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Viking Arena is the second level of Geometry Dash Meltdown and the first level with a Normal difficulty.


Viking Arena introduces the yellow jump pad in the ways of both function and potential hazard, leading to more varied jump manoeuvres. Obstacles now move concurrent with player movement. The third cube sequence involves a horde of monsters which harass the icon from above and behind, although they will not reach it.

Ship sequences take place from 27% to 45% and from 63% to 81%.

Secret coins

  • The first secret coin is located at 44% and collected as the ship. A key must first be collected at 8% as the cube. It is invisible but identifiable by a brief midair twinkle that must be jumped towards. Afterwards, after a large monster suddenly appears by a ceiling obstacle, fly over a ground obstacle and collect the coin by the ground.
  • The second secret coin is located at 55% and collected as the cube. After hitting a jump pad, jump once and slide down onto a concealed platform to collect the coin, hitting another jump pad to return to the main route.
  • The third secret coin is located at 72% and collected as the ship. After approaching arrows indicating to fly upwards, instead fly downwards to collect the coin below a moving platform.
  • Collecting all three secret coins will reward an additional cube.



Geometry Dash Meltdown - Viking Arena


  • The achievement and its associated reward for completing Viking Arena in practice mode were removed in Update 1.01.
  • Viking Arena takes 81 seconds to complete and requires a minimum of 49 jumps.