aka AgentJDN

  • I live in In the Geometry Dash world.
  • I was born on July 2
  • My occupation is To occupy everything. Because why not?
  • I am Male

Geometry Dash AgentJDN: The Filipino Dasher & Secret Agent!


A Filipino GD player who likes to play levels, complete achievements, and being curious. Check out my profile by searching my name in Geometry Dash! (You need 2.0 to do that)

I'm the only one who has a crush on Jilian Kay Madison Fernandez, who was also my best friend. I like to play the drums and sing! Also, I'm a creative GD creator, so if you're looking for featured levels to play, some of them could be AgentJDN's!

AgentJDN is going places on the Internet. See me on...

Geometry Dash: AgentJDN

YouTube: Jaden1291/GeometryDash AgentJDN

Twitter: AgentJDN

Twitch: gmd_agentjdn

Tumblr: AgentJDN

TouchArcade: AgentJDN

Mario Fan Games Galaxy: Jaden1291

Featured levels (thanks RubRub!):

"Electric Evening" (Harder, 7 stars)

Song: "8bit Dance Party" by Fantomenk

ID: 12706480

Theme: Multiple theme choices, based on future/nighttime/fiery setting

Gamemode introduced: Ball, Robot

"Tetris Dash" (Hard, 4 stars)

Song: "(CS) TetrisHardcoreRemiX" by Unrl

ID: 9938815

Gamemode introduced: Cube, Ship, UFO, Wave

Theme: Throwback (Update 1.0 style)

"ShowTime" (Harder, 6 stars)

Song: "HadenTheCreeper - Showtime" by MrCreeperGeometryDas/HadenTheCreeper (

ID: 24938224

Gamemode introduced: Swing Copters [CUSTOM]

Theme: Kips styled (Based off Kips' levels)


Notes: First level to have comments from famous creators and a moderator! (Desticy: I'm gonna summon a GD Mod; Fillipsmen: Very cool)


"DiscoDash" (No rating yet) (Update 2.0/Update 2.1)

Song: "Everybody Bounce" by Waterflame

ID: None yet

Gamemode introduced: Spider, Dual mode

Theme: AgentJDN + RobTop (My themes versus Meltdown/RobTop level themes)

"fuTure" (No rating yet) (Update 2.0, or Update 2.1 if possible)

Song: "HadenTheCreeper - Virus" by MrCreeperGeometryDas/HadenTheCreeper

ID: None

Gamemode introduced: Spider (if 2.1 comes out), Dual mode

Theme: Futuristic/pixel art/Kips-styled level

Demons completed:

NOTE: These demons are listed in order of completion by AgentJDN.

> Clubstep by RobTop

Fun Fact: THIS IS MY FIRST DEMON! Enough said. ALSO: This was the demon where I had the loudest reaction upon beating it. I screamed and shouted happily in the classroom when I beat it for the first time!

> The Nightmare by GW Jax

Fun Fact: My first easy user demon! And yes: That's a starter demon for beginners.

> Theory of Everything 2 by RobTop

Fun Fact: My second official level demon!

> The Lightning Road by Timeless

Fun Fact: My second easy user demon. You know the fact: That's a starter demon for beginners too!

> Moon Adventure by Experience D

Fun Fact: Completed during Dawin's performance on #ALDUBBirthdayWeek, just a few days before Maine Mendoza's birthday! I reevaluated it as an easy demon after my skills improved little by little in order to beat Deadlocked.

> Speed Racer by ZenthicAlpha

Fun Fact: My second normal-hard demon with lots of patterns to memorize! Also the first 1.9 demon to be completed by me in Update 2.0!

> Syobon Action 2 by Sweetdude

Fun Fact: It was completed on May 4, the day of the premiere of the James Reid and Nadine Lustre movie "This Time" as well as Star Wars Day! This is also my first 2.0 demon! :)

> Deadlocked by RobTop

Fun Fact: This is the first demon level to be recorded by me onto my YouTube Channel! Either way, it's the greatest victory I ever had with a RobTop demon after 3124 + 160 attempts! And, this was also the first time I got a secret coin in a demon level. I got the first one!

> Syobon Action by Sweetdude

Fun Fact: This was the first time I got User Coins on a demon level, as well as being the first user-created demon where I got all the 3 coins! Useless fact: I beaten it after I beat Syobon Action 2. Wrong order, dude!

> X by TriAxis and TamaN

Fun Fact: Obviously, the name of the level is also the roman number of 10, and that's my tenth demon! What a mere coincidence! Also, my first TriAxis demon! For the record, I have one 90% fail and two 95% fails. I got these percentages when someone was singing "Flashlight" by Jessie J! Then after that, I eventually completed it! AWESOME!

> Problematic by Dhafin

Fun Fact: This is my very first Nine Circles level! However, meanwhile on Twitter, Direk Sigfreid (the director of the film "Magtanggol") was celebrating his birthday, which led this demon to becoming my first demon and Nine Circles level to be completed on a birthday! Boy, what an accomplishment! =)

> Crescendo by MasK463

Fun Fact: Finally! After beating this demon, Demon Pack 3 is finally done, which makes it my first demon-rated Map Pack!

> DeCode by Rek3dge

Fun Fact: I beat it 3 days after my other crush's birthday! (Her birthday was on October 25, the day I beat DeCode was on October 28) I even beat this after my recent field trip.

> Triple Flask by Experience D

Fun Fact: Great, I beat it on All Souls Day. What in the world? (Also took almost 150 attempts to beat it.)

> Wrandering by Experience D

Fun Fact: A female contestant was singing for Eat Bulaga's "Lola's Playlist" singing contest, which inspired me to beat this demon! And after her song, I BEAT IT! Also one of my loudest reactions are in the video of this level, on my YouTube channel! Also I beat it in 110 attempts, my best so far!

MY character

Use this as a guide when creating a new icon/profile picture for me!

Player Color 1: Stereo Bump (R: 0 G: 0 B: 255)

Player Color 2: Default 1 (R: 125 G: 255 B: 0)

Icon: Ultimate Airborne Robots (2.1)

Ship: Revealing...

Ball: You pack, I complete

UFO: Not so secret (May possibly change to The Golden Rule)

Wave: The Unseen (will be changed soon, because I like the "Ultra Mega Coin Catcher" wave too)

Robot: Default

Spider: Default (will be changed soon)

Trail: Very Clever...


  • The full name of AgentJDN's crush is Jilian Kay Madison Fernandez. Part of her full name was mentioned several times in some forum games.
    • There were plans by AgentJDN to create an auto level dedicated to his crush. This would have been a movie level just like TriAxis' Wysteria.
  • The first level completed by AgentJDN was Stereo Madness. Yeah, we all know that fact as it's been the first and easiest level in GD.
  • AgentJDN is the only Filipino to have featured levels.
    • However, a decent collab made by Filipino creators was supposed to be featured, though it didn't make it because of a hidden road.
  • AgentJDN is one of the few Geometry Dash Wiki members who are Filipinos. Others include MarshallSarlie and RiGeL210.
  • AgentJDN also has communication with famous players, including AdvyStyles and Bycraftxx on Twitter.
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