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Hey! I'm RoboDragn, but you can just call me Robo or Dragn; I also go by Raggon (which is my GD handle).

I'm pretty new here, and I definitely don't have much experience with wikis. Obviously I'll help with all the regular stuff; adding to the 2.2 article as well as fixing other incorrect information. I'll probably stick mostly to what I do best— fixing grammar or word usage errors, rewriting and organizing information, and other things like that. Very recently have I been given this opportunity to moderate the wiki, and I'm going to try my best to keep it; I'll just have to see where that takes me.

You can find me on Discord (dragn#6753 if the button above doesn't work). That's about the only social media I use at the moment.

Geometry Dash

  • The Lightning Road
  • Speed Racer
  • X
  • xStep v2
  • Death Moon
  • Platinum Adventure
  • Crescendo
  • Problematic
  • Theory of Everything v2
  • DeCode
  • Impulse
  • Super Cycles
  • Demon Jumper
  • Ultra Paracosm
  • Insomnia
  • Speed of Light
  • Hextec Flow
  • Jawbreaker
  • Invisible Clubstep
  • Abstraction
  • The Robotic Rush
  • Electroman Adventures v2
  • Genesis
  • Clutterfunk v2
  • Electrodynamix v2
  • MasterGame
  • Hexagon Force v2
  • Nine Circles
  • Jawbreaker
  • Windy Landscape (gave me PTSD)

Back on Track: 1 star. Forever the easiest level in the game. No fakes, tight spaces, or triple spike jumps. Even the music just sounds simpler than the other levels’ tracks.

Stereo Madness: 2 stars. Considerably harder than Back on Track, but still easy. Everything about this level is just a little more difficult, and a couple triple spike jumps still cause me to die on this level every once in a while.

Polargeist: 3 stars. A decent upgrade. Everything is slightly harder, and the new jump rings are pretty cool. Fun fact: this is the only level on the list which retains its original position and star rating.

Base after base: 3 stars. Laughably easy compared to Dry Out; the difficulty progression never made sense to me. The cube section is much easier and the upside down section is much more bearable.

Dry out: 4 stars. This level is decently hard. Not much else to say.

Jumper: 4 stars. Jumper is one of those levels which seems hard (especially since it used to be the last level) but really is not. There’s nothing really that hard about this level, it’s just consistently somewhat challenging.

xStep: 5 stars. I expected xStep to be harder than it was, but it really just falls flat on its face. The hardest part is the “memory” part, which is still pretty easy.

Blast Processing: 5 stars. No speed changes. It’s just a nice easy level with great music, and a nice level to introduce wave.

Cycles: 6 stars. So many triple spike jumps.

Time machine: 6 stars. So many triple spike jumps. Also that one transition that I think everyone’s died at one way or another.

Can’t let go: 6 stars. Another example of the difficulty balancing in this game. Yes, it came earlier, but it doesn’t deserve to be a lower rating than a few of the levels that come after it. This level is still hard. The first cube black part is really easy, but the second cube is just pain. Also, that one jump at 95% has killed me a countless amount of times.

Geometrical Dominator: 7 stars. A great way to introduce all the new 2.0 mechanics. Suffers from early 2.0 syndrome of just having too many move triggers to be very fun, however this is MUCH more mild compared to user levels. This level can be great fun, especially the “memory” part which has the best part of the song.

Fingerdash: 7 stars. Disappointingly easy, just like the rest of the level. I really hoped it would be harder, but it is just one of the easiest insane levels now and I’m kind of sad about that. Hopefully Explorers will be more difficult. Still has the best song in the game though.

Theory of everything: 8 stars. While it’s generally easier than a few of the levels that come before it on this list, there are a couple points of contention. The ufo parts are pretty annoying, the last cube part kills be a lot, and the second coin can just go fuck itself.

Electroman Adventures: 8 stars. This level actually got the recognition it deserved when its difficulty was increased from Harder to Insane. It’s just a hard level (with great music). Its difficulty is also really consistent imo, with one singular part not being much harder than the others.

Hexagon Force: 9 stars. The first level to use dual, and the only to use asymmetrical dual. This dual parts still give me some challenge today, but it’s great fun especially with the music.

Electrodynamix: 10 stars. Why is this level so god damn hard? The triple speed part (which lasts almost half the level) is just painful to play through . I didn’t have much fun with this level just because of its sheer addiction to triple speed. I know it’s to formally introduce the main new mechanic but Rob could’ve laid back a bit. Also, where’s the slow speed portal?

Clutterfunk: 10 stars. It’s hard. And fun. So it’s a really good level.

Clubstep: 11 stars. Eh. Not much to say, but it’s well deserving of its demon rating and 3rd place.

Theory of Everything 2: 11 stars. I really don’t like this level, so I won’t talk about it.

Deadlocked: 12 stars. Obviously the hardest level in the game until a new demon level comes out. The wave parts still give me a headache, but everything else about this level is great.

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