains that the timewarp trigger can decrease the game's speed down to 0.1x or increase it up to 2.0x. He is planning to implement a trigger that hides the ground as well as a gradient ground. He says that the latter could be made into a plain ground if color 1 and color 2 are chosen to be the same.

  • 21st February: RobTop confirms in the daily level chat that the chat in Challenge Mode will be "real-time", implying that it will automatically update without needing to refresh it. However, he clarifies that level comments will not do this.
  • 22nd February: RobTop uploads a new video showcasing the new particle editor for 2.2, which contains a variety of new customization options.
    • In the video, an FPS counter can be found in the top-left corner, which could be evidence of an FPS option in update 2.2. Also, a new object section and the existence of 27 new objects in the animated objects section were revealed.
    • RobTop makes on the same day the platformer mode video public and updates its description, officially referring to the mode by that name. He also clarifies it as a separate mode distinct from normal levels. The timewarp trigger demonstration video was also made public for a while before being unlisted again.

  • 9th March: RobTop comments on the level "shuriken" by Drob3 that 2.2 will have even more gauntlets. He says that they also won't be released at the same time.
  • 10th March: After joining the official Geometry Dash Discord server on the 8th of March, RobTop posts new information on 2.2, including:
    • That there could be a second icon contest after 2.2's release.[Discord 4]
    • New Map Packs will no longer be released because according to RobTop, gauntlets are "more fun".[Discord 5]
    • While there will still be warnings for levels with more than 40000+ objects, the limit for objects in a level will be removed after 80000 objects are used. The reason for the change is because RobTop did not like the idea of using hacks for bypassing the object limit. Infinite object levels will have a warning like the 80000 object warning. He also said that there is a new icon for exceeding 80000 objects in a level.[Discord 6]
    • When levels are played, there will be a loading screen before they load. This was made to let players know that the level is loading, not lagging. There is no loading screen for the editor yet.
    • Teleporting Portals can now be moved on the x-axis in Platformer Mode but not Normal Mode yet.
    • The FPS bypass will be added to the Windows PC version of the game.
      • Humorously, he also states that he might only release 2.2 to iOS/Android only for people to brag about others not having phones for 2.2 (which will not happen).[Discord 7]
  • 15th March: RobTop announced that:
    • Particles are now 70% faster.
    • FPS bypass has a limit of 9999 FPS.
    • The game has now the same mechanics regardless of FPS.
    • He will fix the leaderboards.[Discord 8]
    • Mid-air jumps bug is fixed.
    • Geometry Dash is better optimized in 2.2.[Discord 9]

  • 12th April: RobTop tweets the icons of 30 upcoming gauntlets, all with various themes.

  • 12th May: RobTop uploads an unlisted video called "Uhm..." that reveals the new scale system. It can change a group of objects in different dimensions so that they can be stretched in a variety of ways. He also shows the scale trigger, which can change the dimensions of an object in-level.
    • The new system could potentially include rotating, too, which wasn't shown in the preview, and therefore might not be accurate.
    • There is a new block tab, most likely for all new pixel art blocks.
    • There's also a "create loop" tool that automatically builds spawn triggers, which causes the selected triggers to loop.
  • 13th May: RobTop makes the video public a day after uploading.
  • 24th May: RobTop uploads an unlisted video called "Better random trigger" that shows a new, more advanced random trigger which can have more than 2 groups inputted.
    • When he edits the move trigger, it's also seen that widely requested features, "Lock to camera X" and "Lock to camera Y" have been added.
    • The pause menu also shows new "Slow" and "Normal" buttons, as well as an "Info" checkbox.
    • From the video it can be concluded that there will be 13-34 new triggers in Update 2.2.

  • 6th July: RobTop announces on the daily level "Aumetras Wrath" by Cirtrax by that there will be new blocks and art in 2.2. He says he will add "cartoony" and pixel art and it will be more vector-ish.
    • On the same day he says that new sneak peeks will be coming.
  • 11th July: RobTop shows up on the official GD Discord server talking about a few things:
    • He says that adding a 5x speed portal or beyond is not a good idea in his opinion, but that it wouldn't take too much work and is still possible if the community wants it, liekly in Update 2.3.[Discord 10]
    • He spoke how the "Ice Block" option works on objects, explaining that the object will have low friction, making it possible to slide on the object.[Discord 11]
    • He said that he has planned an option for itemIDs to be connected to attempts, explaining, "if attempts are higher than x activate group y."[Discord 12]
    • He confirmed that there will be new uses for mana orbs, demon keys and diamonds, stating, "diamonds get much more interesting", as well as stating that there will be 6 new shards.
    • Lastly, he posted a picture showcasing new pixel art blocks. These were confirmed to be actual new blocks, and not custom pixel art.[Discord 13]
    • He also confirms plans for an in-game featured song list that regularly gets updated so unknown NG creators can get noticed.
  • 12th July: RobTop reveals plans for a profanity filter that hides comments with inappropriate words.
  • 13th July: RobTop rejects the idea for a "green jump pad", which would act like a blue jump pad which would not launch the player up forcefully.
    • He responds to a request for a dark blue jump ring, which would act identically to a green jump ring but with a weaker boost, questioning whether adding more jump rings would make gameplay more confusing. Hours later, he confirms that 2.2 will bring no new jump ring.
    • He also revealed a new block called the "Force Block" that pushes players with the selected amount of force in the y-axis in normal mode, and any direction in platformer mode. He states that the player can create "windy" areas in normal mode levels that push the player up or down.
    • He also said that rotating objects have a new option called "Smooth" which disables optimization. This makes rotation look smoother, as in 2.1 jitteriness can be noticed with very large objects.
    • He said that the robot game mode high jump bug is fixed in 2.2, but also said that there is an option to enable the bug for older levels.
    • He later considered adding a "cancel" button when loading levels, if the loading takes too long.
    • He also explained that the unlisted levels "fix" is temporary and that the uploader can select if unlisted levels can be found by everyone or just friends in 2.2.
    • Challenge mode will be improved in a separate update.
    • Unlisted levels will no longer require verification.
    • He also said that he is working on allowing teleportation portals to work on the x-axis, and is focusing on working out errors with music sync in the development of this feature.

  • 19th September: RobTop joined the GD Fanmade ideas server "Collar". There he confirmed that nothing new is being added anymore and that he is cleaning and polishing the update.
    • He further talked about the idea of 2.3 being an update with mostly ideas made up by the community.
  • 20th September: RobTop elaborated on an option for objects, called "Untouchable". These options disable an object's hitbox and allows previously non-rotatable objects to have the ability to rotate.
    • GD Moderator Alex1304 notified RobTop of Newgrounds soon hitting songID lengths of 7 digits. RobTop said he will change the max digits for songID to be 7.
    • He mentioned that the friends limit has been increased to 400.
    • He said that he is working on making slopes make the player slide down over a certain angle in Platformer mode, due to the ability of skewing and resizing slopes.
    • He also mentioned 2 new triggers that were needed for platformer mode: Pause and Resume.
    • GD Moderator mbed suggested RobTop a trigger idea. This trigger would do nothing except spin the player 360 degrees in the ship gamemode, which was an old bug. It is not certain if this will be added as RobTop stated "maybe as an unlockable" followed with an "xD".
    • Discord user NeKit suggested an idea for a trigger which would compare two itemIDs. He stated that he will add this. On the topic, he said that he might add division and multiplication to the Count/Pickup trigger. He also said that the Count/Pickup trigger has an override option, to set an itemID to a specific value.
    • RobTop revealed that he has made around 500 or so new pixel art pieces, which can be scaled up without becoming blurry.
    • He also revealed that there are around 30 new animated objects. These objects animation start can be controlled by the creator.
    • He revealed what he first called "Gauntlets +" but then later codenamed it "THE MAP". Other info about this "map" wasn't given.
    • He stated that a few new fonts are added in 2.2.

  • 6th October: RobTop commented on daily level 'RobTop' confirming that Platformer Mode will be a toggleable setting like 2-player mode, but can't be used normally like dual mode with portals.
    • Viprin announced on his Twitter that the 2.1 Awards Nominees along with the animation "Prelude" prior to Awards will be premiering on YouTube and Twitch on the 14th of December.
      • Viprin also hopes that 2.1 Awards Results to come right before New Year, which means we could see an early 2020 release for 2.2, as it only took a little over a month for 2.1 to release after 2.0 Awards.

  • 23rd November: The soundtrack for Prelude premieres on YouTube and Soundcloud. Along the tracks there is one mysteriously named "2.2... is out?". The nature of the track suggests that the release date for 2.2 will be revealed in the 2.1 Awards, even possibly releasing the same time as the 2.1 Awards.

  • 5th December: In a tweet on the official RobTop Games Twitter, RobTop states that Geometry Dash Lite and Meltdown have been removed from the Google Play Store, with the Lite version being suspended as well, making him unable to update the Lite version. He also explicitly stated that "2.2 is getting closer, doing my best :)"
  • 8th December: Viprin joins Npesta's YouTube stream and tells him to beat Kenos within 5 days. Considering Npesta has explicitly stated his goal of beating Kenos before the release of 2.2 numerous times, there is a possibility that Viprin is implying that 2.2 will release alongside the Prelude animation and the 2.1 Awards nominations. He also says the following: "the animation is about 11 minutes, awards nominees is about 20 min, and then we have 1 min of ???" The last part may be referring to the 2.2 level sneak peek.
    • Additional information is revealed in the GD Discord server:
      • The Challenge Mode chat appears to act more like a regular chat, unlike the daily level chat (which happens inside the daily level). It also states that Challenge Mode can "evolve" overtime, although it is unknown how this works.
      • There appears to be a new tab in the editor featuring over 500 pixel art objects, which can be scaled to any size without being blurry.
      • There appears to be a new option in the editor pause screen that can slow down in-editor level playtesting.
  • 10th December: Geometry Dash Meltdown and Lite return to the Google Play Store and are now available for download again.
  • 11th December: It's discovered that RobTop mistakenly ported a few 2.2 features into the Android version of Geometry Dash Meltdown, namely the new game mode (called "Swing" in game files) on the main screen, and the level loading animation. This was patched almost immediately.
    • Also in this build was a sprite sheet with art for new triggers in the update, and a new icon that can be unlocked by following Geometry Dash on Twitch.
    • Later on that day, the leak was confirmed to be true by Viprin in this tweet.
    • RobTop acknowledges this later in the GD Discord. He also says "Now I can go back to sneak peek" which means that a new sneak peek for the update is in the works.
    • RobTop reveals that the new Meltdown leak of "Firebird" by MDK being a new main level is a prank created to fool dataminers with references to files such as "Firebird.mp3".
    • RobTop sends 4 images later on this day, they appear to be from "THE MAP" feature.
    • RobTop said he won't add Meltdown/World/SubZero songs into the main game due to file sizes. He said they could be special songs downloadable from the GD server.
    • He also reveals the idea for a Platformer Mode exclusive gamemode, sharing a concept picture of the character in GD Server general chat. He said that this may be added into 2.3, depending on the popularity of Platformer Mode.
    • "Flymode", which is the ship in the current game, was said to have looked weird as a ship in platformer mode. This resulted in it being graphically changed to a jetpack for the purposes of platformer mode. It is not known if this will be customisable like all other vehicles, however.
    • He also said that the Platformer Mode excludes the wave, the new gamemode, and dual mode.
    • RobTop reveals another gamemode concept on the Geometry Dash Discord server.
    • RobTop said Diamonds will have a lot more value in 2.2.
    • He says that scale trigger can be performance heavy at times.
    • There are blocks that can be walked on but jumped through, for platformer mode.
    • RobTop confirms that Everyplay support is being removed in 2.2.
    • Physics are fixed to act the same, regardless of the monitor's refresh rate.
  • 12th December: SMJS created a hacked APK of the Geometry Dash Meltdown version mentioned above, swapping out the ship for the new gamemode, giving the first look at gameplay for it. This APK also unlocks online levels, although the editor doesn't open. SMJS had been previously responsible for his successful SubZero private server, "Geometry Dash 2.2 Unlocked".
    • In the GD Discord, RobTop asks the community if a profile link to Discord should be added (similar to the way you can add YouTube and Twitter accounts). He also shares art of a new Discord themed icon, which most likely would be rewarded for viewing the GD Discord server if a link to it were added to the game in the "Follow RobTopGames" section.
    • RobTop mentions that an Everyplay alternative is very unlikely to happen soon due to stability issues, but one is still possible in the future.
    • RobTop also says that the future of platformer mode after 2.2 will depend on what the community does with it.
    • He jokingly confirms that there will be at least one new icon in the update.
    • On Discord, Viprin confirms that "swing will appear in Prelude" when asked if the new gamemode will appear, which may mean the gamemode is simply called "Swing". It's in the opening of the animation, at exactly 0:56. While this is a simple Easter egg, it gives what possibly was the first look at gameplay for it, yet it went unnoticed.
  • 13th December: RobTop reappears in the GD Discord and gives more information:
    • He says that there will be no platformer mode exclusive gamemodes in 2.2, but one is a possibility in the next update.
    • He says there are "lots of secrets in 2.2".
    • He says that scale is unlocked in 2.2, but can run into issues at higher sizes.
  • 14th December: 'RobTop' appears in the Prelude animation by Viprin, and announces the release of 2.2. However, RobTop runs out of the stage immanently after announcing 2.2 and gets mobbed, followed by another player finding out it's "fake" after checking his phone.
    • Earlier, Viprin said that the animation would contain "1 min of ???", which was thought to be 2.2 related. This proved the theory to be false.
    • Prelude appears to have started some sort of ARG related to Update 2.2, with a link appearing that leads to After reaching a certain point in the game, glitched trees will begin to spawn, these can be touched, which causes the game to crash, giving an error related to a missing or malfunctioning plugin for Unity Engine. Resulting error of touching the glitch tree can be found in this video:
    • Later on this day, Viprin confirms that so far, the ARG is completed, and that no further action is required until the 28th of December, the day when 2.1 Awards Results premiere. (The 2.1 Awards Results will now take place on the 29th of December due to a video rendering issue).
  • 15th December: Viprin releases an official summary of the first part of the ARG, in this document.
  • 16th December: RobTop joins the discussion in GD Discord and explains that World has been taken down, possibly for the same reason as Meltdown and Lite. He also notes that SubZero might also be removed for the same reasons soon.
    • RobTop also explains how the new physics work and how old physics worked for different HZ values.
    • He also states that it is trickier to make platformer mode levels, mostly referring to music sync and requirement of loops.
    • He later said, "Just gonna fix GD World on Google then back to work on sneaky peeky."
  • 16th December: RobTop discusses and confirms several features in a voice chat in the GD Discord. This includes a replay system that records your inputs, a chicken that can be found in-game, and more. He also debunks the belief that the new gamemode is called the "swingcopter", despite being named "swing" in the game files.
    • On the same day, SMJS on his Discord, after a source-code investigation a message from the Keymaster would show up if you clicked on Firebird, hinting it might be an actual in-game level: "The Demon Guardian is the only one that can unlock this level. Maybe he has a special key?"
  • 17th December: Geometry Dash World returns to the Google Play Store and is now available for download again. In the source code, "Firebird" has been replaced by "StopHackingMe" and as-for the mp3 file, "thisisnotthedroidyouarelookingfor", a reference to a Star Wars quote.
  • 18th December: SMJS creates a hacked APK of the Geometry Dash World version mentioned above. This version is similar to the hacked Meltdown mentioned above with the addition of playable daily levels (after completing Toxic Factory) and the ability to save stats.
    • RobTop stops by the GD Discord server and reveals that diamonds are a currency that are useable in a new special shop. However, unlocks for diamonds in achievements are based on total amount collected still, so getting diamond based achievements isn't changed. RobTop says that diamonds are split into 2 different types, one type that stays and one that is spendable.
  • 19th December: RobTop stops by the GD Discord again and considers adding an ingame noclip, however it would be limited to creator levels and show a text watermark (similar to the "Testmode" watermark for start positions).
    • He says that the joke "Firebird" leak "is or is not going to one day maybe not be a level".
    • An update was released for Geometry Dash on Steam. This update consisted of RobTop changing the tags in the Steam page of the game, possibly updating them ready for 2.2.
  • 20th December: It's confirmed in the GD Discord server that a link to the server will be added in Update 2.2, and that the Discord themed icon will be rewarded for joining.
    • RobTop says that when you upload an unlisted level to the servers, you can filter the level so only your friends can see it or you can set it so everyone can see it.
    • He confirms that there will be a few icons from one of his previous games "Boomlings", requested by GDColon.
    • You can now input numbers with the Alpha Trigger.
    • He says that you can see if a level is a platformer level from the menu.
    • He talks about new running animations for both Robot and Spider gamemodes.
  • 21st December: RobTop makes an appearance in the GD Discord once again and drops some new info:
    • Platformer mode has checkpoints you can place, presumably in the editor, that are exclusive to the mode. Normal practice mode is disabled in Platformer Mode.
    • RobTop wants to add a Boomlings inspired icon as a secret unlock.
  • 22nd December: SMJS releases hacked Geometry Dash Lite APK, similar to the creator's previous ones, promising it will be the last one. In the promo video, he also reveals new information on 2.2 triggers that he had found in the source code over the past week.
    • Hex Codes and RGB for colors.
    • A "Disable Optimization" option for the Rotate Trigger, as was mentioned months earlier.
    • The name of the monster seen in the Platformer Mode reveal, "Spikeball".
    • Move Trigger can now lock to the position of the camera.
    • The number inputting with Alpha Triggers was found.
    • Collision Blocks let you use the player instead of a dynamic block.
    • Previewing the music in the Song Trigger at the selected timestamp.
    • A Camera Rotation trigger.
  • 23rd December: RobTop mentions some information on the official GD Discord:
    • He says that account registration is now performed on a web page, which means you can no longer make accounts in the game itself.
    • RobTop confirms that you get the newly-implemented Discord icon by following him on Discord.
  • 24th December: RobTop appears on the official GD Discord again and mentions a couple of things:
    • RobTop confirms that he is not adding anything else to the update once again.
    • RobTop mentions hiring a development team again for future updates.
    • RobTop talks about possible notifications for future updates. He says that they could be used for when Quests and Daily Chests are ready.
    • He mentions a potential "GD Tournament" with prizes.
    • He says that you mark blocks "untouchable" which makes the block unable to kill the player, sort of like a "noclip" for specific blocks.
    • He says that the Y limit in the editor is increased.
  • 27th December: The servers for Geometry Dash go down, and RobTop stops by and confirms that the servers are overloaded. He says that server issues might be present in 2.2 if many people are playing at once, likely referring to challenge mode. However these issues are mostly server-side and will be fixed.
  • RobTop says that he wants Update 2.3 to take under 6 months.
  • He makes another comment on the possibility of a developer team in the future, saying he should probably have one.
  • RobTop mentions that the level editor should be restructured but that he doesn't have time to make changes to it in 2.2.
  • He turns down the idea of using the "-" symbol in searches, saying that the symbol shouldn't be usable in level names in the first place.
  • 28th December: RobTop appears on Discord and shows art of the new Boomlings themed icon.
    • When asked which update he thinks had the biggest effect on the game, he says that adding custom songs will likely always be the biggest change. However, he mentions that "2.2 has A LOT of new gameplay stuff".
    • Only one song can be used in Platformer Mode at a time, but more may be allowed in the future.
    • RobTop says, "No, 2.2 isn't coming out tomorrow. Haven't even released sneaky peaky. ;)"
  • 29th December: The Geometry Dash 2.1 Award Results premiered on Viprin's YouTube channel.
    • At exactly 8:55, a glitch was shown again which reveals a cryptogram filled with letters and numbers. This is the beginning of the second part of the 2.2 ARG.
    • Later on this day, the ARG is confirmed to be completed by Viprin. Another official summary is released, as well as the rewards - a code for the new Vault, and some new icons which would presumably be rewarded for putting in the code.
    • RobTop reappears in the GD Discord and confirms that 2.2 will update support so GD works on the latest iPad Pro.
  • 30th December: RobTop stops by on the GD Discord and ponders out aloud that the new gamemode could be called 'swing'.
    • He says that the update will hopefully be released on all platforms at the same time, but it might release a few days earlier on Steam compared to mobile, so bugs are easier to fix.
    • RobTop turns down the idea of GD on Linux.
    • He says that he'll rework the Mac version of GD after Update 2.2.
    • FPS bypass is a PC exclusive feature and isn't on mobile.
  • 31st December: RobTop states on the GD Discord "sneaky peeky almost" meaning the level sneak peek for 2.2 is almost ready.
  • 2020

    • 3rd January: RobTop talks about the many new animations in the GD Discord. He shares a video showcasing the new animations.
      • RobTop gives an update on the sneak peek, saying that it's going well so far.
      • He says that animated objects are triggerable in 2.2.
    • 4th January: RobTop reappears on Discord and says he is adding more animations that are electricity themed.
      • He says he wants to add a simpler method to browse Newgrounds songs, but it won't be coming yet.
      • He says again that multiple songs in a level are not usable yet, but might be in the future, mentioning the usefulness of this feature in Platformer Mode.
      • Parts of a song can be looped with the Song trigger.
      • RobTop says again that there is a gradient ground that allows for solid ground colors in 2.2, but also mentions that ground is hideable.
        • Objects cannot be placed in front of the ground.
      • RobTop says that the Robot gamemode has an idle animation in 2.2 for Platformer Mode.
      • He says that he was "playing with the idea" of unlockable custom animations, but hasn't done anything with it yet.
      • RobTop confirms again that he isn't adding anything new, with the only exception being a new block added a short time ago when bored.
        • This new block is based on a video by EricVanWilderman that showed a fan gamemode called "Switch mode".
          • If you would like to try the block for yourself before it's released, the level ID in the video is 58961357.
        • RobTop says, "it's like the 'allow head hit' block, but if you hit your head it switches gravity."
      • RobTop says that the "chicken will be tasty".
      • He says that he's fixing a lot of bugs in the update, but new bugs have shown up as well.
    • 17th January: RobTop reappears in the GD Discord after more than a week of inactivity.
      • He says that he was working on the sneak peek but ran into annoying level building issues, so he has been working on a new system for it. He says, "If I get this thing to work u guys are gonna love it."
        • "I liked the new system so much I thought about making a video, but I think people will go berserk if I dont release the sneak peek first."
        • He says the new feature helps builders on both PC and mobile.
        • A video could come for it in a few days if RobTop finishes it soon.
      • RobTop considers adding moving objects while playtesting music in the editor in 2.3.
      • There are many new achievements "for everything".
      • He admits that the update has been "way too slow, I understand anyone who is frustrated", but that he's working on it every day.
      • He says that "3d objects are almost obsolete now with the scale tools".
      • RobTop says there's an option in 2.2 on saved levels so you can select and delete all levels on a page without entering each level individually first.
    • 18th January: RobTop stops by Discord and says that the new system for level editing is complete and a video demonstrating it will likely arrive tomorrow.
      • He says that since the system is done he's going to go back to work on the sneak peek.
      • RobTop says he'll be doing more videos on new features in Update 2.2 to help explain them.
    • 19th January: RobTop has uploaded a video showing the new editor feature. The video can be found here.
      • In the video, 3 new tabs for items in the editor are visible. These 3 tabs are speculated to be one tab specifically for the "monsters", one for the new pixel art blocks, and the last one for the particles.
      • Also in the video, the edit button to rotate a selection 45 degrees isn't grayed out when static blocks are selected. This likely means that static blocks are rotatable now.
      • RobTop explains his reason for adding the system was because of a new block that needs to be placed in a correct order along with edge variations.
      • He also says that templates can be mixed, and different variations of pieces can be created.
      • The new block he mentioned is actually an "old stone block".
    • 20th January: RobTop goes on Discord and shows a small update he made to the auto build system. The update allows for the system to select a random one of several options for a design, to create details easier.
    • 23rd January: RobTop revealed on Discord that he has added an "Options Trigger" earlier, saying that the trigger can "Hide P1, Hide P2, On/Off wave streak blending, Hide Ground / Show Ground".
      • When asked about a "z-trigger" that could move objects between layers, RobTop says that it would be easy to add but will likely not be in 2.2.
      • RobTop reveals that color triggers in 2.2 have options for RGB and hex code values for colors.

    • 5th February: RobTop goes to the Geometry Dash Discord server once again and reveals some more interesting things.
      • RobTop confirms that Map Packs won't be removed.
      • If you scale objects too big, it will begin to glitch out. This technically adds a limit to how big you can scale objects. However, shrinking objects don't have a limit.
      • Most things in Platformer Mode are finished. He is fixing bugs such as "when you get squeezed between moving objects".
      • He says, "Sneak peek going well, just coding a lot."
      • He states that "sync for start position is worse in 2.2".
      • The saving and loading bug will be fixed in 2.2.
    • 18th February: RobTop arrives on the daily level "Limitless" and says that it "could be fun" to create a special badge in the comment section for players that have the top positions on level leaderboards.
    • 23rd February: RobTop reappears on Discord and confirms that he's going to add better password requirements in 2.2 as an effort to help protect accounts, due to several instances of weak passwords leading to accounts being "hacked".
      • Account creation in Update 2.2 is moved entirely to the website and is no longer in-game.
      • He reconfirms that the sneak peek is going well, and that he has run into a few problems with the preview system.
    • 27th February: RobTop says that there have been several issues with development of the update for the Mac version of the game. The lag issues are not related to the game, but the macOS 10.15 (Catalina) update. He says that 2.2's release in general will have bugs.
      • RobTop says, "you guys have no idea the stuff added."
      • He says that the issue with the preview system mentioned earlier has to do with a new feature added that requires the preview to "play left to right, then jump back and continue playing". This is stated to be similar to teleportation along the x-axis.
      • RobTop says that challenge mode is hosted on a separate server than the other online features.
      • He explains auto-build some more, saying that it's based on squares. Objects placed in the squares create a design, and template squares use the other template squares around them to decide which designs should go where.

    • 1st March: RobTop goes on Discord and reconfirms that the chicken can be found in-game, mentioning a "prize" received for collecting it.
      • He says that the sneak peek has been going well aside from one issue.
      • RobTop says that mana orbs will have more use in 2.2.
      • He says that 2.2 will be "the buggiest update ever".
    • 3rd March: On Twitter, Viprin comments on the removal of the object limit, saying that it was removed due to people commonly hacking to get past it. He says that although the limit is removed, there are no optimizations for large object amounts in Update 2.2, and the recommended object count is still below the previous limit.
      • He mentions that in the future RobTop will address these issues, and that Update 2.2 will have fixes for common issues of frame skips and stuttering.
    • 5th March: RobTop states on the Discord server that he will try to get the leaderboard back online following 2.2's release.
    • 6th and 7th March: RobTop continues to reveal more information in the Discord server.
      • He confirms a few new features in the editor.
        • Dual mode will not be available in Platformer Mode.
        • New glow pieces have been added, specifically for slopes.
        • The custom object limit has been increased.
      • He continues to say that 2.2 "will have the most bugs ever seen in a videogame".
      • He also mentions a possible autosave feature for Steam, although it would not be added until 2.3.
    • 14th March: RobTop goes on Discord and states that the update will allow Elder Mods to add to the song whitelist independent of himself, allowing them to let new people use their songs in-game.
    • 19th March: RobTop goes on Discord and shows art of another new icon, saying that he's going to test to see how it looks in-game. He also once again reconfirms that the sneak peek is going well.
    • 20th March: RobTop goes on Discord and shows art of another new icon. He actually shows two different versions of this new icon. He also reveals some stuff.
      • He clarifies that global ranking will be fixed after 2.2's release.
      • He says that there's a lot to explain about Challenge Mode and that he'll explain all of it at a later time.
      • Once again, he talks about a Platformer Mode exclusive gamemode.
    • 25th March: RobTop goes on Discord and shows art of a new ball.
      • He talks about how he got an in-game FPS Bypass to work for PC.
      • He says that UHD Textures for mobile are not a thing yet, but he said he'll add them in a future update.
      • You can now spawn particles on command.
    • 28th March: RobTop goes on Discord and reveals more information.
      • He states that he is "still fixing a few bugs" before releasing the sneak peek.
        • He also states that 2.2 will fix some lag, particularly on Android.
      • He says that there will more special end messages when the player completes a level with the "Just don't" option, such as "Speedrun complete", "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!", and "Why are we here, just to suffer?".
      • When asked, he said that it is possible to add support for music producers (presumably through a Newgrounds button on a player's profile page) if enough people want it.

    • 1st April: RobTop goes on Discord and shows some sketches of 4 new icons.
      • He talks about possibly hosting a creator contest after the release of 2.2, with prizes for winning such as an iPad or a gauntlet entry.
      • When asked about adding a new speed portal, he states that "I don't think 5x speed portal is a good idea".
    • 27th April: RobTop appears on Discord during a server reboot.
      • He says that he is trying to get the update done, adding that "I understand 100% of people are fed up with waiting".
      • He also says that he will look into adding higher graphical and FPS settings for iPads.
      • He hints at the possibility of adding a trigger that activates after a certain number of global or local attempts.
      • He confirms that Geometry Dash Lite will also receive an update.
        • He says his ideal plan is to release Update 2.2, update Geometry Dash Lite and Geometry Dash World, and then make another free expansion app around Christmastime.
    • 28th April: RobTop goes on Discord and reveals some new info.
      • There are new death effects, but an exact number is not given.
      • FPS Bypass is built into the game, so there is no longer any need for external hacks.
      • He confirms once again that the leaderboards will be fixed after 2.2 is released.

    • 5th May: Concept art for a new ship that resembles an AK-47 is released in the news channel of the Geometry Dash Discord server by Hyperflame, who is an administrator within the server: The ship art will be used in 2.2 as it was later verified by RobTop on his recent comment on the level "Crazy".

    • 8th July: Viprin showcases art for six new icons on Twitter, which were later reposted on the Geometry Dash Discord server.
    • 31st July: RobTop shows an unlisted video titled "Smooth", which shows two new robot animations. It's also mentioned in a tweet by GuitarHeroStyles.
      • One of the animations shows the "head" of the robot bobbing up and down while running, while the other shows this combined with the robot's legs spinning around its entire body.
      • Additional information is confirmed in the Geometry Dash Discord server:
        • After 2.2 is released, a fix for the global leaderboard will be searched for.
        • 2.2's editor will have many improvements.
        • The in-game story will be expanded on.
        • More chests are on the way.
        • The cube gamemode alone has about 100 new icons.
        • Filters for platformer mode levels will be available.
        • New items will be available for purchase, presumably in the shops.
        • New achievements will be added.

    • 1st August: RobTop returns to Discord and reveals some more information on the update:
      • The corrupt save bug has been fixed in 2.2.
      • The wave trail bug is planned to be fixed.
      • RobTop says that if top lists are fixed, more lists could be added in the future, such as top demons or even top clans.
        • This possibly means that a sort of "clan" implementation could be planned for a future update.
      • Challenge mode will be improved after 2.2.
      • RobTop also says "Now that I fixed the bug I am finishing up the preview, but I'm not sure its explorers..." hinting that the new level may not use Explorers by Hinkik, or that the preview is of something other than the anticipated level.
    • 3rd August: RobTop posts an unlisted video showcasing a new animation for the spider as it travels in the fastest speed in-game.
      • It has been pointed out by many individuals that the new animation seems to replicate Naruto running.
    • 13th August: RobTop appears in Discord and reveals some more information regarding the update:
      • 2.2 will continue the in-game story.
      • The notorious robot jump bug is fixed for new levels (it can be enabled on old levels, which are using that bug for gameplay).
      • Profiles, messaging or the friend system can be updated in 2.3 or 2.21 patch.
      • You'll no longer have to delete everything in a text box to fix something in the start/mid.
      • We will see few new editor examples levels.
      • Teleporters in 2.2 can be disconnected and moved.
      • There will be another Icon Contest.
    • 28th August: RobTop says that a new replay system based on player input rather than a video recording is being tested. However, he is unsure if it will work.

    • 17th September: RobTop says on Discord that Discord Rich Presence will likely be in Update 2.3. He also says he is considering adding some "meme icons" from this list:
      • Among Us icon
      • Banana ship
      • Bunny icon
      • Troll face something
      • Amazon box spider
      • Donut ball
      • Ahegao Ball
      • Hot dog something
      • Paper plane ship
      • Square wave
      • Cyclic rabbit
      • Carrot wave
        • The ahegao ball was later removed from the list as a result of problems and debate related to the term referring to something inappropriate.
    • 21st September: When asked on Twitter by user @Orapixel, Robtop implemented a "Delete Song" feature for the level select screen, making it easier in 2.2 to remove certain songs.
      • Later that day, RobTop showcased the first effect in a series of effects that distorted the screen when playing a user level.
    • 23rd September: RobTop releases videos through Discord of four more screen effects, which appear to be automatically synced to the music. In the videos, a handful of new icons can be seen as well.
      • In one of the videos, the level select screen is briefly seen with 24 dots at the bottom of the page, two more than there are in the current game. This could mean there are two new official levels in Update 2.2.
        • This may be linked to the presence of data for a Firebird level found in prior leaks, either implying its continued existence as a red herring Rob is yet to actually remove, or that Firebird indeed is an upcoming level.

    • 3rd October: RobTop reveals an early preview of the unfinished work of what appears to be graphics for GD World, affectionately titled "swamp.png".
    • 9th October: On Discord, RobTop previews concepts for new level rankings to surpass Epic, titled Legendary and Godlike. Godlike will only be awarded to levels "a few times a year". The Legendary rating uses a reddish variant of the Epic rating difficulty glow, while the Godlike rating uses a blue variant as well as an entirely new version of the difficulty icon itself.
      • Presumably, since Legendary awards 4 CP, Godlike will likely give 5 CP.
    • 11th October: RobTop opens submissions for a new community icon contest for 2.2. Another icon contest is also mentioned to take place after 2.2 releases.
      • RobTop also confirms that the previously mentioned Among Us and Cyclic rabbit icons will be added.
    • 12th October: RobTop made a stream showing off 2.2 triggers.
      • We can see at the start that there are some triggers named End, Stop Jump, Options, & Gradient.
    • 14th October: RobTop holds a stream showing off 2.2 gauntlets.
    • 15th October: RobTop streams on Twitch once again, this time showing off new animations.
    • 19th October: In a tweet by GuitarHeroStyles, RobTop shows the first concept of the Platformer mode ship, albeit with buggy hitboxes.
    • 20th October: RobTop reveals another image of THE MAP.[Discord 14]
      • RobTop also reveals the icon for the Challenge mode in the menu. It is noted that the new mode will allow you to race others to finish in-game levels and may be renamed to Versus mode in the future.[Twitter 3]
      • He shows off some artwork for new blocks in-game.[Discord 15]
      • RobTop also shows a new icon that resembles a castle.[Discord 16]
      • He says that the camera rotation trigger is planned to have an option to add to the current camera rotation as an alternative to setting a degree for it to move to.[Discord 17]
    • 21st October: RobTop says that he may do coding streams in 2.3, where he will take requests for new features.[Discord 18]
      • He reveals that a bug has been fixed in adventure mode (likely a potential new name for platformer mode). The change causes the player to die when they are squished between blocks.[Discord 19]
    • 23rd October: A new icon and ship are revealed, (image?) along with plans for the game after 2.2. After Update 2.2 is released, Update 2.21 (likely a smaller update similar to Update 2.11), a new free game, and Update 2.3 will follow in this order.[Twitter 12]
      • He also showcased gameplay of Jetpack Mode and revealed 5 new shards.
    • 24th October: Several new features are revealed in a stream by RobTop, including:
      • A new background, two new icons, and new level completion messages (shown with the "Just, Don't..." setting enabled, presumably).[Twitter 13]
      • The ability to move the text cursor when typing comments.[Twitter 14]
        • This is not known to apply to any other areas where text can be entered, such as level names and descriptions.
      • Screen effects for Bulge,[Twitter 15] Sepia, and another effect that tint the screen color.[Twitter 16]
    • 25th October: RobTop reveals on Discord that Practice Mode is being reworked to rely on time rather than position. This rework has caused some issues with triggers.[Discord 20]
      • He rejects the idea of adding a way to switch between two player and normal mode for the dual portal, referring to gameplay concerns.[Discord 21]
      • RobTop also considers adding an auto-save function to the editor.[Discord 22]
      • He explains the new "Options" trigger, which allows for control over various level elements such as player control and the blending of the wave's trail.[Discord 23]

    • 2nd November: RobTop considers making outline colors customisable independently of other icon colors, although is not 100% sure. An accompanying image was shown.[Discord 24]
      • Icons are revealed to be reworked in the game code, with each icon being an individual file rather than one sheet.[Discord 25]
      • RobTop considers adding inverted blending in Update 2.2, and also says that additive blending is added in the update.[Discord 26]
      • The ability to change the music download folder on the PC version is considered for a future update.[Discord 27]
      • 3rd November: RobTop links to a poll asking the community about more unlockable colors.[Discord 28]
      • Custom menu and practice mode songs are revealed to be unlockable in some way.[Discord 29]
      • RobTop says that the app size will not increase too much from what it currently is.[Discord 30]
      • He says that Geometry Dash on game consoles "would be cool" but that he isn't sure how to do it.[Discord 31]
      • RobTop says that levels from the free games such as Geometry Dash Subzero and Meltdown will not be added to the main game, because the advertisement money that they create allows for more free games.[Discord 32]
      • He considers adding a "Mega Palette" that would unlock after unlocking all colors.[Discord 33]
    • 6th November: A new color customisation menu concept was posted on Twitter.[Twitter 17]
    • 7th November: A second version of said concept was posted.[Twitter 18]
    • 9th November: RobTop considers adding a follower count to user profiles in-game.[Discord 34]
    • 15th November: A fix for checkpoint lag in practice mode is revealed to be in the works.[Discord 35][Discord 36]
    • 20th November: RobTop says that a change email feature in user accounts will not be implemented until accounts are secure enough.[Discord 37] He also says that in order to add 2-factor authentication, the entire account system would need to be reworked.[Discord 38]
      • He also shows off some screenshots of the new icon selection menu for 2.2. The new color selection is revealed here.[Discord 39]

    • 6th December: RobTop begins revealing winners to the Icon Contest on Twitter.[Twitter 19]
    • 8th December: More icon contest winners are revealed.[Twitter 20]
    • 9th December: The third set of contest winners is revealed.
    • 10th December: The fourth set of contest winners is revealed.
      • It's discovered that the four images posted by RobTop can be arranged to form a seamless picture together. This is not the "MAP" that is speculated to be in the game in 2.2, as it was created by a third party.
    • 14th December: RobTop says that despite there being no object limit in Update 2.2, there is still a level file size limit for uploading.[Discord 40]
      • RobTop considers adding the ability to scale the editor grid in Update 2.3.[Discord 41]
      • Contest icons are unlockable "everywhere", spread across several areas of the game.[Discord 42]
      • Two new icons are unveiled on Discord.[Discord 43][Discord 44]
      • RobTop says that Discord Rich Presence for the game will be implemented in Update 2.3.[Discord 45]
    • 20th December: RobTop shows a video of new visual effects and a death effect on Discord.[Discord 46]
      • He says that a new trigger will allow you to hide only one of the players in dual mode.[Discord 47]
    • 22nd December: RobTop says that the reverse trigger in 2.2 is changed from in Geometry Dash Subzero to allow smoother change of directions.[Discord 48]
    • 24th December: RobTop reveals an image of a new shopkeeper on Discord, named "The Mechanic". This new shopkeeper sells new animations, an upgrade to the ship's exhaust, and "destruction effects" (possibly connected to death effects).[Discord 49]


    • 3rd January: RobTop previews new icons on Discord. He also claims that the amount of new icons in 2.2 is more than all icons in 2.1 combined, allowing for hundreds of new icons.[verification needed]
    • 30th January: When asked about how it was impossible to enter more than 6 digits for the Newgrounds song ID (the number of songs on Newgrounds had recently surpassed 1 million), Robtop said that it will be fixed in 2.2.
      • He says that account security will be improved in Update 2.2, mentioning HTTPS as something that would possibly be implemented.[Discord 50]
    • 31st January: When asked about the song trigger Robtop said there was a fade option.
      • He considers the addition of a "noclip" trigger, but mentions stability issues as a reason not to add it.[Discord 51][Discord 52]
      • A search filter for song artists is considered for a future update, possibly in Update 2.3.[Discord 53]
      • RobTop acknowledges the leaked versions of Update 2.2 and says that he doesn't mind them and that they are older versions. He says that some 2.2 levels created with them have been useful in finding bugs and gameplay problems.[Discord 3]

    • 5th February: RobTop mentions that Update 2.2 cannot be released as it currently is right now, considering that some features added are still incomplete.[Discord 54]
    • 18th February: RobTop once again says that he isn't adding anything new to the update, and that requested features will be added after 2.2 is released.[Discord 55]
      • He considers separating like and dislike numbers for online levels in Update 2.3.[Discord 56]
      • RobTop also says that a GD API would be considered after 2.2, noting the creation of editor tools specifically.[Discord 57]
      • When asked about creating custom level playlists for Update 2.3, RobTop hints at them possibly being in Update 2.2.[Discord 58]
      • When asked what he's working on at the moment, RobTop simply responds with "icons".[Discord 59]
      • RobTop says that an update for Geometry Dash World is not planned to go alongside Update 2.2.[Discord 60]
      • He considers adding a built-in feature for texture packs.[Discord 61]
    • 22nd February: RobTop says that he is almost done with the icons in Update 2.2.[Discord 62]
      • He says that the sneak peek will be worked on after icons are finished.[Discord 63]
      • RobTop reveals that the new screen effects such as the Glitch effect can be applied to individual and multiple editor layers.[Discord 64]
      • He considers adding additional layers to the editor.[Discord 65]
      • RobTop reveals that there are around 60 icons left that he is working on.[Discord 66]
      • He posts images of some new icons from the icon contest.[Discord 67]
      • RobTop says that converting art into a single object will not be added in Update 2.2, but in Update 2.3 instead.[Discord 68]
      • He considers putting Geometry Dash on the Nintendo Switch after Update 2.2 releases.[Discord 69]
      • RobTop says that errors when saving levels with high object counts may be fixed in Update 2.3.[Discord 70]

    • 7th March: RobTop considers adding keybindings in a future update, likely Update 2.3.[Discord 71]
      • He says that new gauntlets are not planned to come out in a particular order, and will release as the right levels are found.[Discord 72]
      • RobTop says that Practice Mode has been optimized so that checkpoints no longer create lag.[Discord 73]
      • He says that a bug with the ball where direction could change in midair has been fixed.[Discord 74]
      • RobTop confirms that a new level replay system to replace Everyplay is in progress for 2.2, but it may not work well.[Discord 75] The new recording system automatically records level attempts, similar to Everyplay.[Discord 76]
      • He turns down the idea of adding an alternative site to Newgrounds for custom songs, noting copyright issues.[Discord 77]
      • RobTop considers adding a file format for single levels to be exported as in Update 2.3.[Discord 78]
      • He says that the new system for downloading songs from the spinoff games allows songs to be downloaded directly from Geometry Dash servers, and can be updated with new songs any time.[Discord 79]
      • RobTop jokingly says the rating for the supposedly nonexistent level Firebird is "0".[Discord 80]
    • 13th March: RobTop says that a skew rotation trigger is not planned for 2.2, but is possible in 2.3.[Discord 81]
      • He says that object rasterization is possible in a future update but is unlikely due to new art features to be added in Update 2.3.[Discord 82]
      • RobTop later entered the GD Artists server to post an example of how he changes icons to fit GD better, as well as reveal multiple new community icons coming in 2.2, including:[verification needed]
        • An elephant spider created by Aleiz21.
        • A tired cube created by ML5.
        • Cube piloting a spider, created by RetroAdvance64.
        • The lord and savior himself, Maurice the Spider. Maurice was created by RadleyMCT.
    • 23rd March: RobTop considers fixing a bug with jump pads not working when used with slopes, noting concerns that some levels may be broken by the change.[Discord 83] He considers adding it as a fix only for new levels, leaving old ones unaffected.[Discord 84]
      • RobTop also considers making the Pointercrate Demon List and similar projects official in Update 2.3.[Discord 85]
      • He considers improvement to profanity blocks and moderation of content.[Discord 86]
      • RobTop says that checkpoints in Practice Mode are now 100% accurate, and will no longer cause the player to instantly crash on respawning.[Discord 87] Checkpoints now also remember if the player is dashing or not.[Discord 88]
      • He says that different star ratings for different demon difficulties are hard to implement due to them changing based on user voting.[Discord 89]
    • 30th March: RobTop explains that anti-cheat has been changed in Update 2.2 from what it currently is in Update 2.1.[Discord 90]
      • He clarifies that physics in the editor are fixed to match normal gameplay.[Discord 91]
      • RobTop considers adding portal outlines for the dual portal, but says it will probably be in a future update instead of 2.2.[Discord 92]

    • 22nd April: RobTop goes on Discord and explains a bug involving anti-gravity that has existed since the first version of the game.[Discord 93] Due to the effects on older levels, even if limited to only newly created and uploaded levels (as this would apply to level copies),[Discord 94] he settles on likely leaving the bug in the game.[Discord 95]
      • He explains the new level recording system as creating recordings only viewable in-game, however, these recordings can be recorded with screen recorders to share elsewhere as a video.[Discord 96] He also confirms that it has zero change to game performance on levels.[Discord 97]
    • 27th April: RobTop considers reworking the touch toggle trigger by creating a new version,[Discord 98] citing it being "really badly implemented".[Discord 99]
      • He acknowledges a bug on Ryzen CPUs, saying that the cause is unknown even after testing the game on one himself.[Discord 100]
      • RobTop says that comments on deleted levels will be automatically deleted as well.[Discord 101]
      • He says that a more complex editor is possible, but mentions wanting to avoid making it hard to use.[Discord 102] A more polished editor is considered for a future update beyond 2.2.[Discord 103]

    • 18th May: Robtop previews new shards, icons and blocks.[verification needed]
    • 20th May: Robtop previews a green gravity portal that apparently always flips your gravity. Instead of the usual gravity portals not working if you are the same gravity of the portal.[verification needed]

    • 10th June: Robtop previews multiple shader triggers in the visual level editor.[verification needed]

    • 13th August: To celebrate Geometry Dash's 8th birthday, RobTop creates a premiere for the sneak peak of Update 2.2, set to release the next day at 4:00 pm EST.
    • 14th August: The Geometry Dash Update 2.2 Sneak Peek premieres on RobTop's channel, showing off numerous new features:[YouTube 3]
      • Gameplay of the new gamemode is officially revealed.
      • New camera effects such as screen rotation, vignette, a sepia filter, inverting colors (shown affecting the player only), and blur are used.
      • New animated blocks in the editor are shown, such as orbs of energy, lightning, pixelated fire, and a chomping, pixelated skull.
      • The ability to change gravity to act horizontally instead of only vertically, allowing for segments going up and down the sides of walls.
      • New pickup items, such as pixel-art potions.
      • Several new pixel-art blocks are revealed.
      • A new level which does not use Explorers by Hinkik, but a different song created specifically for Geometry Dash by MDK.
      • A level that possibly uses the new Platformer Mode appears at the end of the sneak peek.

    • 23th November: RobTop shows a video on Twitter which introduces a "spider orb", which when used switches the player's gravity and teleports them to the nearest surface above them, and a "spider pad", which does this automatically without needing a tap.[Twitter 21]


    • 20th January: On Twitter, RobTop reveals a new "Moon" collectible which is earned through Platformer Mode. The image places concepts of the moons below an image of a star - possibly suggesting they are an equivalent to stars for Platformer Mode level.[Twitter 4]

    • 15th February: An Instagram post by MDK from 2018 resurfaces, featuring a preview of a song speculated to be the "secret song" from the Update 2.2 sneak peek. Later, MDK responds to a tweet and confirms it to be an older preview - offering to share a more up-to-date one.[verification needed]
    • 22nd February: In a tweet, MDK reveals an extended preview of the song in the Update 2.2 sneak peek as a reward for reaching 10,000 followers on Twitter. The first 45 seconds of the song are featured, and a name for the song is not given - it is still referred to as a "secret song".

    • 7th March: In a tweet, RobTop shows off an underwater shader effect.
    • 16th March: MDK shows another preview for the secret song on Twitter, with a 2.2 second long section of it playing in a loop over a video of his cat Squib.

    • 23rd April: RobTop showcased a custom enter/exit effect on the Geometry Dash Discord Server.
      • Alongside to the introduction of custom enter/exit effect, RobTop also confirmed "area triggers" in a reply to a fan.

    • 9th June: Geometry Dash Lite is updated to 2.21 on Android. This update is similar to the prior iOS update, but features more new icons and colors in the form of an "ad chest". 10 can be opened before Scratch warns the player that they opened all of them.
    • 14th June: Geometry Dash Lite is updated again on Android to 2.211, adding Hexagon Force and fixing a game-breaking bug discovered by hackers.
    • 19th June: Geometry Dash World is updated, with buttons for several new 2.2 features appearing in its menus. These are grayed out in a similar manner to the Search button and are inaccessible, with a message stating they are only available in Update 2.2 of the full version.
      • The new buttons are labeled: Versus, The Map, Event, Lists, and Paths.
      • The new chests appear in The Treasure Room, but are grayed out. Clicking on them will result in new dialogue from The Keymaster, one of which is similar to Lite's "I am working on 2.2" pop-up.
      • The update, along with the prior Lite update was only available on Android at launch.
    • 20th June: Geometry Dash Meltdown is updated to 2.21 for Android, though there's no new features added.[verification needed]
    • 26th June: Geometry Dash Lite, World and Meltdown are all updated to 2.21.3 for iOS.[verification needed]
    • 30th June: Geometry Dash YouTuber Colon published a video complaining about Geometry Dash SubZero's coins having bad or lazy placements in the levels. RobTop would later comment that he agrees with Colon.[YouTube 8]

    • 11th July: Geometry Dash SubZero is updated to 2.1.12 in response to Colon's video from 30 June, with the coin placements and the ways to get them being improved.
    • 16th July: RobTop creates a Reddit AMA and answers many questions about the update.[Reddit 1]
      • In the AMA, he responds to a question asking what he will be working on after 2.2 with "2.3".
      • He also confirms "I will be looking at getting a team in the future but for now its just me".
      • He states that "map packs are zombies, nothing new but they won't be removed", and you should be able to have Metldown, Subzero, and World icons in the main game by 2.2.
      • He confirms that, if time and difficulty were not issues, the biggest thing he'd like to add is real time multiplayer editing.
      • RobTop confirms a 4th shop, as well as stating that there might be more difficulties in future updates, as well as the fact that he likes burgers over pizza.

    • 12th August: On the 9th anniversary of Geometry Dash's release, RobTop announces that the second sneak peek for Update 2.2 will be ready in "about a week". He mentions that it was originally planned to release on this date.[Twitter 22]
    • 20th August: Robtop releases a new video showing a few examples of the new "Keyframe" system; he also explains that the second 2.2 sneak peek video is not ready yet and that this tool will be used in the level.[YouTube 9]

    • 3rd September: The second sneak peek for update 2.2 was scheduled to premiere on September 4th, 2022 at 4:00 PM EST.
    • 4th September: The second update 2.2 sneak peek premieres and showcases part of a new level.[YouTube 10]
      • The song in question is "Explorers" by Hinkik.
      • A few more features for 2.2, such as the previously mentioned keyframe system, and some new orbs, are present. It is unclear if the pink arrow orbs featured in this sneak peek are a replacement for the previously showcased spider orb, or if both will make it into the update (such that the original purple spider orb inverts gravity regardless of how it is entered, whereas the pink variant must have a specified direction)
        • Two unnamed orbs were shown that appear to have the same functionality as the Teleportation Portal.
    • 5th September: In response to a question on Discord, RobTop considers possibly adding a way for creators to view and manipulate object hitboxes to some extent.


    • 5th May: After Geometry Dash is removed from the Google Play Store due to using an outdated API, RobTop says that he plans to fix the issue with Update 2.2 in the Geometry Dash Discord Server.[Discord 104][Discord 105] He says that this is due to Update 2.2 being near enough to completion that removing all new content to update the game could be a waste of time.[Discord 106]
      • RobTop additionally says that he has "pretty much just been bugfixing" when asked how many features are left to be added in the update.[Discord 107]
    • There have been rumors about the release date that Update 2.2 would be released on May 17th, but XcreatorGoal classified that it is not actually the release date, but the launch of Boomlings that RobTop made since 2012.[YouTube 11]
  • 15th May: The third sneak peek for update 2.2 is released on YouTube at 6:13 PM EST, which showcases more Platformer mode features and an SFX trigger.[YouTube 12]
    • 13th August: RobTop premieres a video celebrating Geometry Dash's tenth anniversary on his YouTube channel. At the end of the video is a new sneak peek of the update, showcasing new gameplay in platformer mode including checkpoints, an auto-scrolling section, and sound effects in action. The sneak peek concludes with an official release window for the update - October 2023.[YouTube 1]
      • After the sneak peek, RobTop speaks in the video and thanks the community for the past 10 years of Geometry Dash. He apologizes for the update's development time, but assures that "believe it or not, we're almost there".
    • 23rd August: A password-protected "beta" branch for Geometry Dash appears on Steam. No news of its purpose or who has access to it has been officially shared.[2]

    • 5th October: RobTop reveals on Discord that the level Explorers will be delayed until "shortly after 2.2", due to it receiving a rework.[Discord 108]
    • 8th October: In a Tweet, MDK hints at there being two versions of the "secret song" he is working on for the update.[Twitter 23]
    • 19th October: On Discord, RobTop says that he is uncertain if the update will make the October release date. He says that due to bug fixes and server changes taking longer than expected, it may need to be pushed to November.[Discord 109]
      • He says that Explorers will be released in an Update 2.21, alongside more Platformer levels.[Discord 1]
    • 21 October: RobTop makes the decision to delay the update until November, and announces the news in a tweet.[Twitter 1] However, alongside this announcement is a "final" trailer for Update 2.2 which officially names the new gamemode as "swing" and shows off several of the new features. Additionally, the video confirms that the "secret song" is named Dash.[YouTube 2]

    • 26 November: In a Tweet, Topala announces that Update 2.2 is near complete, with all of its new levels finished and all major bugs fixed. He warns that it may be released after the November deadline due to the review process for some app stores, in order for it to be available on all platforms at the same time.

    • 19 December: The privacy details for Geometry Dash on the App Store are updated. Notably, their previous automatic description stated that the developer (Topala) would be required to provide them "when they submit the next app update". Additionally, the file size displayed for Geometry Dash on the App Store increases to 195.5 MB - over double its previous size of 89.5 MB. Geometry Dash's store page on Steam is also updated with screenshots of Update 2.2 content, including the level Dash and some Platformer levels.
      • At 8:27:21 PM EST, Update 2.2 was released on Steam. The iOS and Android versions became available minutes later.






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