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Update 2.2 is the 12th major update of Geometry Dash, with no set release date.

It is possible to either copy a level into Geometry Dash World (you would need to have a GD user account) or use a hacked APK of Geometry Dash SubZero to gain access to the 2.2 version of the level editor, which does not contain all of the features, but gives a preview into what Free Fly, Reverse and Camera will look like in custom levels.

Geometry Dash Lite introductions

On 22 December 2017, Geometry Dash Lite was updated to 2.2 with the following:

  • New level "Electroman Adventures"!
  • Bugfixes and tweaks


  • RobTop’s last four previews all used the same song (-Sunken Field- by Waterflame), which means that it may be used in the next update somewhere, possibly in the hinted new vault.
  • The scale trigger is the first trigger RobTop has shown what it looks like.
    • This was followed by the random trigger a week later.
    • Most of the triggers can be seen in World and SubZero, but they, of course, feature placeholder graphics of either Color Change Triggers or Start Position.
  • 2.2 has the longest wait of any Geometry Dash update, at around 2 years, 10 months, or just 2 years if you count 2.11.
    • As of 12 November 2019, this is longer than the wait times for Updates 2.1, 2.0, 1.9, 1.8 and 1.7 combined.
    • The Geometry Dash community has waited longer from 2.1 to 2.2 than from 1.0 to 2.0.
    • As of 13 October 2019, it's been 1000 days since 2.1's release.
    • If 2.2 is not released before June 26, 2020, it will have taken half the game's entire lifespan to be released.
  • August 13th, 2019 was the 6th Anniversary of the game, yet nothing was said for a month after this.



  • 24th June 2016: RobTop reveals plans to add a trigger that will allow players to manipulate the camera angle.
  • 8th February 2017: Viprin, Etzer, and Michigun announced an icon contest in collaboration with RobTop in which the 10 winners of the respective categories of the contest would get their submissions put into Update 2.2.
  • 8th March 2017: RobTop releases the first teaser image of Update 2.2, showcasing a new game mode.
  • 20th July 2017: RobTop replies to AdvyStyle's comment on twitter, showing a new comment system.
  • 22nd July 2017: RobTop comments on the respective daily level with the following:
    • "Hmm 2.2 info... Well one thing is it will be out pretty quick after 2.11, that's good."
    • "Secret: In 2.2 I am testing the idea of flymodes without roof or floor, so you have no limits."
  • 23rd July 2017: RobTop comments on the daily level with the following:
    • "Added some more secrets and secret unlocks. eheheheheh"
    • "There is a 'Top Artists' list to help people find custom songs."
  • 19th and 20th August 2017: RobTop comments on the daily level with the following:
    • "@PlatnumGD - I can add a "select All in GroupID" for 2.2"
  • 1st September 2017: RobTop comments on the daily level with the following: "@Ocharius - More options for blocking players, timeouts etc will be added in 2.2 :)”
  • 7th November 2017: RobTop goes on EricVanWilderman's stream and talks about 2.2. He reveals that he may be adding Unlockable Death Sounds and also says Challenge Mode will not yet be featuring Multiplayer capabilities.
  • 21st November 2017: RobTop uploads a video on YouTube about the “Random Trigger”.
  • 29th November 2017: RobTop uploads a video on Youtube showcasing a new desert-like background, camera controls and free-flying.
  • 1st December 2017: RobTop uploads another video, showcasing cube direction change.
  • 12th December 2017: RobTop unveils a preview for a new Geometry Dash project titled “Geometry Dash SubZero”.
  • 21st December 2017: RobTop releases "Geometry Dash SubZero" on iOS and Android, revealing the 2.2 triggers and more. Robtop also comments on how the flip trigger and percentage will work in 2.2 in this forum post:
  • 22nd December 2017: 2.2 was added on the lite version of Geometry Dash, with a new level, Electroman Adventures.
  • 23rd December 2017: A hacked Android version of "Geometry Dash SubZero" that allows users to use the 2.2 level editor is released, revealing a reverse trigger, new editor features, and the ability to use Free Fly mode for all game modes. Also, the level copy exploits from GD World now has 2.2 features.
  • 31st December 2017: RobTop comments on the level "Wire Frame" stating that he will add new tools to make using camera triggers easier.
  • 4th January 2018: RobTop comments on the level "Opalescent" saying that he would add new level editor features to make creating easier, since the new camera toggle is hard to control.
  • 2nd February 2018: RobTop comments on the daily level saying that "2.2 is looking good, got nice stuff for everyone :)" and apologizes for being slow. He also confirms that there will be new monsters in 2.2 along with a trigger that stops the player from jumping at any time, also stating that "Challenge Mode > Multiplayer Mode", probably meaning that a Challenge Mode is more likely to come in 2.2 or other future updates than a Multiplayer Mode.
  • 5th February 2018: RobTop again comments on the daily level and gives a small amount of information, saying that "2.2 does not have all 2.2 stuff", suggesting that not all of 2.2's confirmed features have been added yet. He also says that he will probably add a custom art system in the next update after 2.2, also saying that he is 100% planning for 2.3 to be a small update.
  • 6th February 2018: RobTop comments on the daily level for a third time saying that he might add a new level event occurring every 3 days that will only have Insane difficulty levels in a future update.
  • 10th February 2018: RobTop comments on the daily level, Zim by DanZmen, saying "@Robotic24 - [2.2 is] going well. Playing around with code for challenge mode :)"
  • 12th February 2018: RobTop released the fifth teaser which hints the soundtrack for the new level. The teaser depicts a bucket with a Swedish flag in it and the words "I know". On the right, the teaser shows a planet-like symbol along with two other symbols. Based on this, it is assumed that the song is Hinkik - Explorers.
  • 13th February 2018: RobTop comments on the daily level saying that there are numerous features planned for 2.2 that he hasn't mentioned; saying "Multiplayer = Challenge Mode. Don't get any ideas" and that there will "hopefully be an alpha version of challenge mode in 2.2. We will see :)" He also mentions that he is currently programming lots of fun stuff.
  • 14th February 2018: RobTop comments on the daily level saying that he is coding the challenge mode system with chat and thinks it will be fun. He says that challenge mode "can be multiple players, random level, x attempts, lots of settings", also saying that there will be more chests to open in the Treasure Room in 2.2. RobTop also says "@DrFox - if I get challenge mode working it will be huge tbh" and that he will probably remove the Force Smooth Fix option. He also says that Challenge Mode is the same as Multiplayer Mode.
  • 16th February 2018: RobTop again comments on the daily level with info that "Challenge mode coding is going well. Now I have a lobby that friends can join etc. :)" He also says that he has been building a new ban system and that in 2.2 elder mods will be able to comment ban users temporarily for an unspecified amount of time. RobTop also mentions that elder mods can pick a custom comment text color in 2.2 and that he needs to set aside some time to fix the global leaderboards. Hours later RobTop comments on the new daily (Cobalt) saying that multiplayer/challenge mode is going well and that he should have an alpha version ready to be used in 2.2.
  • 18th February 2018: RobTop goes onto Knobbleboy's stream announcing that the new collaboration system will be delayed due to it being a pain to make.
  • 23rd February 2018: RobTop comments on the daily level saying that he has added a song trigger which can skip to different times in songs while playing levels.
  • 25th February 2018: RobTop appears briefly on the daily level "Cold Fire" saying "Dont worry 2.2 is coming, all going well :)"
  • 5th March 2018: RobTop comments on the daily level saying "you better not look for my new vault in 2.2. gonna hide it gooooood Kappa", meaning that there will be a new, fourth Vault in 2.2 and its entrance will be harder to find.
  • 6th March 2018: RobTop comments on the daily level saying "@GDGeeDee - Challenge mode has a kind of online/offline indicator for players. Thats something :|"
  • 10th March 2018: RobTop appears on the Demon List stream and says he is considering adding an official FPS (Frames Per Second) option to the game, which would help ease any potential drama over the current FPS bypass.
  • 11th March 2018: RobTop comments on the daily level saying that all is good with 2.2 and that he is still working with some stuff for the challenge mode. RobTop also says that he has added extra steps to stop users from faking account names, and also changed the way the user search system works. Finally, he says "Not sure what I am most excited for. All the new stuff will be big for GD tbh".
  • 13th March 2018: RobTop comments on the daily level with a decent amount of info, saying that he is still planning a reward system for challenge mode and that he is still wondering whether a player will only be able to join games with friends or if the player can join any game - RobTop also says that "Could also make it [challenge mode games] by invitation, so you can invite anyone even if they arent a friend", and that the maximum amount of players in a challenge will probably be 10. He also says "@CircleGMD - New game mode is 100% done" and "There are more chatmods than SirHadoken, but yea more will be added :) Also added some changes :)" RobTop also confirms that the custom art system will probably be in 2.3.
  • 22nd March 2018: RobTop comments on the new daily level saying that he isn't giving any more 2.2 spoilers yet but he is playing with some more ideas. He also says "Working on lots of stuff, today I was drawing icons...".
  • 24th March 2018: RobTop comments on the daily level with: "...2.2 is slow, doing all I can to get it ready :) Sorry to keep everyone waiting :/"
  • 26th March 2018: RobTop comments on the daily level saying "You can use challenge mode in 2.2 as a chatroom if you want", hence confirming a chatroom, and "@MarcoDash - Lots of triggers in 2.2, spicy triggers". He also says that the scale trigger will not be in 2.2 but probably in 2.3. RobTop also reconfirmed the usage of the song/sound trigger with "Sound trigger allows you to skip around in a song. So you can skip boring parts and go to the drop!", also saying "Think you are gonna like the new unlockables in 2.2, lots of things setup :)"
  • 28th March 2018: RobTop comments on the daily level stating: “Nah, you can’t change song with song trigger. Too much lag” and “With the song trigger you can place it where you want, and enter milliseconds to skip the song to.”
  • 7th April 2018: RobTop tweets a link to an unlisted video called: "TimeWarp test" that showcases a new trigger called the "TimeWarp" trigger, which allows the user to manipulate the level speed. This trigger is expected to be used for better sync with the level song.
  • 19th April 2018: The purpose of the 2 triggers of the beta editor of Geometry Dash World/SubZero — whose purpose was unknown before — was leaked by OmegaFalcon.
    • The first trigger turned out to be a 'no jump' trigger, which stops players from jumping when holding unless they stop holding then hold again. [1]
    • The second one was a 'don't fade' trigger, which deactivated the object's fade transition effect. [2]
  • 27th May 2018: RobTop comments on the daily level that "2.2 has been slow, but it will be pretty big so atleast thats something :)" and "magic section code is secret :) but it seems to work ok"
  • 9th June 2018: RobTop replies to a user on Twitter, saying that he can “increase the limit” for the maximum amount of your custom objects in a future update. [3] [4]
  • 13th August 2018: Viprin confirms that a new sneak peek is coming soon.[5]
  • 16th August 2018: Viprin says that the difficulty of building Challenge Mode, the upcoming multiplayer mode, is the primary reason for the 2.2 delay.


  • 13th October 2018: RobTop replies to GuitarHeroStyles's video on Future Dash's Adventure Mode saying that he could do the same exact thing in the 2.2 editor.[7]
    • RobTop also releases a preview on YouTube, showcasing the arrow system to change the direction of the player, as well as a new monster and cube animation.


  • 14th October 2018: RobTop replies to Guitar's tweet, confirming that he will add a left-handed option for the newly revealed mode. [9]
  • 27th October 2018: RobTop comments on the daily level chat and explains that he is working hard on 2.2 and that there is new content he has yet to reveal.
  • 7th December 2018: RobTop joins ChrisCredible's Twitch Livestream, in which he mentions that, although he is working to release 2.2 before Christmas, such a goal is difficult for him to achieve. Regardless, he agrees to do his best to release it as soon as possible. Some other features he brings up include a revamped scale system, which consists of a scale trigger and the potential option to make an object's size smaller than the current minimum. Additionally, he brings up the possibility of hiring others to help him work on future updates after 2.2. He also explains why the update is taking as long as it is, saying that "it grew too big" and that "some features take way longer than expected". He agrees that updates after 2.2 will most likely be smaller and will take less time. [10]
  • 21st December 2018: In the daily chat, RobTop confirms that Challenge Mode will contain a chatroom for players to converse with each other before a match. He also reassures that he is "working non stop on the update."
  • 6th January 2019: RobTop comments on the levels God Eater by Knobbelboy and Beastmode by Pipenashho, bringing up the fact that he plans to have a rating above "epic" in 2.2 that gives the player 4 CP, which he refers to as the "epic+ fire". In addition, he says that the maximum number of groups in 2.2 will be raised to 9999.
  • 23rd January 2019: RobTop comments on the daily level as well as "Worst LvL Ever Made" with a substantial amount of information. He considers naming the new feature rank as "legendary" as opposed to simply "epic+". He also comments that 2.2 is "already too much" and will no longer be adding any new features to it, however he is planning to accept suggestions for 2.3. In addition, he explains that the timewarp trigger can decrease the game's speed down to 0.1x or increase it up to 2.0x. He is planning to implement a trigger that hides the ground as well as a gradient ground. He says that the latter could be made into a plain ground if color 1 and color 2 are chosen to be the same.
  • 21st February 2019: RobTop confirms in the daily level chat that the chat in Challenge Mode will be "real-time", implying that it will automatically update without needing to refresh it. However, he clarifies that level comments will not do this.
  • 22nd February 2019: Robtop uploads a new video showcasing the new particle editor for 2.2, which contains a variety of new customization options.
    • In the video, an FPS counter can be found in the top-left corner, which could be evidence of an FPS option in update 2.2. Also, a new object section and the existence of 27 new objects in the animated objects section were revealed.
    • RobTop makes on the same day the platformer mode video public and updates its description, officially referring to the mode by that name. He also clarifies it as a separate mode distinct from normal levels. The timewarp trigger demonstration video was also made public for a while before being unlisted again.
  • 9th March 2019: RobTop comments on the level "shuriken" by Drob3 that 2.2 will have even more gauntlets. He says that they also won't be released at the same time.
  • 10th March 2019: After joining the official Geometry Dash discord at 8th March, RobTop posts new information on 2.2, including:
    • That there could be a second icon contest after 2.2's release.
    • New Map Packs will no longer be released because according to RobTop, gauntlets are "more fun".
    • While there will still be warnings for levels with more than 40000+ objects, the limit for objects in a level will be removed after 80000 objects are used. The reason for the change is because RobTop did not like the idea of using hacks for bypassing the object limit. Infinite object levels will have a warning like the 80000 object warning. He also said that there is a new icon for exceeding 80000 objects in a level.
    • When levels are played, there will be a loading screen before they load. This was made to let players know that the level is loading, not lagging. There is no loading screen for the editor yet.
    • Teleporting Portals can now be moved on the x-axis in Platformer Mode but not Normal Mode yet.
    • The FPS bypass will be added to the Windows PC version of the game.
      • Humorously, he also states that he might only release 2.2 to iOS/Android only for people to brag about others not having phones for 2.2 (which will not happen).
  • 15th March 2019: RobTop announced that:
    • Particles are now 70% faster
    • FPS bypass has a limit of 9999 FPS
    • The game has now the same mechanics regardless of FPS
    • He will fix the leaderboards
    • Mid-air jumps bug is fixed
    • Geometry Dash is now optimized.
  • 12th April 2019: RobTop tweets the icons of 30 upcoming gauntlets, all with various themes.
  • 12th May 2019: RobTop uploads an unlisted video called "Uhm..." that reveals the new scale system. It can change a group of objects in different dimensions so that they can be stretched in a variety of ways. He also shows the scale trigger, which can change the dimensions of an object in-level.
    • The new system could potentially include rotating, too, which wasn't shown in the preview, and therefore might not be accurate.
    • There seem to be no new blocks added.
    • There's also a "create loop" tool that automatically builds spawn triggers, which causes the selected triggers to loop.
  • 13th May 2019: RobTop makes the video public a day after uploading.
  • 24th May 2019: RobTop uploads an unlisted video called "Better random trigger" that shows a new, more advanced random trigger which can have more than 2 groups inputted.
    • When he edits the move trigger, it's also seen that widely requested features, "Lock to camera X" and "Lock to camera Y" have been added.
    • The pause menu also shows new "Slow" and "Normal" buttons, as well as an "Info" checkbox.
    • From the video it can be concluded that there will be 13-34 new triggers in Update 2.2.
  • 6th July 2019: Robtop announces on the daily level "Aumetras Wrath" by Cirtrax by that there will be new blocks and art in 2.2. He says he will add "cartoony" and pixel art and it will be more vector-ish.
    • On the same day he says that new sneak peeks will be coming.
  • 11th July 2019: RobTop shows up on the Official GD discord server talking about a few things:
    • He suggested adding 5x and/or 6x speed portals if people want them for 2.2, if not, then for 2.3
    • He spoke how the "Ice Block" option works on objects, explaining that the object will have low friction, making it possible to slide on the object.
    • He said he has planned an option for itemID's to be connected to attempts, explaining: "if attempts are higher than x activate group y".
    • He confirmed that there will be new uses for mana orbs, demon keys and diamonds, stating: "diamonds get much more interesting", as well as stating that there will be 6 new shards.
    • Lastly, he posted a picture showcasing new pixel art blocks. These were confirmed to be actual new blocks, and not custom pixel art.[1]
    • He also confirms plans for an in-game featured song list that regularly gets updated so unknown NG creators can get noticed.
  • 12th July 2019: RobTop reveals plans for a profanity filter that hides comments with inappropriate words.
  • 13th July 2019: RobTop rejects the idea for a "green jump pad", which would act like a blue jump pad which would not launch the player up forcefully.
    • He responds to a request for a dark blue jump ring, which would act identically to a green jump ring but with a weaker boost, questioning whether adding more jump rings would make gameplay more confusing. Hours later, he confirms that 2.2 will bring no new jump orbs.
    • He also revealed a new block called the "Force Block" that pushes players with the selected amount of force in the y-axis in normal mode, and any direction in platformer mode. He states that the player can create "windy" areas in normal mode levels that push the player up or down.
    • He also said that rotating objects have a new option called "Smooth" which disables optimization. This makes rotation look smoother, as in 2.1 jitteriness can be noticed with very large objects.
    • He said that the robot game mode high jump bug is fixed in 2.2, but also said that there is an option to enable the bug for older levels.
    • He later considered adding a "cancel" button when loading levels, if the loading takes too long.
    • He also explained that the unlisted levels "fix" is temporary and that the uploader can select if unlisted levels can be found by everyone or just friends in 2.2.
    • Challenge mode will be improved in a separate update.
    • Unlisted levels will no longer require verification.
    • He also said that he is working on allowing teleportation portals to work on the x-axis, and is focusing on working out errors with music sync in the development of this feature.
  • 19th September 2019: RobTop joined the GD Fanmade ideas server "Collar". There he confirmed that nothing new is being added anymore and that he is cleaning and polishing the update.
    • He further talked about the idea of 2.3 being an update with mostly ideas made up by the community.
  • 20th September 2019: RobTop elaborated on an option for objects, called "Untouchable". These options disable an object's hitbox and allows previously non-rotatable objects to have the ability to rotate.
    • GD Moderator Alex1304 notified RobTop of Newgrounds soon hitting songID lengths of 7 digits. RobTop said he will change the max digits for songID to be 7.
    • He mentioned that the friends limit has been increased to 400.
    • He said that he is working on making slopes make the player slide down over a certain angle in Platformer mode, due to the ability of skewing and resizing slopes.
    • He also mentioned 2 new triggers that were needed for platformer mode: Pause and Resume.
    • GD Moderator mbed suggested RobTop a trigger idea. This trigger would do nothing except spin the player 360 degrees in the ship gamemode, which was an old bug. It is not certain if this will be added as RobTop stated "maybe as an unlockable" followed with an "xD".
    • Discord user NeKit suggested an idea for a trigger which would compare two itemID's. He stated that he will add this. On the topic, he said that he might add division and multiplication to the Count/Pickup trigger. He also said that the Count/Pickup trigger has an override option, to set an itemID to a specific value.
    • RobTop revealed that he has made around 500 or so new pixel art pieces, which can be scaled up without becoming blurry.
    • He also revealed that there are around 30 new animated objects. These objects animation start can be controlled by the creator.
    • He revealed what he first called "Gauntlets +" but then later codenamed it "THE MAP". Other info about this "map" wasn't given.
    • He stated that a few new fonts are added in 2.2
  • 6th October 2019: RobTop commented on daily level 'RobTop' confirming that Platformer Mode will be a toggleable setting like 2-player mode, but can't be used normally like dual mode with portals.
    • Viprin announced on his Twitter that the 2.1 Awards Nominees along with the animation "Prelude" prior to Awards will be premiering on YouTube and Twitch on the 14th of December.
      • Viprin also hopes that 2.1 Awards Results to come right before New Year, which means we could see an early 2020 release for 2.2, as it only took a little over a month for 2.1 to release after 2.0 Awards.
  • 23th November 2019: The soundtrack for Prelude premieres on YouTube and Soundcloud. Along the tracks there is one mysteriously named "2.2... is out?". The nature of the track suggests that the release date for 2.2 will be revealed in the 2.1 Awards, even possibly releasing the same time as the 2.1 Awards.

Potential features

Gameplay Features:

  • New, currently finished game mode, which the name has been speculated to be "Swing Copter"
  • New level, speculated to be called 'Explorers'
  • More secrets, including a fourth vault
  • A multiplayer mode (known as Challenge Mode) with a chatroom
  • FPS option for PC (up to 9999 FPS) and fixed mechanics regardless of FPS
  • More chests in the treasure room
  • Free fly mode for limited game modes
  • Platformer Mode
  • At least 30 new gauntlets
  • New mode codenamed "THE MAP", possibly similar to worlds in Geometry Dash World
  • Downwards slope sliding over a certain angle in Platformer Mode

Editor Features:

  • Camera manipulation triggers: Offset, Static and Zoom
    • Lock to camera option for move triggers
  • Reverse feature for all orbs and pads (except for dash orbs which may be modified in the future) and triggers
  • New “No Effect” box for high detail objects e.g. Mirror Portal (used in the SubZero level Nock Em)
  • Removed object limit at 80k, goes up to infinity
    • Levels with more than 80k objects will have a new icon and warning
  • Max groups increased to 9999
  • A new scale system
  • New triggers including Song, Level End, Random, Reverse, TimeWarp, No Jump, Don't Fade, Scale, Hide Ground, Pause and Resume
  • At least 3 new backgrounds and 2 more grounds
  • A new particle editor
  • Create loop tool
  • New blocks and art
  • New option called "ice block" for solid objects which lowers friction
  • New option called "untouchable" that makes solid objects non-collidable
  • New pixel art block tab

Other Features:

  • Reworked user search
  • Fixed leaderboard
  • Unlockable death sounds
  • A higher level rating than 'Epic' which gives 4 creator points, termed 'Legendary'
  • Loading screen for levels
  • Optimized game and bug fixes
  • New uses for mana orbs, demon keys and diamonds
  • 6 new shards
  • Song IDs can be 7 digits long
  • Few new fonts



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