Hey Guys! I'm 88304a, but if you have a hard time remembering that, you can call me "88" or "a" for short. I am a moderator here and will do my best to make sure that this wiki is a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. If you have something to ask, please do not hesitate to send me a message and I will reply as quickly as I can.

Geometry Dash is one of my favorite mobile games to play, and I recently received a laptop and now play on it too. My GD username is PalliX (formerly KORMEL and LordOfALlWolves).

Unlike the majority of the staff here, I focus more on moderating discussions than wiki content. I've been on this wiki since late 2019 and helped a lot with the situation that the discussions were in at the time.

I know the other moderators have big, beautiful userpages with toggleboxes and userboxes but I'm fine without them, it doesn't really matter to me anyway.

Have fun on the wiki and, again, don't be afraid to reach out to me if you have any problems.

"If determination's all I've got, then I'm going to make use of it." - 88304a

My opinions on GD song artists

Artists with songs in main levels:

ForeverBound & Step - I just heard Stereo Madness and Polargeist from them. I wasn't at all impressed by those tracks, so I didn't look further into them. DJVI - We've got one really good artist right here. He's the one that really got me into EDM music. He's got some amazing tracks, most notably Angels, Cosmic Growl, and Nightmare Fuel. Waterflame - So incredibly overrated. None of his songs deserve nearly as much attention as they get. I mean, they're ok, sure. But "best artist in GD?" Very far from that. dj-Nate - A very good artist, used to be my second favorite. He makes really hard-hitting dubstep with a really good beat. Every single one of his songs in GD deserved to be there, the best one being Clubstep. ToE 3 in 2.2? F-777 - Without any doubt (for me at least) the greatest artist to ever have a song in a main level. Deadlocked is definitely my favorite track in the main game, and him having all of the soundtracks in Meltdown is cool with me. MDK - He's all right. Aside from Fingerbang and Press Start, the only song of his that stands out to me is Space Invaders. Dex Arson - Really good with DnB, although I'm not sure every single one of the songs of his that made it into World deserved it. Bossfight - He says he makes weird music, and he's right. It's a nice little niche style of music, but not outstanding to me. BoomKitty - Basically the king of bass. His drops are amazing, and he needs more main level songs. (I've heard rumors about Badland in 2.2, which would be awesome but I doubt it.)

Other favorite artists: Creo - An absolutely amazing artist. My second-favorite behind F-777. Best Artist of 2.1, and definitely deserves. He delivers on every song, and it's crazy that he hasn't gotten a main level yet. Xtrullor - Also amazing. He says he doesn't much care about the GD community, and I understand that. I respect him for his music-making skill. Kaixo - Just wow. His buildup, drops, and use of guitar is amazing. Vortonox - Very underrated. A small artist, he makes awesome songs. You should check him out.

Trickshot - Basically the same as Vortonox.

Completed Demons

*THE LIGHTNING ROAD by Timeless Real (easy demon)
  • The Nightmare by Jax (easy demon)
  • demon mixed by RealOggY (easy demon)
  • Lights and Thunder by Lyod (easy demon)
  • Demon Step by Elemelon (easy demon)
  • Xstep V2 by IIINePtunEIII (easy demon)
  • Impulse by MrCheeseTigrr (easy demon)
  • Platinum Adventure by Jerry Bronze V (easy demon)
  • What Is It by Booglee (easy demon)
  • 12 Clutterfunk by - (medium demon) (hardest)
  • Clubstep by RobTop (easy demon) (2 coins)


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