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Hello! My name is Giginess, or Gigi for short, and I am a Discussion Moderator on this wiki as well as a GD player! Note: My main GD account is now Giginess1234. Giginess is no longer used because it is broken.

First Creator Points - 12/29/21

GD Background

I have been playing the game since late 1.9. Up until the end of 2019, I was not really interested in beating levels, but rather focused on the creating side of Geometry Dash. For a while, I only had beaten 3 of the easiest demons in the game, but still played easy levels for stars. Eventually, I took a break from the game, mainly due to boredom and the fact that 2.2 wasn’t even out yet. Then, around the end of 2019, I decided to take a trip down the memory lane and revisit the game I once played. I decided to start not only grind stars but demons as well, even completing all the gauntlets and map packs. In addition, I finally got back into creating levels, and eventually I got my first Creator Points, something I would’ve never expected in my 6 years of playing GD. My journey as a creator is a long story. Anyways, welcome to my page.

GD Wiki Background

I joined this wiki on the 10/2/20, more than a week before my birthday. I mainly post my creations or my level completions, and a few polls once in a while. Before joining this wiki, I’ve never spent much time interacting with others online. This experience has introduced me to many new communities, whether it be on Discord, Twitter, or Youtube. There were many ups and downs, with tons of unnecessary drama, both in the wiki and on other platforms, but in the end, I think I’ve gained a good amount of friends here. Although the actual date is unknown, I was promoted to Discussion Mod on 8/29/21 temporarily after a big drama happened. I was never demoted ever since. I’m a little lenient on post categorization, especially for newer members, but don’t take this as a reason to completely ignore the guidelines. If you don’t know what category your post belongs in, put it in Off-Topic Discussion.

Hardest Demon:

Favorite Robtop Level:

  • Blast Processing - Robtop

Favorite Online Level(s)

  • Space Magic - Serponge
  • Boom Slayer - AmorAltra
  • Against the God - 1374
  • Dream Flower - Xender Game
  • The Tempest - Rafer
  • Crystal Corridor - Knots
  • White Space - Xender Game
  • Lucid Flashback - X1ron

Favorite Extreme Demon(s):

  • Nhelv - SrGuillester
  • Cold Sweat - Para
  • RUST - Neigefeu
  • Zettabyte - Jenkins
  • Broken Signal - Grax

Favorite Song(s):

  • MDK - Firebird (ft. Nick Sadler)
  • Warak - Reanimate
  • NYXKZMI - Flashback
  • veryfakeguest - Neon Lights
  • cYsmix - Classic Pursuit
  • Astro Soda - Meganeko + Rymdkraft
  • DunderPatRullen - Comet Kid (ft. Rymdkraft)
  • ELEPS - Reset

Favorite Music Artist(s):

  • Xtrullor
  • cYsmix
  • DunderPatRullen
  • MDK
  • Creo
  • veryfakeguest
  • Meganeko

Best Finished Level: