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welcome to my userpage that i made a year ago and it's probably not very good but i don't care enough to change it

Hey Guys! I'm Fulminata88A, but if you have a hard time remembering that, you can call me "88" or "a" for short. I am an administrator here and will do my best to make sure that this wiki is a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. If you have something to ask, please do not hesitate to send me a message and I will reply as quickly as I can.

Geometry Dash is one of my favorite mobile games to play, and I recently received a laptop and now play on it too. My GD username is PalliX (formerly KORMEL and LordOfALlWolves).

Unlike the majority of the staff here, I focus more on moderating discussions than wiki content. I've been on this wiki since late 2019 and helped a lot with the situation that the discussions were in at the time.

I know the other moderators have big, beautiful userpages with toggleboxes and userboxes but I'm fine without them, it doesn't really matter to me anyway.

Have fun on the wiki and, again, don't be afraid to reach out to me if you have any problems.

Completed Demons

*THE LIGHTNING ROAD by Timeless Real (easy demon)
  • The Nightmare by Jax (easy demon)
  • demon mixed by RealOggY (easy demon)
  • Lights and Thunder by Lyod (easy demon)
  • Demon Step by Elemelon (easy demon)
  • Xstep V2 by IIINePtunEIII (easy demon)
  • Impulse by MrCheeseTigrr (easy demon)
  • Platinum Adventure by Jerry Bronze V (easy demon)
  • What Is It by Booglee (easy demon)
  • 12 Clutterfunk by - (medium demon)
  • Clubstep by RobTop (easy demon) (2 coins)
  • BLOZ by DHaner (easy demon)
  • MORYO by EnZore (easy demon) (hardest)